TNA BOUND FOR GLORY RESULTS: All Rhodes Lead to Success and Being Bound For Glory (October, 2nd 2016)




Last Night TNA and its fans alike shied away from the stated controversy of the possible closure of the biz to witness its last pay per view of the year, as the company presented its huge Bound for Glory Pay Per View straight from Orlando, Florida. As Booked, Gail Kim would take on Maria Kanellis-Bennett in Maria’s first championship defense, but before she can get to that, Kim first has one of her most emotional career moments, as she is indeed inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. That plus some surprise appearances all to be summed in this BFG report.

Before we can go to Gails induction, we get some words backstage from a surely proud Husband of the multi time Knockouts Champion, Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine. Robert tells JB he has family exclusively at the event for his wifes induction, and tonight he’d like to be referred to not as Robert Irvine but as Mr Gail Kim. Interviewer JB adds that Gails career has spawned many great moments, to which Rob furthers by stating that Gail has given her life to wrestling, and tonight is the culmination of all her hard work. Before he can further praise his wife, the wife of the Miracle Mike Bennett and the soon to defend Knockouts Champion Maria approaches, of course with husband in tow. Maria proclaims for Bound for Glory to be her night rather than Gails, thus she demands Robert to leave. Robert steps up in defense of himself and Gail, slamming both her and Mike verbally before predicting an eerie premonition that both her and Mike are going to have a very bad night, mostly Mike as he stares him in the face. He Leaves and Maria returns to boasting about how its all about herself than Gail tonight, further clamoring to be TNAs Greatest Knockouts Champion. Like she hadnt inflated the ego enough, Mike gloats over his wife being the supposed greatest womens wrestler of all time, while also self praising himself. He tells his championship clad wife to keep focused on Gail while he takes care of Moose,

Its not till later in the show that we get Gails induction. The induction is started with the arrival of former TNA Ring Announcer (and Former Knockout) Christy Hemme. Christy begins to sing the praises of Gail by stating her friend to be a legend in the business, and that what cemented her legacy was that she built a team, fighting hard to create the Knockouts Division that she still continues to fight for, for the women that step into the locker room or into the ring. She gives her thanks to Gail for her courage, passion, fight and more before calling down Taryn Terrell to give her own speech.

The Newly Pregnant Longest Reigning Knockouts Champion steps into the ring to take over from Christy, also to speak on her on and off rival Gail Kim. She proclaims Gail is a career maker, taking her at her beginner level and giving her a career to be proud of (excelling her in the form of their numerous clashes that helped evolve Taryn as a wrestler in the division). She adds that she is truly grateful to work with someone of her caliber, and thus she is very proud to call her not just a peer, but a role model and a friend. Christy steps back up to present another surprise appearance, introducing someone that helped establish the division alongside the multi time Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong.

Kong, also getting her own ovation from the Impact audience, goes straight to the point. With No Pun intended, Kong states that there arent enough adjectives to describe how awesome her once nemesis truly is. She adds that Gail elevates every opponent and furthermore is the ying to her yang. With a big smile on her face, Kong expresses her happiness for Gail, adding that she is loved by many, and she is respected by all, deserving of her induction. Lastly to step out and speak on Gails long career is the TNA Chairwoman Dixie Carter.

Dixie talks on how Bound for Glory is TNAs biggest night, and thus on this huge night, she cant speak enough on how proud she is to honor a woman who established and defined the Knockouts Division that first came to light in 2007. She goes over Gail’s long term accolades, a 5x Knockouts Champion, the first ever and further promotes Gail to be selfless during her time of building their Knockouts Division. After these many words, she finally brings out a surely soon to be teary Gail Kim, who quickly smooches Robert who seats himself at front row. Gail embraces the Chairwoman as well as Christy, Kong and Taryn before receiving a loud ovation from the audience as Dixie speaks on Gail’s accolades further. Dixie says she could talk for hours about the storied career of the woman battling later for the Knockouts Title, but she has a video that highlights Gail’s evolution, one that features comments from the likes of Jade, Madison Rayne, Christy, Josh Mathews, JB, Pat Kenney, Al Snow and Billy Corgan.

