WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Villainous Step Up Again to Show No Mercy (September, 27th 2016)




Welcome Wrestling Fans to this weeks Smackdown Report, and let me just express how much i was blown away by the developments in various storylines on this weeks episode, which again lead to (in my opinion) Smackdown topping this weeks post pay per view RAW. To Make up for last weeks short encounter Carmella and Nattie will again team up against Naomi and Nikki Bella, and Becky Lynch is announced to be in action, but not if the small but courageous and fierce future contender to the title Alexa Bliss has anything to say about it. All that plus a homecoming for Your Intercontinental Champion the Miz, which Maryse plays fellow host to, ends in some major implications.

The Women’s Tag is the first women’s related feature on the show and already in the ring are Nattie and Carmella, who have a fair bit to say in a pre taped promo on their opponents for the night, Naomi and Nikki. Nattie makes out that Naomi thinks shes somebody but rather a nobody to her, simply put “All Glow, No Go”. Carmella adds that it seems a shame their match last week ended so quickly, but its simply what happens when Nikki gets in the same ring as her, because she “cant hang” with the real women of Smackdown, and if the Nikki dissing wasn’t enough, the heel Princess of Staten Island declares that she will make Miss Fearless disappear for good, trademarking that possible moment to be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Following up that promo, its back to present day and both Naomi and Nikki make their entrances for the announced women’s tag. As Nikki steps foot in the ring, we also get a look at what herself and Naomi had to say about Natalya and Carmella. Naomi puts over her newest trademark, the Glow, as being about believing in one self, so when haters, in reference to Natalya, try to dim the light, they cant because the one with the Glow always shines bright. Nikki says she feels her own glow, thus she doesn’t need to worry about Carmella taking her flame, because they are fearless. Nikki is aware that she can overcome any challenge, and Carmella is just adding fuel to furthering her legacy.

With those equally fierce words out of the way, the focus now goes to the in ring action as Carmella opens the match against Naomi. The Two ladies lock up, leading to Naomi taking over quickly with a side headlock into a take-down. Naomi keeps Carmella to the mat for a while before an eventual reversal comes from Carmella, whipping Naomi towards a corner, or so thought as Naomi quickly counters to send the heel opposition to that corner. Carmella floats to avoid the upcoming offense by Naomi, and she chooses to mock Nikki’s entrance pose to gather some heat before Naomi brings more fight to her. Carmella doesn’t take kindly to having her rear end slapped by Naomi and chases her to an opposite corner, leading to Naomi hauling herself into position to shake her own rear in the face of Carmella before using her feet to knock her away to the mat. Naomi then takes a page out of Carmella’s book and mocks the insulted heels moonwalk. Carmella lunges at Naomi in an attempt to get revenge, but misses and gets taken to the mat by a big dropkick from Naomi. Having done her work, Naomi tags in Nikki to face off against her chosen nemesis. Naomi assists on the outside, launching Carmella in the direction of Nikki, who drives the enemies face into her knee. Carmella is quick to sprint away from her current enemy, rolling to the outside. Natalya checks up on Carmella as Nikki and Naomi stand tall and ready to continue as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, it appears the heels have managed to take over as Naomi appears to have taken a spill, or a fair beating, on the outside while Natalya shows off, stood in the center of the ring. However Natalya hasn’t finished delivering damage to Naomi as she slips back to the outside, and she drives Naomi to the floor via a michinoku driver. Natalya reverts back to showboating before rolling Naomi back into the ring, going right into a pin attempt once done and getting a near fall on Naomi. Natalya attempts to isolate Naomi from a desperate Nikki, and Naomi, with some crowd backing, finds motivation to break herself from the Queen of Harts, arm dragging her to a side of the ring. Despite appearing to be hurt, Naomi musters enough in her to try and dive over to Nikki, but Natalya catches her to try prevent this. Natalya sends Naomi back first into the heel corner, then tagging back in Carmella.

Carmella and Nattie work together to deliver extra damage to Naomi before Carmella singularly continues the work, but not without Carmella trying to capitalize on the double team with a pin attempt first, which Naomi escapes. Carmella sets up Naomi against the second rope, choking her against it while further mocking Nikki on the opposite side of the ring. While Carmella continues to aggravate Nikki, Natalya sneaks in a kick to Naomi from behind the ring post. Carmella then turns back to Naomi, readying the next offense before having it countered into a small package pin by Naomi, which leads to a near fall result. Carmella tries to spring back into action as she sends Naomi head first into her foot, set up against the corners top turnbuckle, then swerving her in direction of her face to set up a corner strike, in the form of her bronco buster with some additional vicious slaps. Carmella goes to pin Naomi after but Naomi escapes at one, much to the frustration of the NXT Alumni.

