LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: No Failures for Worldwide Underground, or Catrina (September, 28th 2016)




Welcome To the Lucha Underground report, and as posted on LU’s social media just a few days ago, the anticipated and expected Multi Tag Match would indeed happen as Sexy Star, the current Gift of the Gods Champion joined forces with the Temples Trios Champs Aerostar, Drago and Fenix to take on Taya and the former Trios Champions Jack Evans, PJ Black and Johnny Mundo. That Plus More Catrina to view!

Sexy Star is shown backstage in the first women’s related moment of the night, in a frightening encounter with Dario Cueto, who questions the champions safety if she didn’t lose her championship and actually went on to face his brother Matanza. Star makes it clear she isn’t afraid, thus Dario disappears back into his own dominion after making it clear Star is competing tonight, while entering hers, is Johnny Mundo. Mundo appears to be searching for Taya in the locker room, but instead notices Star and attempts to greet her, before warning her that he is to become the next Gift of the Gods Champion. Star continues to showcase little fear as she holds a firm grip on Mundos hand, enough to nearly snap it before releasing with ease.

Prince Puma is back in action this week and the former Lucha Underground Champion faces the dark and deadly El Siniestro De La Muerte. Mil Muertes shows himself during the match, watching with no expression of surprise as Puma steals Muertes’s finisher to take down his own companion. Puma then goes after Mil, and Catrina is forced to break them apart again. While she has no stern words for Mil, De La Muerte may face the pairs wrath.

Two Matches later comes the 8 Person Tag, an Atomicos Match that sees Sexy Star and the Trios Champs team against Evans, Taya, PJ Black and Johnny Mundo, the Worldwide Underground. Starting off the match is Sexy Star against Taya, and not their first in ring clash during this season for sure. Taya palms Stars face to begin, before having her offense avoided by Star before Taya matches. Star goes for a waist-lock but chooses to push Taya to the ropes some time later, but Taya runs back and nails a clothesline. Star reverses momentum quickly by taking Taya down to the mat after hitting the ropes, hitting Taya in the corner with a hard chop after before being whipped by Taya to an opposite corner. Taya charges towards Star, who has hauled herself to the top turnbuckle, and Star boots Taya to create a little separation. Taya is sent to the other side of the ring via Stars flying head-scissor, and Taya immediately heads over to her Worldwide Underground companions to regroup and avoid further altercation, and tagged in next is Jack Evans. Meanwhile Drago steps in for Sexy Star.

Sexy Star is tagged in some time later by Fenix to deal with her developing rival Johnny Mundo, and Fenix assists Star with delivering a leg drop to Mundo, whose grounded against the mat. Star hammers him with kicks afterward but Mundo finds grip and trips Star against the bottom turnbuckle in his corner, with Taya using Stars position to sneak in a few kicks against the head. PJ Black tags in, choking Star against the turnbuckle. Black tags in Evans, holding Star in position for Evans jumping elbow. Evans hits with elbows as he tries to hold off Star from tagging either of her own comrades, then working on Star in another corner. He takes her back to the heels corner after, tagging back in Taya. Taya runs Star into various corners, hitting her with offense against one corner, including running double knees. After making that work, Taya takes a fistful of Stars hair and drags her near to the heels corner, extending her free hand for Mundo to tag in. Mundo takes advantage of Stars position to deliver an elbow to the midsection, furthering the damage Taya already inflicted. He chokes her against the second rope before PJ Black tries to hold her up to take the super-kick, only for Star to slip free, leading to PJ taking the maneuver. Star tries to bound over to her partners but not before trying to lunge at Taya to no avail. Taya holds her in place for another attack from Mundo, but like PJ, ends up on the receiving end instead of the intended. After delivering a quick inziguiri to Mundo, Star makes the needed tag to Drago.

Star makes the tag a short time later, missing an aerial assault to an evading Jack Evans but making a perfect landing. While Aerostar ends up spilling onto the outside onto his adversaries, Stars back is driven into the knee of Mundo, but as Mundo looks to further that assault, Fenix hits the ring and kicks him. While Fenix heads outside, Star is sneak attacked by Taya, but Star attempts to take over as she uses her leg to haul Taya into the ropes. Taya is shown to be in much pain as she spills outside, but her screams don’t distract Star, who immediately evades a sneak attack from Evans. She applies a hold to Evans following a kick, but its broken up by an intervening Mundo. Evans backslides Star and pins her for the victory. The Worldwide Underground win the match.

Heading from that to the next moment, we see Siniestro De La Muerte bowing before Mil Muertes in his secret shrine, sure to give excuses (or maybe?) for his loss, but Catrina nor Mil will accept such. Catrina declares that De La Muerte has failed them for the last time and uses her mystical powers to completely eviscerate him, following by transferring his powers to Mil, adding that he should mimic what she has done to him to Prince Puma once the two collide.

(Dario Cueto, Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo Backstage Segment)

(Catrina, Mil and El Siniestro De La Muerte Backstage Segment)

(PJ Black, Taya, Jack Evans and Johnny Mundo vs Aerostar, Sexy Star, Fenix and Drago)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Good Match, as expected not only from the fact Lucha Underground delivers match quality wise but from the booking making the match itself expected. Did expect Worldwide Underground to get the win considering Mundo especially needed momentum to haul himself to his wanted “top star” status, but not sure what happened with Taya at the end. If its a work, it’ll be interesting to see if Mundo takes advantage to snatch the Gift of the Gods title spot that she so may want, and whether that presents tension first showcased last week between the group with Jack Evans. Regardless, with Ivelisse getting injured during this season, i wouldn’t be surprised for Taya and Star to fill the void until her storyline continues by continuously clashing in whichever way possible.

– Catherine


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