TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PREDICTIONS: Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett for the TNA Knockouts Championship (October, 2nd 2016)


Welcome All to My TNA Bound for Glory Predictions Post. Yes the Show is definitely in full swing despite all the talk of the company supposedly going out of business over the week, and we still have a Knockouts Championship Match to talk on. In a Match that would originally have happened at Slammiversary (just not over the Knockouts Title) Maria Kanellis-Bennett faces Gail Kim. The Two, who have been feuding since earlier in the year, battle tonight at Universal Orlando over the Knockouts Championship, a title Maria subsequently and cruelly captured from her apprentice Allie a week after her surprise win in a match sneakily booked by now TNA President Billy Corgan.

Maria, who has gone out of her way to keep Kim away from the championship, has further gone on to berate her upcoming Hall of Famer status, and now there’s more than just possible embarrassment to contend with for the Self Professed First Lady of Professional Wrestling as not only would losing to Kim embarrass the Professed “Leader” but in turn, would reduce her status as the Greatest Champion “of all time” as the Champion yet to actually defend her belt would lose it if she was to fall. The Valet of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett appears to still have her partnership with the Bigger, Faster, Stronger former Knockouts Champion Sienna in tact despite taking her title, but her partnership with Allie, and current mistreatment towards the woman supposedly not a wrestler is showing definite cracks, and is a factor, if not MAJOR factor, in tonight’s bout. Overall the fact Gail is also being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame tonight cements her status as possible victor, as to walk in with the Knockouts Title, and without shame, but i see Maria retaining either via Disqualification or Madison and a possibly returning Velvet (or Jade if not) clearing out Sienna and Laurel Van Ness to lead to Allie trying to cost Maria the title, and possibly being taken out by either a returning Knockout or a current Knockout (I Predict ODB if in the Orlando Area). Or Brandi will try and help Allie or Gail and end up screwing up accidentally. Either way i cant rule out a Gail Win But My Bet goes on Maria tonight as we haven’t got much out of her reign in ring wise thus far.

TNA Bound for Glory airs Live 1am UK Time on POP TV, featuring the said long awaited clash plus Eddie Edwards replaces Drew Galloway to face Aron Rex for the newly introduced IMPACT Grand Championship and Lashley defending the TNA World Championship against Ethan Carter III.

– Catherine


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