Carmella, taking a load of Naomi’s hair in one hand, extends the other to tag back in Nattie. The Two double team Naomi once more, delivering a double suplex, which Nat tries to capitalize on with a follow up pin attempt, another Naomi manages to escape at the count of two. Natalya goes for a suplex by the center but Naomi counters into a roll up to get a near fall herself. Naomi tries to avoid being attacked by Natalya as she tries to dart over to Nikki but again Natalya is in pursuit, trying again to prevent her reaching out to Nikki. Naomi finds herself in the midst of another corner assault at the hands of Natalya, but Naomi finds momentum once more and not only knocks off Carmella from the apron, but distances herself from Natalya shortly following a kick. However Natalya reverses momentum quickly with her slingshot maneuver and basement dropkick combo. Natalya goes again into a pin attempt and scores a near fall once more on Naomi.

Natalya goes for a single leg drop but finds herself missing and crashing rear first to the mat when Naomi rolls to safety. Naomi uses this to her advantage to make a desperate climb over to Nikki. Natalya seizes Naomi by her foot but Naomi kicks her away, and she dives over to Nikki, tagging in the fired up Bella. Nikki runs in with a running shoulder tackle and dropkick to Natalya, following with a clothesline in the corner. Nikki executes the inziguiri off the middle turnbuckle, but to her dismay, it doesn’t pin Natalya as she escapes her follow up pin attempt at the count of two. Nikki heads to the ropes for her next move, but it proves unwise as Carmella cheap-shots Nikki from behind. Carmella screeches to Natalya to tag her in, which she does, and just as Carmella looks to hit the ring and make quick work of Nikki, she instead finds herself dragged in by the rival. Nikki hits her with many forearms, before taking her onto both shoulders for her finishing move, but Carmella nastily rakes the eye of Nikki before sneaking in a kick to knock Naomi from the apron to the floor. Nikki recovers, driving Carmella into the corner, hitting with shoulder tackles before being pushed away by Carmella. Nikki additionally sees Natalya coming for possible aid, and knocks her with a forearm. Carmella rolls up Nikki all of a sudden and pins her to score another win. Carmella and Natalya win the match.

Moving from that, to the next women’s related moment of the night, Smackdowns Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her entrance, announced to be in action. She doesn’t even get half way down the ramp however, as Lynch is attacked from behind by her newest enemy, Alexa Bliss. Bliss beats down Becky on the ramp and makes it much clear that shes after the championship, leaving her lying as she steps to the back, grimacing over the damage done.

And Lastly, Maryse played host to her Husbands Homecoming, as the Intercontinental Champion put over himself in the home turf of Cleveland. This lead to one EPIC confrontation between the title holder and Dolph Ziggler, who, after being berated over constant failure in his career, demanded one last shot at the midcard championship, where a potential loss meant hanging up his career.

(Natalya and Carmella vs Naomi and Nikki Bella)

(Alexa Bliss attacks Becky Lynch)

(Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Maryse Segment)

(Alexa Bliss on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Tag Match: Length wise it definitely made up for last week and it felt like WWE actually wanted to make up for it because the brand is about showcasing the abilities of their women’s division. The Match was wholly about the strategy of dividing Nikki from Naomi, for much of the match anyway, which is typical heel strategy and done very well may i add. I Didn’t expect Carmella to win again, but im guessing the story right now is about Carmella one upping Nikki on every opportunity, going against all Nikki has said about overcoming challenges, therefore i wouldn’t be surprised if that is used for Nikki to get her win, with Nikki stating that the one and only challenge she wishes to overcome now post in ring return/injury is to defeat Carmella, and a stipulated match would be perfect in overthrowing any and all potential heel tactics Carmella may use to go over the Fearless Bella again.

Alexa/Becky: When Becky was first announced to compete, i was sure someone was returning considering Eva wasn’t backstage at the event and has yet to return though her suspension is officially done, so i even thought that maybe Rosa would show up on the blue brand to showcase her improvements since returning to the Performance Center. However it appeared there was no such opponent in the first place, and rather Alexa attacking Becky in very much Paige/AJ fashion, just without sympathy or stated frenemies, but rather with badassery and no mercy. Stage attacks aren’t too common in women’s feuds in WWE these days but this was perfectly executed, playing up Alexa’s heel persona in being cowardly also, and right now, the angle feels like something executed on NXT. Take Notes RAW.

– Catherine


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