Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox Added to WWE’s Clash of Champions Kickoff Show (September, 19th 2016)


Announced on this weeks episode of Monday Night RAW, the last before the RAW Exclusive Clash of Champions Pay Per View, Alicia Fox, just over a week after being sent through a barricade by her newest rival on the roster, Nia Jax, will face the dominant competitor one on one at this Sundays Event.

The Second Women’s Match to be featured on the show, despite being placed on the Kickoff show comes after Alicia Fox’s Comrade Monica Passeri was destroyed by Nia Jax in one of Jax’s well known squash matches, leading to a heated confrontation between the two that later lead to a match. Despite being courageous and putting in much effort, Alicia ended up taking the full force of Nia’s accountable strength as the longtime veteran was speared through a barricade and left lying, tended to by various medical personnel. While both were not seen on RAW, it appears Alicia may be in a fit enough state as to face Jax this coming Sunday in what is sure to be another lethal encounter, if not another stepping stone for Nia as the most dominant competitor in the brands women’s division.

The WWE Clash of Champions Kickoff Show begins at Midnight UK Time on the WWE Network and additionally will be airing on WWE’s YouTube Channel, followed by the event itself at 1am UK Time, which in addition to airing on the WWE Network, will also air on Sky Sports Box Office. Other Matches featured on the event include Charlotte defending the WWE Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks and Bayley and Seth Rollins challenging Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship.

– Catherine


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