TNA IMPACT RESULTS: One Last Ride of Momentum In the IMPACT Zone (September, 29th 2016)




Tonight is TNAs official Bound for Glory Pay Per View event, closing a week of controversy surrounding the company as various headlines suggested the company would go out of business tonight or close enough to. While those rumors seem to have simmered, business is picking up heading into the event as this weeks IMPACT featured Knockouts-a-Plenty! Gail and Maria had plenty to say and do, Reby Sky got her first match in the ring in 2 years against Rosemary and Allie continues to be made fun of in typical Maria fashion.

Competing on the show in her first one on one match under her newest character is Laurel Van Ness, against Madison Rayne. Before this, Maria approaches Allie, demanding an apology for messing up the week prior with not finding her a secondary opponent to take out in her in ring showcase. Allie tries as much as she can to apologize to the former Knockouts Leader, before the focus switches to the appearance of Laurel. Maria greets her before insulting Allie on what her appearance is compared to the newest Knockout, and if she didn’t want to put over Laurel enough, she wants Allie to introduce her on the way to her match tonight. On Top Allie must assist wherever possible, and Maria urges her not to mess up.

We head to the ring to see Madison making her way to the ring for the booked singles match, and the 5 time Knockouts Champ has been recently added to TNAs creative team to possibly put in some input on the future direction of the KOs. Anyway, to present day, Allie appears on the ramp to introduce the newest Knockout, Laurel Van Ness. If Laurels ego wasn’t big enough in the opinion of Allie, she has to watch her demand Madison to kiss her hand. The Veteran Knockout declines and forearms a stunned Laurel, and plenty forearms follow. Madison sends Laurel down with a running dropkick, and moments later Laurel is into retreat, having her make up reapplied on demand by Allie at ringside. Laurel returns to the ring and charges at Madison, only to have the make up covered face planted against the mat after Madison executes a drop toe hold. Madison whips Laurel to a corner, missing a follow up attack there when Laurel moves away. But Laurel also soon meets the turnbuckles when she misses her own attack to Madison in the corner. She tries forearming Madison off the apron, to no avail as the former champ ducks. Madison forearms Laurel away but she rebounds in time to rake her eye as she tries leaping over the ropes. Laurels hip attack then sends Madison crashing to the outside ground.

Laurel again dismisses Allie being even close to her before trying to attack Madison. Madison’s comeback is stalled when Laurel sends her head first into the apron, and Allie can only look on as Laurel, mid through using her momentum, tries to roll up Madison back in the ring for the victory, only to get a near fall. Laurel snapmares Madison, following with a boot to the back of the neck. She runs the ropes for what seems a strong upcoming attack, only to slow herself down and walk over to Madison to deliver a slap in a Sasha Banks-esque maneuver. Laurel chokes Madison against the ropes, hushing the referee as she does so before also attempting to demand silence from the crowd. Laurel sends Madison down to the mat and goes for a cocky pin attempt, getting a near fall. As Laurel tries to clench Madison and force her up, Madison counters, using her legs to roll Laurel into a sneaky pin attempt, leading to a near fall result. A Second leads to the same result for Madison on Laurel, as does a third.

Laurel looks to gather back momentum as she scores a kick to the midsection of Madison, before Madison reverses her whip and brings her to the mat via a Northern Lights Suplex, getting another near fall. Madison chops and forearms Laurel, striking with a knee to the back also before trying to set up for her finishing maneuver, to no avail as Laurel rakes her eyes again, kneeing her shortly after before a curbstomp leads to Laurel getting her singles victory. Laurel wins the match, and has a go after Allie doesn’t properly announce the victory.

Later TNA Correspondent Mckenzie Mitchell gets a pre taped interview with Gail and Maria in the six sided ring. Maria isn’t impressed with her introduction from Mckenzie, formally putting herself over as the first lady of Professional Wrestling, as well as declaring herself as the greatest Knockouts Champion. This easily offends Gail, who labels her as a bully. After that verbal spat, McKenzie asks Gail what the upcoming Bound for Glory match means to her, to which Gail responds that the said Pay Per View is always a special time for her, like the title is also to her, but whats going to be even more special about Bound for Glory is getting her hands on Maria. Maria just laughs this off, then declaring that TNA is not a wrestling company, but an entertainment company where she is the star, and no matter what happens at Bound for Glory she will come out the winner, and when she does, Gail wont walk into the Hall of Fame as a Champion, but as second best. Gail states that unlike what Maria believes, it isnt about the Hall of Fame or the title, but more so about her getting her hands on her. Gail says when that day comes, Maria will be unable to hide, but Maria is confident in proclaiming that she always finds a way (of winning) thus at Bound for Glory, she will kick her ass.

