WWE NXT RESULTS: Poison Ivy Snags Kamela In Her Trap (October, 5th 2016)




Welcome to this weeks NXT Report, hot on the heels of another merciless pummeling at the hands of Asuka to Liv Morgan. While Morgan isn’t present on this weeks show, shes surely healing up and plotting revenge somewhere, but not on Asuka just yet but on the recently formed pairing who set out to mock her in a post show backstage exclusive last week, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Bringing their real life friendship to Television, Billie accompanies Peyton for her return match as the Professed Venus Fly Trap of NXT faces another up and comer in the women’s division, the Vivacious Danielle Kamela.

Peyton heads to the ring for the awaited return match with the fellow Aussie Billie Kay at her side. Following up the two besties entrance, out comes Danielle Kamela, having her first TV Match (as her own pummeling courtesy of Asuka ended up cut weeks back). The Bell rings and Danielle’s in ring test begins as she locks up with the already experienced Peyton. Peyton elbows out of Danielle’s waist-lock counter, getting boastful after easily slamming the opposer to the mat. Peyton sets up the next move, countered by Danielle into a small package. Danielle gets a near fall on Peyton.

Danielle arm drags Peyton, having her whip reversed moments later, but she bounces back as she hits the ropes and nails a running crossbody in the rings center to Peyton. Danielle gets a pin attempt right after, resulting in a one count this time. Danielle nails a dropkick to send Peyton over into a corner, but as she gets to her feet, Peyton sends her back down with a roundhouse. Peyton looks to pin Danielle this time, getting a near fall. Peyton chokes Danielle against the second rope while performing a painful looking stretch maneuver, and she showcases her mean streak as she drags Danielle towards a corner. Peyton uses her boot to choke Danielle against the corners top turnbuckle, then leading her to the middle of the ring only to take a sudden number of forearms from a retaliating Danielle. It only does so much however as Peyton strikes back, clubbing the smaller competitor in the back. She takes her knee into the back of Danielle before sending her elbow into Danielle’s right shoulder, then attacking her left shoulder before having her caught up in a choke-hold. Peyton tries to keep her grounded for sometime before Danielle musters some energy inside her to make it to a vertical base, and Danielle begins to rally as she rams Peyton back first into the corner post. She lodges her back into the corner once more before hitting a forearm, then executing a handspring elbow. Danielle leads Peyton to the rings center to set up a Suplex, only to lead to Peyton countering into an eventual fisherman’s suplex. Peyton pins Danielle and gets the singles victory. Peyton wins the match, standing tall with the pleased bestie.

(Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay vs Danielle Kamela)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall I’m Pleased for this Match. Im Glad to see Peyton, who has one of my favorite gimmicks in NXT right now, back in the fold and there’s no doubt that NXT have been waiting for the right time to re-debut her and there’s no better than for her to work with someone shes close with outside the ring, Billie. They’re already nailing that mean girl dynamic and there’s no determining their viciousness when taking on bigger foes, especially with their ideal being to take over the women’s division. I Do Believe Peyton and Billie will be used to enhance Liv Morgan for a while and get her furthermore over with the WWE Universe as they build towards Liv becoming better than ever and re-challenging Asuka, but there’s no ruling out either or both Peyton and Billie challenging Asuka as well beforehand, as long as a loss doesn’t kill their should-be-rising credibility. Danielle was also impressive for me and i cant wait to see what else she delivers in future bouts, though like Peyton and Billie did, she will probably be repackaged with a new name and actual character at a later time, proving to be just enhancement in the meantime. Onwards and Upwards with the evolution of a women’s division seemingly centered on Ember, Peyton, Billie, Liv and Asuka right now.

– Catherine


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