WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Lasskicker Was Born to Fight Back Like a Champion (September, 20th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown Report and i can most definitely say this weeks Smackdown was (again) Women-A-Plenty. Before i discuss this weeks plentiful events, its amazing seeing how far Smackdown has come in the past few weeks just in general with attempting to feature them all and the timing each get (while this weeks Tag Match was a shambles timing wise) but lets not forget 2012 amongst other years where the women would either get a 2 minute match, maybe a little longer or nothing. Anyway, to present day, we have an enjoyable contract signing between the Recently Crowned Smackdown Women’s Champ Becky Lynch and her newly crowned contender Alexa Bliss (cue the greatness of boths mic skills when sharing a ring together) and a tag match descends into chaos.

Hosting the Contract Signing that opens the show is Daniel Bryan, Smackdowns Selected General Manager. He first brings out Lynch, who he states will have to remain civil during the contract signing, as he so hinted before bringing out either competitor. A Thick Skinned Gold Clad Champion agrees to the terms before Bliss steps out from the back. Speaking of Bliss, we get a reminder of just how she became the contender to the Women’s Title, in the form of last weeks five way match where she had pinned Nikki Bella after chucking Bella’s current rival Carmella out of the ring. Back to the present day and WWE’s resident Harley Quinn has already began to launch insults at Becky, questioning her claim of being “Thick Skinned” but Becky just laughs it off, before slamming Alexa for seeming to prepare more for a Pageant than what their match should be, a fight. Alexa hits back that that wont be the only difference between them, before making it clear how horrid the image is to her of Becky walking around with the Women’s Title. She Believes that Becky doesn’t fit the role as a Champion, but Becky believes otherwise, and cheers go on in the crowd.

Alexa makes it clear that she wasn’t defining the role of a champion, but rather Becky’s role as Champion, and that Becky, to her, is instead seen as the woman with the role of obtaining success, but only to fail. Alexa claims that after this comes true, Becky will revert back to being the Lovable Superstar that never quite made it. She further boasts that she will become the new champion, again bringing up that Becky isn’t meant to be in the role of champion, but rather to be born to be a loser. Becky seemingly agrees with her claim, because she wasn’t expected to be born to be a champion, but to be a normal person with a job she didn’t exactly enjoy, but maybe she watched too much television and took in the words that she believed in, that she could be what she wanted to be, and thus she wasn’t born to be champion but she fought to become it nonetheless.

After being fake sympathetic towards her speech, Alexa continues to verbally berate Lynch, further putting down the champion by claiming she will always be second place, that being because Alexa believes she should deservedly be champion, born to be it. She believes she will take the championship from Lynch at No Mercy and expose her as a one hit wonder. She takes the contract into her hands, ready to sign, but not before knocking Becky down to the floor with it. She finalizes the signature before chucking the table towards her future opposition, but Becky doesn’t let her escape, freeing herself from the chaos around her and ensuing in much more as she chases Alexa up the ramp, but the Blissful One escapes before she can take a proper Lasskicking. Becky hits the ring and does her part in signing the contract, making the No Mercy match official.

Maryse was back at the side of the Miz for the pre announced Intercontinental Title Rematch, as Miz defended again against Dolph Ziggler in a match booked by Daniel Bryan. Maryse was indeed booted from ringside for attempted shenanigans, but Miz would pull one of his wife’s own stunts in order to retain his championship and further his title reign, or specifically known Intercontinental Championship World Tour.

Also Naomi and Nikki are spotted in the back, to be interviewed by Charly. The Two are announced to face Natalya and Carmella, and Naomi says it feels Amazing to be there every Tuesday at Smackdown, because its “Glow Time” in the Women’s Division. Naomi states the new Glow Trademark is about having confidence, being themselves regardless of what others think, shining in any obstacle from hate to negativity, and she states her tag partner Nikki has that Glow. They embrace before Naomi brings up the subject of Natalya, saying her Glow fizzled a long time ago, going from one of the most respected ladies around to becoming corrupt, and as sad as it is, tonight she will give her the “Glow”. Nikki backs that statement before slamming Carmella for having it out for her, and its clear shes making a name for herself. She adds that Carmella needs to understand she isn’t the same figure she was a year ago, having overcome her own problems in the form of her threatening injury and she goes out to the ring to fight like every match may be her last. Nikki is rebooted while her rival Carmella is only “Bootleg”.

All Women go without an entrance minus Naomi, whose entrance is clearly really popular. When the bell rings Natalya and Nikki agree to kick things off as the legal competitors but Natalya lunges at her new rival Naomi first, knocking her to the ground outside as she climbs to the apron. She tries to go for Nikki after but takes a forearm. Nikki readies for her finisher early, kicking the intervening Carmella as she does so but losing her grip and allowing Natalya to break off. While she watches Carmella tumble to the outside, Natalya attacks Nikki, going into the sharpshooter seconds later but rather than watch her partner allow the rival to tap out in pain, Carmella looks to inflict further pain to her own nemesis like the past few weeks and drags her by her hair to the outside. Carmella throws Nikki into the barricade on two occasions, stomping down on her afterwards thus the bell is rung. While Carmella furthers the assault, Nattie and Naomi go at it in the ring, but Naomi finishes Natalya quickly with a boot before heading over to check up on Nikki while Carmella flees, but not without the bragging rights again.

(Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dolph Ziggler; Intercontinental Championship Rematch)

(Natalya and Carmella vs Nikki Bella and Naomi)

Thoughts On:
Contract Signing: On First Viewing, i thought Alexa’s promo was over-scripted, but on second viewing, im in absolute love with it and how both engaged with each other and how it was given the opening spot of the show, highlighting the importance the women’s division currently has on that particular brand, again comparing to 2012 and other past years where Women were reduced to minuscule matches or nothing at all. Sure there’s the worry creative will fizzle out at some point, like they had with Barrett amongst other talents, but im enjoying this angle right now and Alexa has come far from NXT days, becoming the full package upon reverting to her villainous character, becoming, to some, the second coming of Heel Trish Stratus as her work much reflects that. Becky’s promo was also passionate and her best work in my opinion since her Royal Rumble angle with Charlotte, and its amazing to see the crowd still supporting her from then to now. Because im an equally huge fan of both, im going to find it hard over who to cheer when this match finally is underway.

Tag Match: Okay, despite me speaking about how Smackdown has had high level importance as of late compared to the year of 2012 where the women got little to no time, the match time for this match was unjustified, but POSSIBLY Justified due to how long other angles on the show went on. I Can see some others points on how Carmella has had all the momentum since her shocking heel turn, but im sure it culminates in Nikki Bellas Victory at No Mercy in some sort of anticipated stipulated match up to work in Nikki’s favor to unleash her anger and animosity, as the recently returned Bella proposed a No DQ match just recently via Twitter. I’m Glad Nikki didn’t pin Carmella here or at Backlash as it would have ended the feud suddenly unless creative had a back up plan, and there’s something seemingly in the works for Naomi and Nattie too. While the question remains as to whether there will be three women’s matches at No Mercy, im definitely anticipating Nikki vs Carmella, hoping for it to be a brutal showdown to reflect the rivalry between the two.

– Catherine


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