Your Monday Post #128: Triple H (w/ Stephanie McMahon) vs Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship (April, 5th 2001)


Welcome All to a week opening reflective on a moment in wrestling, and while this weeks may not focus on women’s wrestling, a particular woman plays a part in the chosen match. Considering the tension between Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon as of late due to Stephanie’s Real Life Husband Triple H turning on the Architect to cost him a Major Universal Title Opportunity, its only fitting to look back at a time (of all times) that Stephanie has gone above and beyond to assist her COO Husband in matches in order to help him obtain victory. Not to Mention Stephanie Just Recently Turned 40! And that, as seen in a tweet last night, valets and female managers can be seen as an underutilized part in pro wrestling…

Back in 2001, in the midst of the McMahon Helmsley Faction era, Stephanie, Triple H and the rest of the McMahon Family went out of their way to create chaos on both RAW and Smackdown, including for the companies top stars. At the Start of April, Triple H would receive a title shot against the current best friend of Kevin Owens then babyface Chris Jericho, and not only did William Regal try to assist in Hunters Victory but Stephanie would try to slap the taste from the mouth of the Canadian, only to feel the sting of the Walls of Jericho. Though this left Steph writhing, it helped Hunter to sneak a steel chair into the ring to attempt to take out Jericho, to no avail as he kicked out of the follow up pin attempt. The Cerebral Assassin then added to Y2J’s pain by setting up and executing the pedigree, and the famous finishing maneuver (as well as the numerous assists from his own regime) allowed him to capture Jericho’s Intercontinental Title.

– Catherine


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