WWE RAW RESULTS: Sharing and Obtaining History; Breaking the Mold Twelve Years Later (October, 3rd 2016)




Welcome All to a Rather Pleasing RAW Report. While it can be debated that RAWs focus is solely on displaying three of the Four Horsewomen, there’s no denying the Mold was Broken this week for Women in Wrestling as Ongoing Rivals Sasha Banks and Charlotte battled in a pre-booked match for the Women’s Championship, a match proudly placed as the shows main event. That plus Lana got to air her grievances over the new US Champion Roman Reigns, and a return is soon on the cards for someone whose injury earlier this year impacted their chance to make a mass impact on RAW’s Women’s Division, Emma….or is it Emmalina now?

The Ravishing Russian Lana opens up RAW by confronting the gold clad Roman Reigns, apparently not to the knowledge of her man, though Roman doesn’t fall for it. She suggests a rematch between Reigns and Rusev for the title, before berating Roman on his Pride and Zero Respect towards her. She doesn’t take Romans actions as a Joke and warns Roman that her husband will crush her. As Lana is left fuming at Romans continuous responses, Rusev storms down to the ring from the back for another fight. Rusev manages to get the upper hand at first, before Roman sneaks in a superman punch from behind the former champion on the stage to take the overall momentum.

The Next appearance isn’t so in person, but in the form of a video package that showcase the recent photo-shoots of a sidelined Emma. The Heel that had returned earlier in the year from NXT to attempt to impact RAWs Women’s Division is set to return soon with some form of possible supermodel gimmick, now set to be called Emmalina.

Sasha Banks is also seen warming up for the announced main event when Bayley stops by to wish the “Bo$$” luck. She speaks on the women having the main event, even though she does wish she was in that position herself, and while Forbes has list Charlotte as the possible greatest, and while herself is portrayed as an underdog, she has no doubt Sasha was born to be the 2x WWE Women’s Champion.

Bayley then returns prior to the main event to take a verbal bashing from Charlotte. Charlotte, however, is aware she has a main event to go to and focus on and leaves Bayley to it after mocking her, and not noticing her protege not following up behind, she doesn’t see Dana further the mockery towards Bayley, only to end in Bayley ramming Dana into the box at the side. Dana is being checked up on reportedly by medics after this singular battering and Charlotte is left to defend her title alone.

Sasha enters first for the women’s main event as specified, followed by the defending champion Charlotte who is again alone due to the scuffle backstage between Dana and Bayley. Once the Self Professed Queen of the Women’s Division has stepped foot in the ring, JoJo leads the introductions of both Charlotte and Banks as Champion and Challenger before the title can be put up for grabs. Closing that off, the bell is rung and the women’s main event is officially underway.

The Confident Champ locks up with Sasha to kick things off and displays momentum early on by easily taking Sasha to the mat. She goes for the figure four early but Sasha kicks away Charlotte and the defending champ spills between the ropes and falls to the outside floor. Sasha tries to take advantage of Charlotte’s ringside position to execute a suicide dive but as she makes it to the ropes, Charlotte hits a forearm smash. She recovers anyways and manages to nail her Suicide Dive upon second attempt. Sasha stands tall and full of momentum as we come to a commercial break.

But when we return from that commercial break, things appear to have been turned around as Sasha struggles in a hold applied by Charlotte back in the ring. We find that this is because Charlotte had dragged Sasha off the turnbuckles during the commercial break, leading to Sasha hitting the mat, but not without the back of her neck hitting one of the turnbuckles first. That and Charlotte had furiously thrown her back first into the ringside barricade also during the break. Sasha tries to counter, even when being in pain but Charlotte takes her by her hair and sends her to the mat before she can try fully break away. Charlotte goes for her first pin attempt of the match there and gets a one count on Banks. Charlotte repeatedly forearms the aggravated back of Banks before stretching her body against the ring ropes, then dragging her away from the ropes for the secondary pin attempt, resulting in a near fall on the challenger.

Charlotte wedges her knee into the hurt back of Sasha before applying her stretch variation. Sasha uses her knee to separate herself from the champ, before trying to get to her feet, and in turn, she begins to fire forearms at Charlotte. Sasha has her clothesline attempt blocked and a second backbreaker by Charlotte is executed, followed by the champ viciously driving Sasha into the corner post. Charlotte misses a corner shoulder tackle, but Sasha is much hurt despite separating herself from Charlotte, sprawled out on the mat. Charlotte turns her attention back to Sasha regardless and hits her ric flair esque chops to the contender, who comes back with her own scissor slaps. Sasha avoids a comeback clothesline by Charlotte and floors her with her own, serving up with an additional dropkick before blocking the attempted big boot from Charlotte and countering into a high knee. Sasha heads to the ropes and hits the elevated double knees to get a near fall on Charlotte.

