LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Brutality Awaits Mariposa and Those Who Stand Against a Revived Mil (September, 14th 2016)




Welcome All to this past weeks Lucha Underground Report. Now Considering there was no in ring action between the Luchadora’s of the Temple this week, or even featuring Luchadora’s, i nearly admittedly forgot to review the episode, however i can say the Women of Lucha Underground were featured in a short but simple capacity this week.

First to grace the screens is a returning Beautiful Brenda, who got to witness the newest client of Famous B get an expected win over the newly heels former client Mascarita Sagrada. Safe to Say even Brenda may have enjoyed the quick demolishing of the much smaller former associate, a possible heel turn incoming?

In Addition to this, Appearing on the show is Catrina, making her first appearance managing Mil Muertes, as the Demonic Man of a Thousand Deaths had yet to show on this season, and Catrina has had her own doings with Ivelisse, which sparked last weeks confrontation. Its safe to say Ivelisse was taking a week off to plot whatever she is going to do to Catrina at Ultima Lucha, or begin that plan anyway, but a plan was also in motion for Prince Puma, as the long storied rival of Mil Muertes jumped him following his quick match with an also returning Argenis. As this looked to spill to the outside, Catrina came between them both and managed to simmer Mil’s anger as she took him to the back.

Also returning to our screens this week is Mariposa, assisting Marty the Moth in his ever so brutal main event match with longtime rival Killshot. The Short assist from Mariposa proved barely effective, and instead the Luchadora, rather than put the nemesis in his place, was instead tossed into a table for her troubles. Killshot would eventually go over Marty.

Thoughts on this episode:
Since there is no categories to discuss separately match wise, all i can say is while there was sadly no in ring action, the Luchadoras are always featured in some way, whether in the ring in some form with Mariposa’s lethal table spot or in enhancing a story such as the revived angle between Mil Muertes and Prince Puma, which Catrina is sure to get involved in massively considering Ivelisse (i believe) was injured during a portion of the season. Also was that a sudden heel turn by Beautiful Brenda because of how she celebrated with Wagner and Famous B? Has B done his work in stopping her from sympathizing with Sagrada? Will she finally revert to full heel because her voice would be enough to initiate Vickie Guerrero type heat if she cut promos alongside Famous B. I See it a completely great idea if so. And Captain Vazquez? Not a wrestling character at all, but there’s something very mysterious about the story shes now involved in and i have much reason to believe Catrina and Dario will play into it at some point. OH THE SUSPENSE!!

– Catherine


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