WWE RAW RESULTS: Turning the Tides In Favor of the “Genetically Superior” Before The Three Way Dance (September, 19th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report and Would You Believe its actually the Go Home Show before this weekends Clash of the Champions Pay Per View? With the Spacing Out between the two brands exclusive Pay Per Views, its probably taking some getting used to again, but not only do we get the continuation in the Charlotte/Sasha feud this week with a twist, but we have a second match waiting in the wings this Sunday. Lets Get Summarizing!

But first Lana is on hand to manage Rusev as the US Champion, who will be facing Roman Reigns this coming Sunday, faces Seth Rollins in a rare clash. The Match goes to a double count-out and the two return following the shows main event.

Its already announced that Dana Brooke and Current Women’s Champion Charlotte, a week after almost coming to blows, will team up to face Bayley and Sasha Banks on this weeks RAW from Memphis. Before this match can even get underway, Dana debates backstage with Mick Foley alongside Charlotte as to whether there’s a true contender to Charlotte’s Women’s Title, bringing up the notable fact that both Bayley and Sasha had their shoulders on the mat ahead of Banks pin last week. Trying to assist Charlotte in anyway possible, Dana suggests the tag match for tonight should be taken from the card and that Bayley and Sasha should fight one another for the contendership spot, but this only brings up an idea for Mick, considering creative probably want him to avoid a Sasha/Bayley singles match as much as possible until they take the spotlight at Mania. He instead throws the recently promoted Bayley into Sundays Match, meaning Charlotte now defends in a Triple Threat. Left furious at this, Charlotte shoves the protege to the floor before leaving.

Also getting a talk backstage before the match can happen is Bayley and Sasha. Bayley steps over to Banks, sounding proud over nabbing a contendership spot alongside her. Despite their long winded history in NXT, Sasha isn’t looking to be friendly to her, reminding her that nothing comes between her and the Women’s Title. Sasha adds that she will be champion on Sunday after some debating between the two, but Bayley just wants to focus on tonight and getting things done.

The Tag Match is indeed up next and entering first is Sasha Banks, followed by her fellow number one contender Bayley. Entering lastly is Charlotte alongside her protege Dana Brooke, and the question remains on whether they can coexist considering the recent tension between the two. To Add a loss tonight added on top of losing without being pinned on Sunday would surely heighten that tension more. When the bell rings Sasha stands face to face in the ring with Charlotte, but the soon to defend champion retreats almost immediately, tagging in Dana to little surprise. Dana locks up with Sasha, capturing her in a waist-lock, and a counter allows Sasha to escape. Sasha looks to reverse momentum with a side headlock applied, before being sent to the ropes by Dana. Sasha loses no momentum however as she sends Dana down with her elbow, going right into the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall.

Bayley tags in, attempting to keep Dana working with a hammerlock applied though Dana quickly forearms out. Dana tags Charlotte in as she sends Bayley towards their corner, and Charlotte tries to run Bayley into an opposite corner, but Bayley blocks and smacks Charlotte against the turnbuckle. Dana climbs the ropes to try and distract Bayley, only to have Charlotte sent into her by the Huggable One. Dana tries to lunge at Bayley in the ring moments later but is tossed to ringside as quick. Bayley then ends up face to face with Charlotte as we come to a commercial break.

When we return, Bayley faces a full on switch in momentum as Charlotte tosses her to the mat. Charlotte isolates Bayley from Sasha, sending her back into the heels corner and tagging in Dana. Dana joins Charlotte in delivering a singular kick in the corner to Bayley, and Dana picks up from where Charlotte left off as she executes a snapmare to Bayley, followed with a double knee drop. Bayley kicks out of Dana’s follow up pin attempt. Dana lobs Bayley back into the corner before tagging back in the champ.

