TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY SEPTEMBER RESULTS: The Sassy One Puts Away the Former Champ Plus Another Rare Encounter (September, 16th 2016)




Welcome All to Another TNA One Night Only Report, this time looking at the Month Exclusive September Pay Per View featuring plenty action between various TNA Superstars and of course Knockouts. While im aware i still have a flurry of Xplosion Reports and even the Knockouts Pay Per View to still write up, lets focus on this one show, featuring a match surely not done before on TNA Television between Marti Bell and Madison Rayne. In Addition, Marti’s once partner Jade teams with Grado against a rather unique pairing of Sienna and Eli Drake.

The Mixed Tag is first, and Jade is shown making her way to the ring to Join Scotland’s Grado. In the ring already is fellow former Knockouts Champion Sienna and the Man full of Personality, E-LI Drake. The Men start off first in this particular intergender clash, going at it for a few minutes before Jade is forced to step in the ring to get between a scuffle as Sienna gives Grado Lip over overcoming her tag partner. She bridges herself on the mat and Grado, done with Sienna giving a mouthful, pushes her backward and she tumbles over Jade. Grado and Jade then manage to send Sienna over the ropes and she crashes to the floor, joining Eli. While Jade executes a suicide dive to Sienna, Grado gives in to duplication and instead axe handles Eli off the apron. The Action then resumes between Eli and Grado in the ring and as Grado hits the ropes, Sienna fakes a fall to the floor and sells a faux knee injury to distract Grado. This allows Eli to take over per her distraction and Sienna soon hilariously exercises herself back into shape. She gets tagged in and she works over Grado. Sienna splashes Grado against the corner ring post, then heading into a pin attempt, getting a near fall on the popular athlete.

Sienna’s work is quickly done as Eli tags in once she drags Grado over to her corner. She tags back in later but is too busy in a verbal team scrap with Eli to notice Jade drag Grado closer to her own corner to make a needed tag. Jade comes in, ducking a clothesline from Sienna and hitting her with a flurry of offense, though this is soon ended when Sienna catches her mid through a cross-body, sending her down with a Fallaway Slam. Sienna tags back in Eli, who scoops Jade off the mat to set up his first move since tagging in, but hes too busy mocking Grado midway and Jade counters into a whirling DDT. Unfortunately for Sienna, Jade has tagged Grado in before Eli can reach out to her, and hes left to fend off the Scot. She gets to tag back in eventually but becomes bothered with Eli’s infatuation towards her and they argue again. Jade and Grado step in, hitting various forearms to the fellow competitors. While Grado gets in a bit more fun by stripping Eli of his panties (not even kidding) Jade nails the Package Piledriver to Sienna for the victory. Jade and Grado win the match.

Following a fair while later is the singles Knockouts Match of the night, as Jades former comrade Marti Bell battles a former Knockouts Champion in Madison Rayne. Marti, well known for being able to deliver in trash talk outside of in ring work, gives Madison a verbal earful before their clash. She mocks Madison’s “super cute” entrance before labeling her a “Varsity Cheerleader”. In Addition she gets corrected for calling Rayne a 3x Instead of 5x Knockouts Champion, but she continues the trash talk anyway, telling her that where she comes from, her personality doesn’t mesh with her. Marti says if Madison wants to wrestle her, that doesn’t work with her, because also where she comes from, they don’t wrestle, but fight, thus shes called for a No DQ Match. Madison ponders whether this means Marti will use the famous baton as she usually does, and whether that means she can send her down with the mic, and threatens to do so before only showing she was kidding around, before getting in her first lot of offense as she cheap-shots Marti with a kick to the midsection to kick off this match.

Madison gets in forearms before whipping Marti into consecutive corners, and as Stated by Madison’s actual husband Josh on commentary, the No DQ Stipulation hasn’t been put in place as not officially agreed to. Marti is early into regrouping after being floored by a running forearm, and she even tries to peg it from the match as she heads up the ramp but Madison soon follows her, delivering a knee as she drags Marti back to the ring. She plants Marti head first against the apron beforehand, then officially places her back in the ring, but she doesn’t see Marti sneak the baton which she uses to take advantage, and the ref, rather than instant DQ, tells her to stop using the weapon….Erm??

Marti flings Madison between the ropes, leading to the Multi Time Champ crashing to the outside floor. After a forearm exchange, Marti quickly gets the upper hand after a whip reversal leads to Madison hitting the nearby steel steps shoulder first. Marti then rolls Madison back in the ring after further trash talk, going right into a pin attempt and getting a near fall. Marti furthers the offense back in the ring with kicks and axe handles, choking her against the second rope moments later and furthering the pain by ramming her knee into the back of her head as she hangs still against the ropes. Madison is then taken near to the center, having her hair stood on as Marti applies a short stretch hold. Madison hits her with a knee to create temporary distance, before attempting a big boot in the ring center, to no avail. Both are then driven to the mat by a double running face-buster. Once both make it to their feet, Madison prizes Marti’s signature baton, additionally threatening to use it but Marti dodges the chance. Marti hits with a kick to the midsection before being taken down via Madison’s running axe handle. Madison hits a second, finalizing that lot of offense with a running dropkick followed with her planting Marti’s face into her knee to make her slightly groggy before taking her out with the neckbreaker. Madison gets a near fall on Marti.

Marti scratches the face of Madison in a heel maneuver, before trying to set up the Pedigree that became a recent finisher, only for Madison to counter with a take-down. A Jack-Knife cover by Madison gets her another near fall on Marti. Marti whips Madison to a corner but has her corner splash averted when Madison ascends up the turnbuckles and she sunset flips for a one count. Marti hits Madison with the baton that the referee may or may not have seen (-_-) and she pins Madison for the win. Marti wins the match.

(Eli Drake and Sienna vs Grado and Jade 05.34 – 20.55)

(Madison Rayne vs Marti Bell 24.27 – 35.42)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: As Much as i aren’t a fan of Grado, thats besides the point. This was a really fun affair like most One Night Only events, as its competition outside of the usual Televised episodes with a side of fun, and there’s always some comedy moments on these particular events, EC3 and Mike Bennett’s recent exchanges come to mind. Sienna got to showcase some personality that we don’t see much of on regular IMPACT episodes and her and Eli seem to really click. Also Loved seeing Jade and Sienna mixing it up as their rivalry really had the ball dropped on and they never got a proper singles match over the championship, plus its documented by the two how much they love going head to head in the ring and how they are capable of so much more than just a comedy match. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Madison/Marti: Like the mixed tag, another fun match showcasing additionally the charisma and the also well known mic skills that Marti has. I Loved Marti’s retreat and Madison going after her as it really added something to the match like it was a legit ongoing rivalry but its just in this case a heel tactic with fun on the side. Marti and Madison one on one hasn’t been done before, or rarely done so it was new and fresh to see and to me, it went really well and Marti looked solid, as expected when sharing the ring with someone of veteran status. However, i was super confused as to why the ref played lightly on the use of the baton, and even more so when it was clearly in camera and the officials view when used in the closing moments. Surely if Josh stated the No DQ rule wasn’t agreed to, then the bell would have been called there? Other than those messy moments, overall as enjoyable as the mixed tag.

– Catherine


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