Sasha furthers the momentum with a tilt-a-whirl head-scissor and baseball slide dropkick that sends Charlotte to the floor. Sasha goes for a punt on the apron but Charlotte dodges, and a counter from Charlotte leads to her running Sasha slightly into the apron. Charlotte rolls behind Sasha back into the ring to try the next pin attempt, getting a near fall as done before. Charlotte tries for the figure four right after but Sasha counters into a side headlock to try drag Charlotte down into the Bank Statement, but with much power, Charlotte forces herself up. She takes Sasha to the corner back first then missing a big boot. Sasha quickly executes running double knees, but a second fails as Charlotte forces her over the ropes. Sasha lands on the apron and she takes Charlotte and runs her head first into the opposite corners top turnbuckle. Sasha heads to the turnbuckles but is knocked off by Charlotte. Charlotte boots Sasha in the back and Sasha heads chin first into the second turnbuckle, then stumbling right into another boot from Charlotte. The Recent finishing move gets Charlotte yet another near fall on Sasha, to her dismay.

After taking in her own disbelief, Charlotte chops Sasha into a corner. She hits another lethal one to Sasha against the corner, before hauling her to the top turnbuckle to set up the next move, in the form of a superplex that is diverted when Sasha headbutts Charlotte off the turnbuckles. Sasha then drives Charlotte downwards to the mat with double knees, but like Charlotte’s before, its another near fall in the follow up pin attempt. Sasha gets back to her feet after reeling in her own disbelief, and she sets herself up on the back of the champion, only to be rolled off Charlotte, in turn leading to Sasha spilling onto the floor. With Sasha against the floor, Charlotte clambers the apron and ascends the turnbuckles for her most glorious moonsault so far, a corkscrew moonsault that drives Sasha back down to the ringside floor. Charlotte eventually gets back to her feet, as does Sasha, who has already made it to the ring. Charlotte climbs back in the ring, instantly executing Natural Selection to Sasha, only to get yet another near fall. Charlotte is left screeching and writhing in frustration, slapping away at Sasha as she makes it clear to the challenger who the head of the division is. Charlotte gets plenty heat as she continues to force Sasha down, but as she takes her to the ropes, Sasha’s own tilt-a-whirl reversal leads to her locking in the Bank Statement. The Frustrated Champ has given her all and cant escape Sasha’s next counter and taps out. Sasha wins the match, becoming the New RAW Women’s Champion.

(Lana, Roman Reigns and Rusev Segment)

(Emma…Lina? is Coming to RAW)

(Bayley and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Bayley, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Sasha Banks vs Charlotte; Women’s Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Emmalina: I’m Divided on the new introduction of Emma. Emma’s heel turn reinvented her career and from that moment on, she went on to have some memorable encounters, Asuka first coming to mind. Though i do feel this is still a heel gimmick, i hope this isn’t an attempt to erase who Emma previously was or to forget how good a wrestler she is, because the gimmick before was perfectly fine and if anything, should’ve been retained for her return angle with Dana, though thats clearly too creative for “Creative”. Emma has got the look, no doubt about that, but if they make her gimmick all about her looks than about her as a quality athlete, it’ll be a focus more for casual fans while fans who know Emma’s long spanning career know what shes capable of as an in ring performer, and i hope shes allowed to perform at a high level than focus on her looks entirely because in some opinion, shes as good as Charlotte and Sasha Banks, and its no opinion but a fact that herself, Paige and Summer were the beginning of the NXT Boom for Women, the NXT Women’s Revolution. To Put in short, im just hoping, though its only a first analysis, that the gimmick also centers on her as a good wrestler, because changing or making gimmicks before in WWE has made Emma lose out up until the introduction of her heel character. WWE are making a serious gamble because we don’t want Emma ending up like Primo and Epico.

Sasha/Charlotte: A Fantastic match deserving of its placement as main event, though to me it didn’t really up in animosity and high spots until the last seven minutes. It was a match that puts you on edge, especially when Sasha and Charlotte share turnbuckles because its just a grim reminder of Summerslam, but the way Sasha sold the big boot by Charlotte and the Moonsault from Charlotte was just unbelievable. I Was Initially split on who was going to win because a rematch goes down either way, but while there’s a worry Sasha could be injury prone, the title loss for Charlotte adds fuel to her fire, and if WWE book Charlotte’s revenge perfectly in the next few weeks, making her fiery, vengeful to a high point its the right ingredients for her to unleash Hell….in a Cell. Looking at this match makes me adamant Sasha and Bayley will be the next RAW Main Event, then Bayley and Asuka in the near future, but this brings up a point about the women wanting to be used like Nia, Summer etc. Summer and Paige currently share the RAW Locker room and had a feud that presented animosity back in NXT and can be booked with some smartness on the main roster, and while some on RAW aren’t polished or perfect in ring workers, there’s no doubt evolution takes place, looking back at Candice Michelle, Melina amongst others and the RAW Women outside of the title picture, deserve to share that spotlight and be treated as seriously as the Four Horsewomen so fingers crossed actual feuds are booked for the other RAW Women once they make proper returns, because the Horsewomen aren’t the only selling point of the division if WWE can make an effort to let others be invested in, which they technically already are if fans clamor to see the said competitors on TV on a weekly basis. But Congratulations to Sasha on her victory, and on possibly adding more history to her belt with a possible HIAC match that the Bella’s weirdly weren’t guaranteed some years back despite being evolved in ring workers, and heres to hoping nothing goes wrong in it so Sasha can help excel others once her current angle is over.

– Catherine


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