Heading from this to the next segment we see Gail Kim stand by with Moose, as well as Aron and EC3 as the group compete later in the main event of the evening against Team Lashley, which Maria will also be a part of. EC3 declares the stakes couldn’t be higher, so hes humbled to have everyone as part of his team. EC3 first greets Aron, welcoming him as a member of Team EC3, then telling Gail that hes assured she will have her Hall of Fame Celebration culminate in her holding gold, to which she agrees, and the two have a friendly moment before EC3 has a comedic exchange with Moose.

To the next moment, Rosemary sees herself facing Reby in Rebys first match in years. Rosemary has her companions of the Decay as expected, like Reby also has Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) and Husband Matt at her side. The clear heat between the two can be shown as Reby spears Rosemary right after the bell rings, hitting her with a number of forearms afterward. Reby throws Rosemary head first into a corner turnbuckle a number of times, doing the same sequence in other corners to try wear Rosemary out early. However Rosemary soon reverses things as she hits back at Reby, and she takes Reby down with a clothesline after Reby regroups and charges towards her. Rosemary forearms Reby against the mat and furthers the damage as she chokes the fallen competitor against the mat. The Creepy antics of the Decay cannot be forgotten as Rosemary then proceeds to lick the face of Reby.

Rosemary continues her momentum as she knees Reby against a corner, and she goes for a corner splash before missing her target as Reby moves away from the corner. Reby takes advantage and delivers a roundhouse kick, and she rolls herself over aside Rosemary before booting her in the front. She executes a knee to the chest before reverting back to forearms. Before Reby can continue her sequence, Rosemary breaks herself free of the fellow Knockouts grip. Rosemary finds herself afraid of the presence of Matt, and this allows Reby to continue her offense as Rosemary turns and takes another knee followed by the signature Hardy Twist of Fate. Reby goes for a hopeful pin of victory but finds herself agitated at Steve hitting the apron and yelling at the referee. After giving Steve a telling off, Reby turns and has Rosemary’s red mist spat in her face. This leads to the bell being rung and Reby wins via Disqualification. A Mass fight then goes on between the sides, and the Decay take the advantage before the event, and momentum, with Rosemary additionally driving Reby and herself through a table.

As mentioned earlier, Gail and Maria were indeed involved in the main event of the evening, representing Team EC3 and Team Lashley. Unfortunately there was barely an altercation between the two, as while managing to get Maria inside the cage, Gail ultimately ended up taking her aggravation to the outside as she chased the longtime rival and champion to the back. Team Lashley ended up winning the main event.

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Allie and Laurel Van Ness Backstage Segment)

(Laurel Van Ness w/ Allie vs Madison Rayne)

(McKenzie Mitchell Interviews Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Gail Kim)

(Reby Sky vs Rosemary)

Thoughts On:
Madison/Laurel: I Wasn’t surprised at the outcome but on observation, not only do i love Laurel/Chelsea’s Move-set, but i think she would make a great top heel. Im Loving her character and her mannerisms remind me of Charlotte (no deliberate comparison). I Also Love Laurels finisher and can only hope every Knockout takes the curbstomp professionally since the move has already been banned by WWE, but props on the placement of the opponent as a veteran like Madison would be able to take it like a champ. Definitely thinking Allie and Laurel are bound to feud, and that it may be a side feud to “develop Allie’s courage” to snap on Maria and hopefully take back the Knockouts Title. But thumbs up to whoever pitched Chelsea’s character, even if it was Chelsea herself.

Reby/Rosemary: It was slow paced in parts but it wasn’t surprising since Reby has rarely been in the ring in the past few years and this was technically her TNA in ring debut when not counting One Night Only Pay Per Views. But the match was a long time coming and further played up the animosity between the sides and props to Reby for taking the table bump despite having not been in the ring for a fairly long time. Does the post match antics mean Decay don’t take the titles home after tonight? Who Knows?

– Catherine


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