Your Monday Post #129: CM Punk and AJ Lee vs Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres (July, 9th 2012)


Welcome All to a Rather Late but again better than never early reflective on moments in women’s wrestling. So Just last night the Women shared a singles main event for the first time in Twelve Years, and as Sasha and Charlotte get to reminisce on that history, its not the first time RAW have had women in a main event. Sure Lita and Trish were the first singles match women were ever featured in on a RAW Main Event, and there’s been several women’s contract signings taking that spot also since, but one moment that seems to go unnoticed is AJ Lee and Eves Inclusion in the Main Event back in 2012 when the two aligned with fellow Superstars CM Punk and Daniel Bryan for a Mixed Tag.

Eve, who in that year had molded into the top heel for the women’s division in spectacular fashion, teamed with the now Smackdown GM and Retired competitor Daniel Bryan against a also future divas champion AJ Lee and her eventual real life husband CM Punk in the midst of a romantic triangle between Punk and Bryan. AJ’s oddness had cast seeds of doubt into both Bryan and Punk as she played both for affection, but AJ managed to remain on the same page with Punk for the main event, eventually pinning Eve to get herself and Punk the victory. However Bryan would then force the topic of love back on AJ post match by coaxing her into a possible wedding, to the Chagrin of Punk who stepped up against it. She Slapped the confused competitors to close RAW, leaving both confused as to who exactly she was siding with heading into their own singles clash of which AJ was officiating days later at Money in the Bank.

– Catherine


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