WWE RAW RESULTS: “The Bo$$” is Bound for Gold (September, 26th 2016)




With the Dust having settled following the Clash, welcome to a Post Pay Per View RAW Report. This weeks episode, battling against the presidential debate in a ratings war, featured the fallout from this past Sundays Clash of Champions RAW Exclusive Pay Per View, one that as one would know, saw Charlotte’s Championship reign further per another win at the hands of her associate Dana Brooke. But this doesn’t come without the woman who was never pinned in the match finally evoking her rematch clause, Sasha Banks. That Plus Bayley competes in singles action.

But before i get to either of these events, Lana is already positioned at ringside as Rusev, clearly wanting to settle business with his Sunday night Opponent Roman Reigns, awaited in the ring for another singles clash between the two, for the title that Reigns now holds. A Very Lengthy affair lead to a double count-out and the feud continuing between the two enemies.

It isn’t till later that we are presented with the only women’s match of the night. Bayley comes out for singles action and just before we can rejoice at seeing fresh opposition or a possible return, we see Bayley is up against a local competitor addressed and announced as Anna Fields. The Local athlete of the night is already in the ring and clearly unimpressed with the gimmick of Bayley, lunging at the happy go lucky Huggable One once the bell rings. Anna viciously chokes Bayley against the second rope, and on more than one occasion. Bayley tries to fend her off with a knee to the midsection while up against the nearby corner but Anna comes back with forearms to Bayley. She tries to pin Bayley in the middle of the ring after but gets a one count result as she does.

Anna resorts to a rear choke-hold as she continues to impressively dominate over Bayley, before Bayley tries to break off from Anna by shoving her into a corner. Bayley then begins to find her needed momentum as she plants Anna face first against the opposite corner turnbuckle multiple times, and she executes a spinning elbow after rolling Anna out of the corner. Bayley follows this with a running clothesline and she takes Anna to another corner before connecting with her known running back elbow. She yanks Anna out of the corner and connects suddenly with her Belly to Belly Suplex finisher to secure the three count. Bayley wins the match.

After the match Bayley is approached by Tom for an interview in the center of the ring. He gets to congratulating Bayley over tonight’s win, before reminding Bayley that she came up short the night before at Clash of Champions against Charlotte and Sasha. He ponders how Bayley feels about that, to which Bayley responds that last night proved that Charlotte and Sasha are the top two women right now, but if either think that last nights clash was the last time they’ll share a wrestling ring with her they have another thing coming. She feels the WWE Universes adulation, stating that herself and the WWE Universe are sharing her journey together, and she proclaims shes only just getting started because she wont give up until shes hugging the RAW Women’s Championship.

Later in the show Dana Brooke and Charlotte come out to share each others adulation for Charlotte’s reign continuing. Charlotte spends some time gloating over the accomplishments made, and while shes not Bayley nor the “Internet Darling” Sasha Banks, she is the self proclaimed moneymaker and face of RAWs Women’s Division. Before she can further boast, the woman who holds claim to beating her once before emerges from the back, Sasha Banks. Banks states that while last night had been Charlotte’s night, the Championship is still supposedly hers. Charlotte ponders why its around her waist if so, but Sasha doesn’t take kindly to being interrupted by her fellow horsewoman. Sasha warns Charlotte that she is entitled to her very much awaited rematch since she wasn’t pinned at Clash of Champions, and to add, she wants the rematch right away. Charlotte seems to give in to this demand, or so thought, as she chooses to defend the championship next week instead. Charlotte cant deny how Sasha keeps getting back up every-time she knocks her back down, but in Los Angeles she promises that Banks will stay down, but Banks furiously retaliates that she instead promises to show why she is the face of the division when she takes back her title. Sasha then delivers a vicious slap to Charlotte and targets Dana with the Bank Statement applied, but Charlotte is quick to get back to her feet and save her companion, but this leads to Charlotte and Dana being ultimately thrown out by the former champion, who stands tall to end the segment.

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Roman Reigns; United States Championship Rematch)

(Anna Fields/Hannah Hartkopf vs Bayley)

(Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks Segment)

Thoughts On:
Bayley/Anna: The Match could have been longer, but overall i was more impressed by Anna because Ive never seen her work before but she appears to have heel charisma and worked really well, while Bayley just used the same offense as expected. Though i do believe Bayleys next feuds are set up for her to possibly lose to build her further as an underdog so she keeps losing until she gets the “big one” in reference to the championship, i wouldn’t be surprised if Bayleys wins all matches in her next feuds (if one has been planned) because of her undeniable popularity, as long as it isn’t at the expense of Nia Jax’s momentum if she is the possible next opposition, which i currently see unlikely. Will Paige, Emma or Summer Rae return to feud with Bayley? Its only a matter of time until we know but something has to be in the works for Bayley because as we learned with Nia, continuous squash matches and repetitive offense becomes stale, so lets see how the next few weeks present themselves creatively.

Charlotte/Dana/Sasha: While im disappointed that any tension between Dana and Charlotte seems to have simmered, i do believe Dana will be the big factor in Charlotte losing her championship, or taking the blame for it at least like Charlotte’s past defeats. While i hoped for a fresh feud for Charlotte, the booking from the night before protected Sasha from losing out on her inevitable rematch and Sasha’s current status as rising, if not already top face of the division means she cant be kept out of a main title feud, so her intervening on Charlotte’s Gloating Moment was clearly set up. Mic wise, it was definitely one of my favorite segments for Charlotte, showcasing how much she has evolved over time in her villainous character, and i can only hope tension is capitalized on every week rather than the possible HIAC match between them being left until last minute, but im certain Charlotte is retaining next week, but no matter which way it goes, a rematch is in the works between the two to follow and Dana will suffer at the outcome, thus the feud that has been teased for so long finally gets its long awaited opening.

– Catherine


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