After the Package Culminates, Gail begins her speech. She makes it clear that shes aware she isnt known for her speaking (mic skills) in the business to some hilarity, but thats why she has a list in hand of people she must thank for helping her evolve in the business. After hearing out the fans chants of support, Gail speaks on how there have been highs and lows in the 16 years she has been around in the wrestling business, but she can honestly admit that she wont take back any moment, and without the low moments in her career she wouldn’t be able to appreciate the highs that have come with it. She says that every person on her list has helped her become the woman she is now, and begins to run through each person that has made it to her list, and not the Chris Jericho type list either.

She begins with thanking her trainer Ron Hutchinson, Rob, Fit Finlay, also Scott D’Amore and Pat Kenney who happens to be in the back. She additionally gives thanks to the TNA Crew, production, seamstresses, Jolene, the roster in the back, all of whom she credits as family. She Further Gives Thanks to the People who Let Her Take the Ball and Run with It, the People who had to hear her complain when she was so desperate to wrestle, these people being Dixie, Jeff Jarrett and Dutch (Mantell). She also voices her adulation for her friends and family who have supported her in her crazy idea to wrestle, from her stepdaughters, to her goddaughter to Robert, who is getting teary at front row. She gives shout-outs also to the women she shared the ring with when she started at WWE, the Likes of Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Jazz and Victoria, then giving thanks to the TNA Knockouts, who she says are hungry and passionate and also her sisters, thus she appreciates sharing a locker room with them. She most definitely wishes to speak more on her appreciation for Molly Holly, crediting her as being the reason she is in the business. She says Molly taught her how to be a good person, whether that would be outside of or in the ring, and she quoted to her that if you’re a good person, success will follow. That Very Much is the case so she thanks Molly for that, and she also has a quote that means much when describing the evolution of her career. A Successful Woman Creates a Firm Foundation with the Bricks Others Have Thrown at Her. Closing off that quote, she has to indeed thank the fans and their support, and the company as without them she wouldn’t be standing there as the newest Hall of Famer. She closes her speech there and embraces Dixie, Kong, Taryn and Christy one last time, receiving a glitzy gift from Dixie before heading to the back to get ready for her match which is later in the show.

Rosemary and Reby indeed played a part in the “Great War” between the Decay and the Hardy’s, the said match with the TNA Tag Team Championship on the line. Reby would play the piano as part of the Hardy’s special entrance, and on many occasions during the match that spilled even to the outside and far and wide, did Rosemary try to help her comrades get the upper hand. Rosemary would be brought to rest after many interference’s by Reby, who power-bombed her through a table as revenge for the spot taken earlier on in the week. The Hardy’s would then go on to capture the tag titles, and supposedly close their rivalry with the faction.

Taking the pre main event spot (not bad if you think of NXT Takeover events) is Maria defending the Knockouts Championship against the newly inducted Hall of Famer Gail Kim. Specially introducing this match is Christy Hemme, first announcing the challenger that is Gail then the defending champion with Maria who just so happens to have Allie with her again. Maria tries to pull the excuse that her hand is still very much damaged to try escape facing her but Allie claims to have proof that its actually reverse. Maria tries to state otherwise, but nonetheless seemingly forces herself into the position to wrestle as she slaps Gail with the other hand, trying to escape right after but Gail charges after the champ. As they get back to the side of the ramp, Maria tries to throw Allie in the direction of Gail, and Gail gives Allie a minute apology before trying to lunge at Maria, to no avail as Maria clotheslines her to the floor. Maria rolls Gail to the ring, hitting a single forearm before trying an early pin, which Gail escapes from at one.

Maria takes the back of Gail’s head and slams it multiple times against the canvas before attempting the second pin, again a one count as the multi time champ kicks out quickly. Maria runs her head first into a corner turnbuckle, sending her back first into an opposite corner turnbuckle, then doing so once more. Maria chokes Gail with her foot near the bottom rope, then scores a knee before hitting with a forearm to the front. Gail gets back to her feet, blocking offense before trying to hit back with a forearm that Maria ducks from. Maria viciously throws Gail backwards to the mat, attempting to pin Gail again and getting the first near fall. She resorts to applying a side headlock to try wear out Gail, but Gail begins to find her momentum, striking with forearms to Maria before being swept back to the mat again. Maria goes for a running elbow in a corner but Gail moves, but Maria matches things up as she manages to avoid Gail’s corner splash. Maria drives Gail to the mat with a big spinebuster for another near fall.

