TNA IMPACT RESULTS: An Inside Look Into the Champions Potential Ends with Sneaky Tactics (September, 22nd 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Report, and as i write this, i do believe IMPACT is currently airing here in Britain, so OH THE TIMINGGGG. Anyways, its just over a week until TNA present their Biggest Pay Per View of the year, Bound for Glory, and this week may so be a “treat” as we get to witness Maria’s first in ring outing not only as champion but since her mixed tag match many many months ago. This supposed outing is in the form of a described “in ring workout” set up by the champion herself and her assistant Allie, but surely there’s more to it…

After so much berating towards Allie backstage, Maria emerges before the Orlando Crowd with Sienna, and Allie of course, to present her in ring workout. Allie tries to introduce the Impact Zone to Maria’s pre Bound for Glory workout, but Maria cuts her off a few words in, forcing her to stand away from the camera. After demanding Allie away, Maria turns her attention to her Bigger, Faster, Stronger Enforcer in Sienna, promising her a future title shot, but not at this time. Maria says tonight is not about Sienna, but her, the professed Leader of the Knockouts Division, despite having the role stripped from her thus her only role as Leader is as Knockouts Champion. She flips as the audience chant for Allie, and they continue to do so as she claims tonight she will prove herself to Gail Kim and send a message, thus she has her “Stupid” Assistant summon out her opponent. Allie calls down Luscious Latasha.

Latasha enters the ring and Maria clears off her fellow ladies, disregarding Latasha’s presence wholly as she does not even want her name mentioned by Allie. She tries to regard Latasha in some form later by welcoming her to the Six Sided ring, shaking the “toughest” opponents hand before kicking her in the midsection in what is a clear blatant cheap-shot. The bell has been rung, and Maria’s showcase is underway. Maria throws Latasha to a corner, letting her be choked by an assisting Sienna on the outside while she captures the attention of the ref. Maria tosses Latasha backward to the mat then axe handles her in the gut for the sudden pin-fall victory.

Maria wins the match then calls Allie to summon her next opponent, but Allie apparently hasn’t called for another. Frustrated at Allie’s lack of ethic, Maria threatens to take out Allie tonight but down comes a woman dressed as a Ninja, surprising everyone in the ring. As Maria and Allie bicker over the persons presence upon Maria trying to avoid an altercation, this particular competitor removes her mask and reveals herself as Gail Kim. Kim tries to go after Maria within moments, cheapshotted by Sienna. Gail manages to clear Sienna off as Allie and Maria flee.

Also the Decay head to the ring to sound off on their frustrations from the previous week, and on their future challengers in the Broken Hardy’s as a whole. Matt and “Brother Nero” Jeff appear in the audience to hype the “Great War” between the two sides scheduled to take place at Bound for Glory before the lights dim and light again to reveal the presence of Reby, who tries to go after Rosemary, who escapes a further beating from Reby by escaping a Twist of Fate from the aggravated mother, who declares that after next week, when they face off, it will just be Rosemary’s Mother left without a baby.

(Maria and Allie Backstage Segment #1)

(Maria and Allie Backstage Segment #2)

(Maria w/ Allie and Sienna vs Luscious Latasha feat Gail Kim)

(The Decay, Rosemary, Broken Matt, “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy and Reby Segment)

Thoughts On:
Maria/Latasha: Though i feel TNA are playing up Maria’s ring skill deliberately to present her heel character more as the cowardly Knockouts Champion who doesn’t put in the work as Gail described months ago, the axe handle finish to Latasha wasn’t impressive whatsoever, though this leaves questions open as to what Maria will have as a finisher and what her actual in ring skill is at Bound for Glory, whether its leaps and bounds over her ring skill back in her WWE days has yet to be known. I Thought it was interesting for Maria to communicate with Sienna by presenting her a future opportunity because it could plant the seeds for Sienna to become tired of protecting Maria, or it could go along the way of either never happening because Maria could lose the title, or Maria will play up her cowardly acts by erasing any memory of a proclaimed title shot or by avoiding opponents in general, as she so has done over the course of her current run. Allie is still immensely over and should be the next challenger to the Knockouts Championship vs Maria after Bound for Glory to capitalize on their own history and to make Allie a full fledged babyface, rather than another woman who was remembered for a lackluster title reign like Poor Jade and Sienna. Like the other two mentioned, i feel Allie needs the title back and needs definite establishment rather than just cost Maria the title and fizzle out and forget she was even happy to have that gold. We all know what Allie is capable of in the ring and if Gail’s past Knockouts Knockdown promo hinted or presented anything, its that Gail could easily pass the torch to her as a Leader to the Division.

Rosemary/Reby: I’m enjoying the interactions between Rosemary, whose mic skills surpass many others in the division at this time, and Reby, and it makes up for the lack of time Rosemary and Reby were given interaction/fight wise during the second installment of the Final Deletion (#DELETEOrDECAY). I’m excited to see next weeks match not only because Rosemary hasn’t been in the IMPACT ring as a singles competitor for a while but because Reby has yet to compete in a TNA ring since Knockouts Knockdown, though i do prefer her as a heel manager. Id say, at this time, that if Decay takes back the momentum next week, that any hopes of them retaining are about to be dashed however, ending an overall great run.

– Catherine


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