Charlotte snapmares Bayley back out of the corner, applying a stretch hold of which Bayley breaks by arm dragging her. Charlotte blocks Bayley from reaching out to Sasha, further unleashing an assault as she nails a forearm to the newly announced contender. Charlotte goes for a pin attempt on Bayley, scoring a near fall. Charlotte then whips Bayley into a corner, and Bayley stumbles into a big chop from Charlotte upon impact. She whips her to an opposite corner, going for the same combo again but this time Bayley ducks from it, hitting a forearm before arm dragging Charlotte from the ropes. A Clothesline leads to Bayley getting a near fall on Charlotte. Bayley takes Charlotte into her hands, and the champ struggles to break loose as Bayley tags Sasha into the match.

Sasha and Bayley execute a double under-hook suplex to Charlotte before Sasha tries to capitalize on the offense to try and pin the champ, getting a near fall. Sasha resumes action with some forearms and an arm drag off the ropes, before charging into the corner, missing a splash to Charlotte but floating, but Charlotte takes advantage with a knee high into the midsection to take control. Charlotte then drives her knee into the previously injured back of Sasha, following with the next pin attempt, leading again to a near fall. Charlotte then drags Sasha back to the heels corner and Dana tags in, with Dana going right into a pin attempt on Sasha, who kicks out at one. Dana looks to continue Charlotte’s work from earlier as she repeatedly unleashes an assault on Sasha’s back, then tagging back in Charlotte to resume her momentum.

And of course Charlotte is right back to targeting Sasha’s back, stretching the body of the former champion against the ring post. Charlotte takes herself to the apron, tagging in Dana to follow up her work, and Dana slams the face of Sasha against the mat while taunting the desperate tag team partner, Bayley. Dana drives her elbow into Sasha’s right shoulder before the champ returns to the fray, further weakening Sasha with an assault in the corner. Before Sasha can reach to Bayley, Charlotte stops her, wedging her knee into Sasha’s back to apply the earlier stretch. Some knees from Sasha completed with a hurricanrana allow Sasha to counter and break from Charlotte, but again before she can reach Bayley, Charlotte is back on the pursuit. Charlotte is kicked from the ring mid through the figure four by Sasha, and this allows Sasha her chance to tag Bayley, which she does.

Bayley bursts in, flooring Charlotte with multiple axe handles, as well as taking out Dana with a sudden forearm by the ropes. Bayley hits her spinning elbow from behind to Charlotte followed with a low clothesline to the front, then the running shoulder tackle into the corner complete with the running back elbow. Bayley hauls herself to the second turnbuckle and hits one last spinning elbow from the turnbuckle to Charlotte, but she cant go for the finish after as Dana hangs onto the feet of Charlotte to force her to stay aground. Bayley tries going after Dana but doesn’t notice Charlotte returning to her feet behind, and while Sasha beats down on the intervening Dana on the outside, Charlotte takes out Bayley with a big boot. Charlotte pins Bayley, winning the match for herself and Dana.

Also, in an update from last weeks back breaking moment that saw Alicia put through a barricade by the dominant Nia Jax, it is announced that the two foes, who don’t make an appearance on the show this week, will face off on the Clash of Champions pre show this Sunday.

(Seth Rollins vs Rusev w/ Lana)

(Mick Foley, Dana Brooke and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Bayley and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment; Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke)

(Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox Announcement)

Thoughts On This Match:
Looking back on this match, which was decent in length and slightly surprising result wise, slightly because i didn’t expect the heels to win considering the heels tension between one another, but also slightly because you’d also possibly expect the win because of how much momentum particular sides have had. Its safe to say at this rate that there may be a new champion on Sunday, and i do expect so myself but i wish the match had initiated more storyline wise because even though it gave Dana a chance to overturn things and try and prove herself to Charlotte, it could have instead been Dana walking out after weeks of mistreatment, though also the fact she helped Charlotte may mean shes the factor in her loss this Sunday, if not Sasha reverting to heel tactics. All eyes on this Sunday for definite.

– Catherine


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