WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS RESULTS: When the Dust Settles At The End of the Clash, Victors Stand Tall (September, 25th 2016)




Welcome One and All to the Clash of Champions Report, though feel free to still refer to this brand exclusive Pay Per View as Night of Champions because it will take some getting used to. On a Night where all of RAWs Championships will be defended, two women’s matches were displayed, one on the Kickoff as a Stepping Stone for the currently unbeatable and dominant Nia Jax and the Triple Threat Match for the Womens Championship as the Title Holder, the “Genetically Superior” Charlotte defended her gold against the former champion Sasha Banks and the recent newcomer to the main roster equally as skilled, Bayley.

We Actually get a word in with Sasha Banks on the pre show as she looks forward to the booked Triple Threat. As Sasha expresses her emotions at being forced to wait a month for the long awaited title shot, she is confronted by the Champs protege, Dana Brooke. Dana shoos off Andrea before stating to Sasha that the only emotion she should be facing is fear, the fear of Charlotte finishing the job of completely injuring her. Sasha ponders whether Brooke’s supposed best friend fed her those lines, the same person that has abused her in the form of slaps and forcing demands off her every week, such as carrying her bags. Sasha warns the Killa Barbie that if she chooses to stick herself into her business, she will end up on the injured list instead. Dana just minutely shakes her head while the confident Sasha walks away from the scene following her threat.

Its a little later on the Kickoff show when we are presented with the Kickoff shows only match, in the form of the Veteran Alicia Fox facing Nia Jax. Alicia’s fury at Jax comes from Jax completely decimating her comrade in Monica Passeri weeks ago, aggravating Fox enough to confront her and demand a fight which only lead to her being speared through a barricade by WWE’s current dominant women’s superstar. Alicia struts to the ring for the sure to be brutal match, followed by the entrance of the intimidating Nia Jax, who appears more than ready for battle. Nia steps into the ring face to face with Fox, and once the bell is rung, Fox has begun her onslaught, delivering a swift dropkick to Nia. She fires a number of knees as well as forearms to try get an early advantage, even knocking her down onto one knee but as she embraces her in a hold, Nia powers through and rams Alicia into the corner ring post.

After numerous tackles in the corner, Nia works on the back of Alicia temporarily before dropping her to the mat. Alicia aims a kick at Nia, who stands tall over her, but Nia’s kick appears much harder as the dominant force drives her foot into the back of Alicia. Nia clobbers her with a clothesline against the corner, then easily tossing her over towards an opposite corner. Nia delivers a load of kicks and stomps to Alicia by that corner before applying a half nelson chin-lock, which Alicia tries to break free from as she aims forearms at Nia but she is brought back to the mat within moments. Alicia goes for a second attempt to break loose from Nia, aiming kicks at her head and additional elbows, but is tossed again with ease to the mat. Alicia manages to get herself up in the corner, trying to separate herself from Nia as she hits with forearms and kicks, dodging a corner splash then racking up her momentum with a load of forearms. Despite getting shoved away, Alicia comes back with a dropkick but she fails in an attempt to whip her to the ropes, hurled over the ropes by Nia within moments. Alicia dangles by ringside, but she takes advantage of the position to snap Nia against the top rope. As Nia tries to compose herself, Alicia heads to the top turnbuckle and nails a flying cross-body. Despite this crowd roaring move, Alicia’s first pin attempt ends in a one count.

Alicia brings back her signature scissor kick in an attempt to finish Nia completely, but to her dismay, she gets a near fall. Alicia gets back to her feet, but so does Nia, and she charges towards Alicia and knocks her to the mat. Nia takes Alicia onto one shoulder but Alicia slips free, but hurts her legs in the process. Nia scores a running hip attack in the corner to a fallen Alicia, then leading her to the middle of the ring where she executes her lethal Samoan drop. Nia pins Alicia right after to win the match.

