WWE NXT RESULTS: Time to Make Statements (September, 21st 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report, and its another week where opportunity arises in showcasing the up and coming of the NXT Women’s Division needing to be spruced. Liv Morgan and Asuka finally come face to face, Billie Kay reemerges to face an equally impressive Aliyah, and Mandy Rose, the former Total Diva turned Golden Goddess of NXT has a few words to say about the expected focal point of the Division, Ember Moon. Its Woman-A-Plenty so lets talk more about what went down.

Of course i just so mentioned these events in chronological order so first we have Liv in the backstage area, stood aside Charly Caruso, who is aware of her recent challenge made to Asuka. Charly questions Liv on her readiness to compete at such a high level, for the Women’s Championship, and Liv responds that she came to NXT to hop hurdles, thus she wont bow down to the intimidating Asuka, nor any other woman there. Liv adds that Asuka presumes she has cleared out the division but she is standing here and she isn’t going anywhere, because she didn’t start at the bottom to hit the bottom. If shes got to undertake other strategies, such as hitting the gym harder, she proposes so before throwing off her hat as she sees Asuka step over to the interview area, face to face with the young challenger. Asuka simply tells Liv that if she thinks shes ready, then lets find out (as Liv will face Asuka in a singles match next week for the championship.)

Its not until sometime later that we see the only women’s match of the night, in the form of Aliyah facing Billie Kay, who has yet to be on screen since the loss to Ember Moon. Aliyah enters first, and with her heel persona oddly, followed by the entrance of Billie. Once both have entered the ring, the bell rings and Aliyah and Billie engage in a lock up before Billie releases herself from Aliyah. Its Back to square one as Billie and Aliyah lock up again, leading to Billie taking down Aliyah, targeting her left arm a short time later. Aliyah gets herself back to her feet, forcing Billie over to the ropes then whipping her, but Billie bounces off the opposite ropes and tackles Aliyah to the mat. As Billie looks for her next offense, Aliyah sends her down with a sudden clothesline. Aliyah splashes her against the corner then wrapping her in a head-scissor on the outside. Aliyah executes a hard boot from behind the ropes before sending Billie down to the mat, ascending to the middle rope afterward, jumping off it and nailing a single leg drop. Aliyah goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Billie.

Billie reverses Aliyahs master-lock variation and sends her knee into the midsection of the opposer. Billie viciously takes Aliyah to the corner following a discus forearm, stomping down on Aliyah, who tumbles to the bottom turnbuckle. Billie takes her away from the ropes for a pin attempt, getting a near fall like Aliyah previously. Billie then has Aliyah caught in a torture rack, finalizing this painful combination by tossing Aliyah off the shoulders into the turnbuckle. Billie attempts to boot her in the center of the ring but Aliyah avoids it, scoring some uppercuts and a knee, followed with a snapmare and flip cutter. This is only enough for Aliyah to get a near fall on Billie however. Aliyah gets back to her feet, readying for the next offense as she hits the ropes but Billie connects with her finishing big boot and pins her. Billie wins the match.

Not too long later we see Mandy Rose backstage, and the former Total Diva apparently has some issues with the recently debuted Ember Moon, per her social media posts. Dasha asks why Mandy has issues with Ember, to which Mandy responds that she has a belief that Ember doesn’t have what it takes, nor does she fit the mold as she looks more like a cross between Hunger Games and Little Red Riding Hood. Mandy boasts about her own image, proclaiming to Dasha that she is what a real NXT Women’s Superstar looks like, and when she steps in the ring with Ember, she will ensure that the possible future challenger to the title is completely eclipsed.

(Liv Morgan and Asuka Backstage Segment)

(Billie Kay vs Aliyah)

(Mandy Rose Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall it was a good match and im a fan of Aliyah’s move-set which Ive mentioned a fair few times before. Billies offense further expanded but not to the amount that we saw at the last Takeover with the use of Eat Defeat and the Black Widow Variation. My Only Negative was the crowd barely reacting to the competition in front of them and how its hard to get behind the competitors when they are both heel. There was no backstory behind Aliyahs placement in the match, which could have been expanded on regardless of her persona, but i have a feeling Aliyah will stay heel for a while until they find a reason to turn her back into a face. This week, placement wise for Aliyah, it reminds me of her past encounter as a heel, there was no explanation for her reverting to a heel in the first place, like they could have had her say that she was done with the NXT Universe for not being supportive towards her following the Asuka beat-down pre Takeover, but anyway, like i said, Aliyah will probably be a heel enhancement for a while until they find a reason to either revert her to a face or strap the rocket to her under her current persona, but she shows much promise as does Billie. Im excited to see where Billies character goes in the next few weeks.

– Catherine


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