WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS PREDICTIONS: Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax and Bayley vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks (September, 25th 2016)


Tonight brings the first RAW brand Pay Per View since this years returning Brand Split, and as part of this, RAW has officially claimed the Night of Champions Pay Per View, now renamed Clash of Champions, and on this night, all championships on the brand will be defended, including the Women’s Championship, plus other rivalries brewing hit the main stage. Alicia Fox gets her awaited rematch with the brutal RAW acquisition Nia Jax and Charlotte, weeks clear of her Summerslam Championship victory, defends against former champion Sasha Banks and the recently promoted Bayley per a recent change to the Pay Per View. With all this being said, im going to weigh in on who walks out victorious from these particular matches tonight so without further adieu…


Sadly left to the Kickoff show despite the reaction their recent clash brought is Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox. The First singles match on the main roster for Nia on PPV sees her face Fox in an announced rematch after Nia brutalized the veteran two weeks ago in a ringside barricade spot, and in a match that Alicia suggested after Nia worked her way through Alicia’s friend and Local Athlete Monica Passeri, damaging her enough to upset the former Divas Champion. Its Clear WWE want to showcase Nia as a strong powerhouse as much as possible until someone worthy crushes the streak, thus Nia cleans house by beating Alicia Fox once more tonight.


On the Main Card, the Women’s Championship will be defended as per the rule of this particular Pay Per View event, and for the first time considering this time last year, the defending champion Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella to win her first Divas Championship title. Fast forward a year later the Divas Championship has been retired, replaced with a newly presented Women’s Championship of no relation to the previous that Charlotte now holds as a 2x Title holder per her WrestleMania 32 Victory in which she became the Inaugural Champ, and Summerslam, when she defeated Sasha Banks to take back the title Banks won from her. Because of this, Sasha had been entitled to a rematch clause as specified weeks after healing from a back injury, but would be made to earn her rematch regardless. A Pinfall victory by the newly promoted and popular Bayley over Charlotte meant not too long later that she would be inserted into the scheduled match as a fellow contender, thus now Charlotte, who also has issues with her partner/protege Dana Brooke, could lose the title either through potential dissension or through not even being pinned, left with a definite disadvantage heading into tonight’s event. I Predict Sasha begins to revert back to a heel tonight by using heel Eddie tactics to pin Bayley, and Charlotte blames Dana Brooke, leading to a post match altercation tonight or on the post PPV RAW.

WWE Clash of Champions kicks off tonight at 1am UK Time, with the Kickoff show (featuring Alicia v Nia) at Midnight, airing Live on the WWE Network and on Sky Sports Box Office. Other featured matches include Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the United States Championship and Seth Rollins challenging Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship.

– Catherine


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