LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Worldwide Underground Stake Their Claims And Continue to Seek Multiple Gold (September, 21st 2016)




Welcome All to this past weeks Lucha Underground report, as pre promised, and while this was another week where various characters were barely highlighted, they were featured in some form, plus we actually got some in ring action featuring the vicious Luchadora that is Taya. How did Taya get to earn her opportunity to work alongside her Worldwide Underground Cohorts in the place of the Leader Johnny Mundo this week? Well…

Dario is just sitting by in his office when Mundo storms in with Taya at his side. Mundo demands that Dario spins his newly invented wheel again, the very same that has been used to present numerous stipulated opportunities as of late, because he is sick of waiting for his title shot. Dario insists that Mundo calms down, because he does have a title shot tonight, a chance for he and PJ and Evans to take back the Trios Titles. Mundo insists their stable doesn’t care about the particular gold, and its rather about Johnny Mundo becoming Lucha Underground Champion. Dario doesn’t grant him this shot regardless, thus he has to stick to competing for the Trios Titles. Mundo is set to leave when Dario questions whether he will compete tonight as scheduled, to which he refuses. After watching him storm out, Taya sneakily goes ahead with snatching Mundo’s spot, joining PJ and Evans to compete against the current Trios Champions tonight.

The Trios Championship match featuring Taya herself takes the main event spot. Introduced first by Melissa Santos are the Champions, Drago, Aerostar and Fenix, then the challengers of the Worldwide Underground, PJ Black, Jack Evans and Taya, who has indeed replaced Johnny Mundo as found out earlier. Opening for respective sides are Evans and Drago. Some bickering ensues minutes later between PJ and Evans, and already aggravated at their behavior, Taya tags herself in, having a little talk with PJ while Evans sulks and takes a walk as Taya is left to the in ring action. Drago is quick to take advantage upon Taya locking up with him, forcing her easily to the ropes, but she shoves him off and regroups as they go for the second round. Taya misses a clothesline to Drago as Drago ducks under, then capturing her in a waist-lock. Taya fails to break the arms apart, but manages a reversal into her own waist-lock. Drago battles out of Tayas follow up side headlock, followed with plenty of reversals, finalized with a number of kicks before targeting Tayas left arm with a hammerlock applied.

Taya pulls a Nattie by rolling out of the hammerlock, then arm dragging Drago. Taya tries to keep up the momentum as she goes for a clothesline, missing it and being swept to the mat by Drago. Kicks and plenty of fists from Drago follows, with an additional side headlock that Taya reverses into her own. Back and forth execution between Taya and Drago leads to a center of the ring standoff. Taya appears to have had enough and looks to tag Evans, who is still a sulky sop, refusing to stand in for his partner, thus Taya turns to PJ, who accepts her tag. Evans tags in eventually but sees himself retreating quickly, and Taya tags in, forced to face off against Fenix. Taya tries various cheapshots to open, missing each and instead taking a chop to the face from Fenix. Some comedy ensues between the two, before PJ tags in. Taya does not tag in for the rest of the match, and if the tension wasn’t enough between PJ and Evans, the team end up losing as Fenix and co retain the Trios Titles.

Mundo hits the ring after the match to join PJ and Taya in beating down the victorious champions. After leaving the champs floored, Worldwide Underground (without Evans presence) pose, but then Sexy Star, the current Gift of the Gods Champion, hits the ring to fend off Taya and Mundo, while Evans and PJ bolt outside. Star stands tall with Drago, Aerostar and Fenix to close.

Thoughts On This Match:
I Wish Taya could have got more in ring time, but each got time to showcase their in ring abilities to a point and the post match beat-down was brilliantly done, making Worldwide Underground look sore in defeat like the heels they are, and capitalizing on Mundo’s frustrations, as it was clear he had unfinished business. Theres a definite match coming between both sides and between Star and Taya as well as Star and Mundo and im excited to see what else they do to build this up. Its also an interesting dynamic to see Taya take the leadership from Mundo and Play Teacher and Leader to Evans and PJ, presenting her as a woman who takes no hassle which makes her formidable in her own way. While i expect Worldwide Underground to regroup, Evans could be a factor in them splitting if possible, if not Mundo as he made clear that the Worldwide Underground is about him becoming the main champion, thus there’s no importance in the others obtaining their gold at this point.

– Catherine

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  1. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful read!! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you book marked to look at new things you post…

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