Maria is left furious at the current result, screeching at Gail to stay down, and along comes the Champs Husband Mike Bennett to try assist wherever possible. Mike has the referee distracted while Maria scoops her old arm brace, looking to use it against Gail but being kicked backward before she can do so. Mike tries to climb the apron and stop Gail’s aerial assault as she heads to the top turnbuckle but Gail knocks him away. Gail goes for a flying cross-body but Maria evades but luckily for Gail, she lands on both feet, rolls through but as she charges back to Maria, the arm brace KO’s her, or at least to the thought of Maria as she gets a near fall in the follow up pin attempt, to her dismay. Maria strides over to the ropes, calling out to Allie to pass back her arm brace. Allie is hesitant but when she does chuck it, it goes a little too far and is thrown close enough for Gail to catch. Gail coaxes Maria into taking back her brace before throwing it away and far from reach before striking Maria with forearms. She floors Maria with clotheslines then hammers on her against the mat with a furious array of forearms. Maria tries to splash Gail in a corner but Gail sneaks outside and locks the figure four on Maria. Like that wasn’t enough to leave an o on the face of the viewers, Gail, once Maria climbs back to the ring, gives Maria Two Middle fingers, followed with a slap and eat defeat. Gail pins Maria and wins her Sixth Knockouts Championship.

Checking on his wife after is Bennett, and furious over how things have gone for both, he threatens to shut down Bound for Glory, proclaiming no one can stop him from achieving this. This brings out the debuting Brandi and Cody Rhodes, who stare their first TNA rivals in the face. This leads to Brandi kneeing Maria out of the way for Cody and Mike to go at it and the Rhodes are left standing tall.

(Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong Return; Gail Kim Official Hall of Fame Induction)

(Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett w/ Allie; Knockouts Championship Match; Cody and Brandi Rhodes Debut)

Thoughts On:
Gail Hall of Fame Induction: First of All Congratulations to Gail on a Long Awaited and Long overdue Hall of Fame Induction, considering she deserves it for all her contributions to the Division she helped build since the Division started to mold in 2007. It was a nice surprise to have close friends as well as longtime rivals participate in the induction, in the form of Taryn, Kong and Christy, and considering Kong’s Shoot Interview indicated she hadn’t got along with Dixie, and because of the issue with Reby that lead to her firing earlier in the year, i wasn’t expecting Kong back at all, even if it was for one night. I Would’ve thought Madison, being backstage that night, would have been a part as one of Gail’s longtime best friends and on and off tag team partner, would have been selected by Dixie also to be a part of Gail’s moment, as well as Traci Brooks, but i can only assume Traci couldn’t attend nor Angelina who i assume may have been in NY where she wrestled days before. But overall a perfect speech and it was very nice of Gail to give credit to Molly Holly, who, to me, doesn’t get enough credit for her contributions to the business, plus Gail understandably did give her the credit considering Molly was a part of her growth at the start of her in ring career. A Great Moment to watch as a longtime fan of Gail and i couldn’t be anymore happier for her, putting questionable booking in favor of her over various Knockouts aside. Congratulations Gail.

Gail/Maria: I Did feel it wasn’t going to be but hoped it would be a quality match up where Maria would stun like Taryn Terrell did some years back, but it wasn’t to be and Maria still has steps to take in the ring, more so needing to stay away from it if possible as she shines in her valeting role. But, putting questionable duration aside, the match did tell the story of Maria doing as much as possible to obtain victory, though that was also questionable considering no involvement from Laurel or Sienna, and because a 5 Minute Match didn’t present enough aggression or animosity that a nine month feud should understandably showcase. Considering Sienna is the heels pillar of strength, you would have thought she’d be a factor in unleashing incredible pain to Gail in order to help Maria reach towards her goal of putting out Gail for good? Regardless Gail got her big win to close her night of happiness and end Maria’s reign of terror, leaving the crowd joyous as they already voiced pro Gail support earlier in the night. I Can only assume from here that Maria fails to recapture the Knockouts Championship because of Brandi (who has a ace theme song alongside Cody may i add) and Gail’s possible last title reign may end with her abdicating to Allie, if the Knockouts Knockdown speech from sometime ago didn’t indicate enough because of Gail’s adoration for Allie as a well known professional wrestler.

– Catherine


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