The Women’s Championship Match of course would be a part of the main show, but it wouldn’t come without a short encounter between a motivated Bayley and the Women’s Champ Charlotte. Charlotte mocks the presence of the former NXT Women’s Champion before accusing her of weaseling her way into the title match due tonight, questioning whether she has truly earned the spot. Bayley makes it clear shes happy where she is, and whether Charlotte likes it or not, this has been a longtime dream for her, and shes assured shes earned the title opportunity. Charlotte retaliates that no matter what the factors, she isn’t winning tonight thus Bayley decides to rub salt into Charlotte’s wound by reminding her that she had beaten her before and therefore can do it again. Charlotte has her own form of retaliation, telling Bayley that she cant beat her, because she cant even beat her friend and rival Sasha.

Sometime later we get the Triple Threat, with Bayley entering first, then “The Bo$$” Sasha Banks, and finally the Women’s Champion Charlotte, with Dana Brooke at her side again. Once all three competitors are in the ring, having their intros also out of the way by JoJo, the bell is rung and the Triple Threat for Charlotte’s Women’s Championship is finally underway, and its clear that Sasha would go for Charlotte on the opening bell considering their massive animosity towards each other. Sasha, scrapping with Charlotte in the ring, follows her out to bring their brawl to ringside, and an aggressive battle between the two is broken off by Bayley as she delivers a dropkick between the ropes to both to send them to the floor. Bayley climbs out to take Charlotte back in the ring, following behind to attempt the early pin attempt, with the Champ kicking out at one. Bayley attempts another pin, only leading to the same result.

Sasha hits the ring, rage still on display, as she forearms the fellow contender and the champ, mostly bringing the offense to Charlotte, as she forearms her near the corner, additionally attacking her back. Bayley pulls Sasha away and they get into a tense stare-down in the ring as Charlotte rolls away to regroup. Sasha warns Bayley to back off, shoving the Huggable One to make her threat all the more clear, thus Bayley responds by trying to roll up the Professed “Bo$$”, getting a one count as she had with Charlotte. Sasha is clearly annoyed at Bayleys retaliation and tries to go for her but Bayley performs a reversal and whips her to the ropes. Bayley charges towards her but gets kicked by Sasha. Before Sasha can lunge at Bayley, Charlotte sneaks to the ropes and attacks Sasha from behind. Charlotte then clambers into the ring, head to head with Bayley, who tries to one up Charlotte early with a hammerlock. Charlotte reverses Bayleys follow up whip, sending her into the corner ring post, but Bayley regroups quick, hitting Charlotte with a back elbow as she charges towards her. Bayley arm drags Charlotte from the second turnbuckle, before a sequence between each leads to Sasha’s intervention and each woman trying to dropkick each other, to no avail.

After a standoff between all three, Sasha and Bayley avoid the oncoming offense by Charlotte and work together to take her down to the mat. However it doesn’t last too long as Sasha suddenly lunges at Bayley with a hard forearm. Sasha goes to target Charlotte but takes a chop for it within a few moments. Sasha escapes an attempted slam from Charlotte, and the offense that follows, before Charlotte turns the tables with a neckbreaker to floor Sasha. Having done the damage, Charlotte looks to further as she sets up for a moonsault on the turnbuckles, but Sasha gets on her feet and stalls this. Sasha hangs Charlotte and her exposed body against the ring post, dealing the damage to the Women’s Champion as she hits double knees to her in the corner. Bayley suplexes Sasha out of nowhere then springboard elbows Charlotte to get the first near fall. Sasha then strikes with a kick to the midsection of Bayley, trying to whip her to the outside, only for Bayley to hang on on the apron. Bayley shoulder tackles Sasha between the ropes before snapping her jaw against the middle rope. Before she can go for next move, Dana sneakily yanks Bayley off the apron, driving the babyface competitor to the floor. She additionally sends her back first into the barricade, easily getting away with it per the announced No Disqualification Rule.

While Sasha takes notice of Dana’s tactic on the outside, she doesn’t notice Charlotte clamber into the ring behind her and the Champion boots Sasha into the corner. Charlotte begins to exploit the still hurt back of Sasha as she drives her knee a number of times into it, applying additional pressure to the back with her follow up stretch hold. Before Sasha can even find momentum, Charlotte tosses her to the mat and her moment of gloating is ruined by the appearance of Bayley, who is making her way back to the ring. Sending Bayley away, Charlotte turns her attention back to Sasha, sending her back first into the corner post. A Suplex by Charlotte is followed by a pin attempt, and the defending champion gets a near fall on Sasha.

