WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: One Last Chance to Be Merciless Before the Double Showdown (October, 4th 2016)




Unbelievably No Mercy is this weekend, and By Golly has that come by fast as this week served us the last Smackdown episode before the returning brand exclusive Pay Per View. This week saw two ongoing rivalries in the differentiated Smackdown Women’s Division come together as chaos during a pre booked singles match eventually lead to Alexa Bliss and Carmella teaming up (may i add for the first time) against Becky Lynch, the Smackdown Women’s Champ and Nikki Bella.

Pre announced before all this chaos can come about is a singles match as said between Nikki and Alexa. Perched on Commentary to view the match, and to be the future trouble causer is the Fearless Bella’s recent rival Carmella. The Bell rings and while Carmella rants about how Nikki upstaged her via pinning her at Summerslam, the Longest Reigning Divas Champion captures Alexa in a waist-lock after avoiding her opening clothesline. Alexa scores a forearm and separates herself from the Bella as she sweeps her to the mat. Alexa is too busy in unleashing her trash talk and showboating to focus on her next load of offense, and ends up heading right where Nikki once had been as Nikki trips her to the mat. Nikki goes into an early cover on Alexa, and the Small but Fierce competitor is quick to escape at the count of one.

The Two Women regroup and like before Nikki opens by avoiding Alexa’s offense, only this time does she plant the face of Alexa against her knee. She tries another pin but gets a near fall as a result than the desired. Alexa tries to reverse momentum as she drives her knee into Nikki’s midsection, then whipping her into her next offense, which Nikki manages to avert as she uses her shoulder to send Alexa down, then sending her out of the ring after a mid-ring dropkick. Nikki then heads outside to join Alexa, but rather than roll her back to the ring as first thought, she launches the petite competitor into a smack talking Carmella over at the commentary desk. Nikki takes Alexa back into the ring, taking over easy with her offense before a very offended Carmella attempts her revenge attack, dashing into the ring and booting Nikki from behind. She knocks Nikki down to the mat and Alexa soon joins her to bring a two on one assault to Nikki before the Women’s Champ Becky Lynch heads down to clear the heels away.

It is revealed when we return from a break that as pre mentioned, the match is restarted as a tag match, as Carmella and Alexa Bliss team against Becky and Nikki. Mauro further backs this up, though its made clear by the already underway in ring action as Nikki works on the left shoulder of Alexa in the squared circle. Nikki arm drags Alexa to a corner and goes for the corner running elbow of which Alexa dodges. Nikki hits back with an elbow regardless to quickly separate herself from a charging Alexa, before Carmella again gets catty, shouting smack on the apron. This distracts Nikki enough for her to be brought back to the ring by Alexa to become the target of a backward face-buster. Alexa gives Nikki a flurry of forearms before trying to pin her for the team, getting a near fall.

Alexa tags in Carmella and the two work together to drive Nikki back to the mat, before Carmella tries to take advantage of a fallen Nikki by trying to pin her early, getting a one count. Like Alexa, Carmella is quick to lunge with forearms to Nikki, then running her into her foot placed against the corner turnbuckle. Some Mockery from Carmella is followed up with a corner bronco buster to her rival, and she tries again to pin her, again scoring a near fall. Carmella tags Alexa, leaving her to bring some damage to Nikki. Nikki breaks out of the side headlock locked in by Alexa, then hitting the ropes and suddenly crashing into a fierce clothesline. The Championship contender goes for the pin on Nikki, but like her comrade, she only gets a near fall.

It appears Carmella may not have done all the work to Nikki after all as she tags in moments later. Carmella locks in a rear choke-hold on Nikki, shoving her downwards to the mat before she can find the needed momentum to break loose herself. Carmella goes for her second bronco buster but Nikki escapes the corner and the damage done to Carmella opens a chance for Nikki to reach over to Becky. Becky tags in, taking down Carmella then missing her chance to forearm Alexa. Regardless Becky has much momentum and fires another clothesline as well as a dropkick at Carmella. Seeing Becky fired up, Carmella’s in retreat, tagging in Becky’s upcoming opponent back into the match, Alexa. Alexa charges to Becky, caught in her arms quickly and the soon to defend Champion takes Alexa to the mat with a big exploder suplex. She gives Alexa one more exploder before going for her signature corner assault, only missing the target as Carmella pulls Alexa outside. Becky doesn’t wait for any chance for them to regroup and she dives off the apron, flooring Alexa with a flying forearm. She warns Carmella away with a simple threat before leading Alexa back into the ring, taking no notice of Carmella sneaking back into the ring, leading to the champ taking Carmella’s super-kick. Nikki heads back into the ring and spears Carmella, and the two take their fight outside. Meanwhile Alexa nails her Twisted Bliss finishing move from the top rope to a fallen Becky to get Pre Pay Per View momentum as she pins her right after. Alexa and Carmella win the match.

In Addition, a “Dolphumentary” hosted by Maryse and the Intercontinental Champ the Miz lead to another heated showdown between the title holder and his No Mercy Opposition, Dolph Ziggler, who has put his career on the line just for one more shot at the title. After making a video of Dolph’s Sour WWE Moments and inability to get the big one, Dolph is left fuming, even more after being humiliated by some of his once Spirit Squad comrades, who returned for the night. Ziggler tried to overcome the humiliation on his possible last ever night by clearing off his once allies then trying to super-kick Miz, to no avail as the Champ left unscathed.

(Carmella and Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch)

(The Miz, Maryse and Dolph Ziggler Segment; The Spirit Squad Return)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Did see this match coming at some point, and it wont be the last time these two forces are set to collide as i suspect a possible four way championship match on the horizon post No Mercy. I’m Glad to see Nikki and Carmella grace the No Mercy card as well, though i may be a little surprised at no stipulation being thrown in, leading to some speculation that WWE may not want the Smackdown Women’s Division topping the RAW division in performance this week, or even at all, but who knows? Personally i wish this week had been booked differently because the pre ppv pin by Alexa signals defeat for her at No Mercy, though we should pay attention to how the match should be rather than the outcome, and Carmella and Nikki could’ve taken their animosity to a higher level with some sort of backstage altercation following Nikki chasing her to the back but i hope No Mercy leads to surprises with that match and something being thrown in last minute stipulation wise, though its easy to not rule out Nikki’s victory after the constant attacks week in week out.

– Catherine


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