WWE NXT RESULTS: Asuka and the Future Opposition Crash Through Obstacles Once More (September, 28th 2016)




The Evolution of the NXT Women’s Division continues on this weeks episode of NXT, and not only does Liv Morgan receive her awaited match with the dominant and undefeated women’s champion Asuka, but Mandy Rose, just a week after slating the up and coming Ember Moon in a backstage interview, gets to back up her words with actions in the ring against the intimidating foe. Its an action packed episode for the women for sure.

Mandy vs Ember is the first match of the night women’s wise, one of two, and Mandy enters first to be Corey’s Mouse to be fed to the Python so to speak. Entering secondly is Ember, and her presence once she hits the ring already has Mandy spooked…or disgusted. Either way Ember doesn’t fit Mandy’s portrayal of a women’s superstar and she looks to put her out of her misery. Ember shoves Mandy moments after the bell rings, making it clear shes heard her remarks, and she looks to block Mandy’s retaliating offense until shes met with a kick in the midsection. Mandy has a whip reversed and as Mandy runs back, Ember easily leaps over her in a showcase of athleticism before an echoey slap by Mandy sends Ember to the mat. Mandy tries to follow this up with a forearm, but Ember avoids and strikes back with a kick. A Second sends Mandy close to the corner, and Ember sends her as quick away from that side of the ring with a Fallaway Slam. A Cross-body from the ropes by Ember secures her a near fall on Mandy.

Ember gets herself back to her feet, making her way to Mandy and blocking her attempted kick. Ember drags Mandy away from the ropes before Mandy returns to kicking Ember, knocking Ember away for a short amount of time. Mandy gets back to her feet and clobbers Ember with a sudden bicycle kick for a near fall. A Furious Mandy forearms Ember in the back to further her offense, applying a hold not too long later. Ember doesn’t get a chance to break off and find momentum as Mandy whips her into a short arm clothesline. The Move from Mandy gets her another near fall on Ember. Mandy forearms Ember and gives her plenty trash talk before being rolled into a pin attempt by Ember, scoring her a near fall on Mandy. Ember looks for her needed comeback after dodging a forearm by Mandy but is planted to the mat via Mandy’s innovative wheelbarrow counter. Despite this, Mandy doesn’t get to pin Ember as she kicks out of the follow up pin attempt again at two. Mandy goes back into a pin out of frustration but again scores a near fall on her.

After debating the refs count, Mandy tries to go after Ember but is launched face first into the bottom turnbuckle by the fellow competitor. A Groggy Mandy makes it to her feet but heads back to the mat again when Ember nails her finishing move from the top turnbuckle. Ember pins Mandy moments later and wins the match.

Its later in the show when Liv Morgan finally gets her one on one match with NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, a week after Asuka had appeared before the Jersey Native to ponder over her being ready for such a match. Regardless of this, Asuka sees fit to warm up as shown earlier in the night, than take her as a puny, easy opponent….at least until she gets in the ring. Liv enters first, followed by the undefeated title holder. Before the bell rings, Liv hears out some crowd support that is quickly drowned out by the “Asukas Gonna Kill You” chant that comes with any defined or expected Asuka squash. Regardless, when the bell rings Liv shows no fear in locking up with Asuka, but Asukas strength shows itself early on as Liv is forced into a nearby corner. Asuka breaks loose and backs away from Liv, who shoves at her in a possible gutsy move. Liv and Asuka engage in a more vigorous lock up this time, a near tiebreaker as Liv breaks off and dropkicks Asuka, though this doesn’t derail Asuka in anyway as she not only stands her ground but seems to be finding more momentum. Asuka takes some forearms by Liv before retaliating with her own, and as Liv charges towards her, Asuka ropes her into a submission maneuver. The Pain proves much for Liv as she eventually taps, awarding Asuka the quick victory.

The Women’s Champ stands strong and smiling after the match, being interviewed in the rings center by Andrea. She is asked who she could face next, but Asuka makes it very clear that she believes no one in the shortened NXT Women’s Division is ready for her.

(Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose)

(Asuka vs Liv Morgan)

(Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay Segment; NXT Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Mandy/Ember: While Ive seen some of her live event matches, this was Mandy’s first singles match on NXT Television, and she definitely impressed, especially with her faceplant/wheelbarrow type counter (not sure what the actual technical name is) but what i liked also was that there was a story behind the match being booked and Mandy wasn’t treated like an actual squash opponent and looked dominant at times against Ember, coming back with offense just as one thought Ember may have began to find momentum. It felt like one of those matches where Ember is the newcomer and has to struggle her way through strong opponents, and while Mandy doesn’t have that veteran style nor has been there long enough to be at the level, she, again, did look strong. She also sold Embers finisher impressively, and the win for Ember helps additionally to cement her status as a future contender to the Women’s Championship.

Liv/Asuka: On Paper this would sound like a squash match, but while Liv was put out of her misery really quickly by a still undefeated Asuka, the backstage exclusive with Peyton and Billie gives me hope for Liv’s character and overall position in the women’s division. Peyton and Billie would be classed as the typical high school mean girls, making Liv’s life hell for weeks, costing her matches perhaps and defeating her in own competition, but i do believe this is setting up a underdog story for Liv to come back as an eventual top babyface and start winning matches to the point where she may re-challenge Asuka again, maybe even in Toronto instead of Ember who may face Peyton instead. Overall, i feel WWE should go with the idea of building her like the female Sami Zayn, who people would believe wouldn’t get the big one but eventually does but it all depends on whether WWE suddenly introduce a female influx of indy competitors to sneak into the spotlight, or whether they choose to push someone else. Either way the future at the moment looks bright for Billie, Peyton and Liv in terms of getting exposure.

– Catherine


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