A Frustrated Charlotte continues to send her knee into the taped up back of Sasha. She rips away the bandages, tearing them completely off Sasha before she tries to return to exploiting the damaged area, only to take a few kicks from Sasha. However Sasha’s hopeful momentum is short lived as Charlotte goes back to attacking the back of Sasha. Seeing how close she is to the ring post, Charlotte slips outside and stretches the body of Sasha against the ring post. Dana cheers this on, and Charlotte continues to do the work until she separates herself from Sasha to deliver a forearm to Bayley. Charlotte taunts before heading back to the ring, where Sasha awaits, suddenly pummeling the boastful champion with a series of forearms. Charlotte reverses a whip by Sasha but Sasha comes back with a flying head-scissor to again counter her opposition and attempt to regain her momentum. Sasha then launches Charlotte into the nearby corner turnbuckle, blasting her with forearms again despite barely being able to stand on her feet. Sasha heads to the ropes and starts firing axe handles, clotheslines and dropkicks to fully take back momentum. Sasha blocks a kick from the champ and knees her in the face, and she looks to take advantage of the champ being groggy to try execute her signature backstabber but is forearmed midway. As Charlotte takes Sasha, both turn round and are taken to the mat by a sudden crossbody from Bayley.

Returning to the scene, Bayley executes shoulder tackles in opposite corners to Sasha and Charlotte, followed by her spinning back elbows. She hits Charlotte again but misses the second attempt to Sasha when she slips free of the corner. Sasha forearms Bayley, setting her up between the ropes for double knees while also averting an attempted behind strike from Charlotte, using her legs to send her into the midsection of Bayley. Charlotte tumbles to the mat but Sasha doesn’t leave her lying, placing her between the ropes underneath Bayley, successfully executing double knees to Bayley while Charlotte heads outside. Sasha tries to pin Bayley afterward but Charlotte yanks Bayley away from the ring at a count of two. Sasha then scales the apron, hitting double knees to Bayley while Charlotte again averts offense. Charlotte and Sasha bring the fight to ringside with chops to one another, and they mimic kicks to one another before Sasha gets aggravated at the presence of Dana Brooke, attacking her before firing again at Charlotte. Sasha takes Charlotte in the ring but before she can do much else, Charlotte strikes with a backbreaker to the former champion. Charlotte teases the figure four but is kicked into Bayley, who takes advantage of Charlotte bumping into her to nail her Belly to Belly Finishing suplex. Bayley goes for her hopeful winning pin, but its broken by Banks. Sasha tries pinning Bayley after, resulting also in a near fall.

Charlotte reverts to using her fathers famous chops against Bayley and Sasha as all three ladies try making it back to their feet. However Bayley and Sasha soon find themselves working together again as the pairing hammer away at Charlotte with plentiful forearms. They scoop up Charlotte, sending her to the ropes but both ladies take a knee strike from Charlotte. Bayley is sent head first into a corner turnbuckle while Sasha tries to find her footing on the other side of the ring. Sasha gets back to her feet, hitting Charlotte with her scissor like chops used at the start of her heel days, then using much strength to haul her up the turnbuckles. Sasha readies for a superplex but has her body sent into the mat by Charlotte. Charlotte then blocks the oncoming strike by Bayley with her knee, pushing Bayley away once more as she tries to rebound. Charlotte slams Bayley against the mat before again heading up the turnbuckles. She strikes perfectly with a moonsault that hits both Bayley and Sasha, but the great maneuver from Charlotte pins neither. Charlotte looks for a desperate finish as she nails the Natural Selection to Bayley, but her follow up pin is broken by Sasha. Sasha applies the Bank Statement to Charlotte but Dana rolls in to pull Charlotte away.

