WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Not a Glowing Start for the Vicious Queen of Harts (October, 7th 2016)




It feels a long time since i spoke on Women’s Action on Main Event but this week the Women of WWE finally returned to competition on the side show for the first time in ages. While Nikki, Carmella, Alexa and Becky battled for one-upmanship on this weeks Smackdown, a side angle between Natalya and Naomi that recently kicked off transferred itself to Main Event, and looking to put out the Popular Naomi’s Glow is the Queen of Harts on this weeks episode.

Naomi and her very popular entrance open the show, followed by the entrance of Natalya, who to think was babyface last time she competed on Main Event. The Athlete in the rad neon gear Naomi locks up with Natalya once the bell rings, but is easily overcome by Natalya’s strength and forced to the ropes. Nattie eventually releases and distances herself from Naomi before sneakily nailing a knee to the fellow competitor. Natalya does a fair bit of showboating after sweeping Naomi to the mat with ease, before trying to draw more insults after slapping Naomi’s rear. As Natalya hauls Naomi upward, she strikes with her swift knees. She finalizes that fast paced onslaught with a quick kick, before throwing Natalya to a nearby corner. Naomi goes for a knee then hauled to the outside but Naomi lands on the apron and knocks back Natalya with her leg before she can strike back. Naomi sunset flips Nattie to get the first near fall of the match.

Before Naomi can do much else, Natalya begs for distance as she ducks between the ropes. Naomi does as instructed and just as it looks like Natalya may be regrouping, Naomi decides not to wait and strides towards her, only to be sent into the ropes. Natalya floors Naomi with a clothesline to take control, getting a near fall herself on Naomi. Nattie does her bit in taunting the crowd before executing an abdominal stretch to the athlete the crowd support. Naomi repeatedly elbows the left knee of Natalya to try escape her grip, but is thrown back to the mat by the veteran before she can follow up the possible counter. Natalya chokes Naomi against the middle rope at camera side before tossing Naomi again like a rag doll. She stalks Naomi by the middle of the ring, giving her repeated slaps as she gives her smack talk before Naomi eventually hits back with a dropkick out of nowhere.

Naomi gets back up but before she can try to reverse the momentum, Natalya drives her to the mat with a clothesline. She goes for a cocky pin attempt, sat on the opposition only to see her kick out at one. Natalya wedges her knee into the back of Naomi to perform a stretch hold, shoving Naomi to the ropes just as it looks again like Naomi may find momentum. Naomi launches herself off the ropes and Lou Thesz Press’s Natalya, firing at her with a load of lariats to kick-start her needed comeback. However again Natalya is quickly reversing as she avoids a clothesline from Naomi, then dropping her on her rear with the follow up slingshot maneuver into the basement dropkick, or so thought as Naomi uses her leg to send down Natalya. Naomi then goes to cover Natalya and gets the sudden victory. Naomi wins the match.

(Natalya vs Naomi 00.00 – 07.58)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Can see this feud being moved to Main Event because of the two women’s feuds ongoing at the moment on Smackdown, but it allows the women to be utilized and perform to a level on Main Event for the first time in a while. Overall i enjoyed the match, considering their chemistry and past clashes and how it would have been reverse character wise a year ago. The Finish surprised me as i expected Naomi to use one of her finishers to take the W, but i can see it being about one-upsmanship and Natalya only being pinned out of surprise as Naomi’s counter felt out of nowhere, so its safe to say it isn’t over between the two.

– Catherine


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