While Dana tends to her comrade, Bayley sneaks in to roll up Sasha, which Sasha counters, leading to both ladies getting a near fall. Bayleys attempt at her finisher is blocked by Sasha, who runs her back first to a corner, having her follow up attack blocked by an elbow. Bayley heads high up but is pushed right to the floor by Charlotte, who returns to the fray. Charlotte boots Sasha between the ropes before heading back into the ring, rolling up Sasha while also sneakily utilizing the ropes, but despite that, only getting a near fall. Sasha locks the Bank Statement after this in one more go, but again Dana is quick to save the companion, or so thought as Sasha kicks her to the floor with the hold still applied to Charlotte. It Looks like Sasha may finish her there but Bayley runs back in the ring and breaks the submission. Bayley has her slam reversed by Banks, who instead locks the Bank Statement on her. Charlotte appears to have recovered from that very submission as she darts back in the ring, breaking Sasha’s grip on Bayley. Charlotte knocks Sasha to the outside then tosses her back first into the barricade before taking herself back in the ring. A Gloating Charlotte is then caught in a roll up by the presumably fallen Bayley, but it doesn’t pin the Champ, who escapes at two. Charlotte tries to escape another roll up through trying to reach the ropes, tugging the hair of Sasha who tries to climb back in the ring, only to struggle in the grip of Dana Brooke. Sasha accidentally knocks Bayley into a boot, and the impact knocks Bayley back into Sasha, sending the fellow contender straight to the floor. Another big boot to Bayley takes her out and Charlotte pins her to win, retaining the women’s title.

Lana was also on hand to play Dana Brookes role for Rusev, as the Bulgarian Brute defended his US title against Roman Reigns. Lana found herself interfering numerous times, but it wasn’t enough to secure the victory for her Hubby, who was defeated by Reigns, leaving no additional celebrations for the pairing to follow up their double wedding.

Plus Stephanie McMahon played a minute part in the scheduled main event between Seth Rollins and a defending Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Stephanie summoned out a new referee following Rollins and the original ref being involved in a bump, but that ref took a moment to observe the original, and only just hit the ring when Rollins succumb to a Pop Up Powerbomb from the Champion. As Owens celebrated his big victory, its safe to say there’s a look of defiance and success on the face of the Billion Dollar Princess.

(Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox; Kickoff Match 51.17 – 1.00.06)

(Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke; Women’s Championship Match)

(Bayley Backstage Exclusive)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Roman Reigns; United States Championship Match)

(Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens; Universal Championship Match feat Stephanie McMahon)

Thoughts On:
Nia/Alicia: Overall im glad this was the only match for the Kickoff so no time could be taken away from them, because not only did the crowd seem invested, but it was Nia’s best outing on the main roster, even if she didn’t use her massive power moves used towards the end of her NXT run. Alicia’s selling was mega impressive and proved she was the perfect candidate to challenge Jax due to her veteran experience. It was clear who was going to win, but at least it wasn’t a last minute addition to the card and at least a story was given behind this match, not to mention Fox looked good in defeat. Now the question remains, who will now step up to Nia Jax?

Triple Threat: On Secondary Observation, Charlotte oddly got the most offense during the entire match and as negative as it may seem, she absolutely shone both in persona and ring work. I Like how Sasha was playing up her injury as that has been one of the focal points in the storyline heading into the Clash, but i was overall surprised to see Charlotte retain, though it may not be too surprising to see no fresh victor or swerve type storyline developments occur, such as Emma returning like many hoped to either assist or take out Dana Brooke. But it does leave many questions as to why Dana is even helping Charlotte at this rate considering the humiliating moments that have occurred between the pairing, but maybe Sasha’s impending rematch will be the duos ultimate downfall as a possible groundbreaking cage match keeps Dana from interfering indefinitely, thus the bratty persona of Charlotte leads to her blaming Dana if she loses to Sasha either in that supposed match or the match set for RAW next week. I’m Guessing as of the pre Clash RAW that Dana is trying to prove herself and up herself in Charlotte’s good books for now until it comes crashing down when Sasha wins back the title. But overall a good match with crowd investment, good spots, some good storytelling and decent length to allow each woman to put on a show in their own way.

– Catherine


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