LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Welcome to the Creep Show, Ivelisse And…..Jeremiah? (October, 5th 2016)




Welcome All to the Latest Installment on Drama within the Boyle Heights Temple aka Lucha Underground. As the Third Season continues to develop more, there’s crisis unfolding and partnerships oncoming, and speaking of partnerships Ivelisse may have just (or already) found hers in the culmination of a welcome match with the Dark and Mysterious Mariposa.

Ivelisse, the now singular former Trios Champion enters for the first match of the night, and speaking of singular, her opponent is one whose not so as Mariposa is accompanied by her sure to interfere comrade and Brother in Marty the Moth. Ivelisse and the Masked Luchadora lock up to kickoff their first match against each other, with Mariposa reversing a waist-lock. Mariposa smothers Ivelisse after slamming her to the mat, but Ivelisse takes the onslaught in her stride, gets back up and fearlessly stares out the opposition.

The Two Women lock up for the second overall time, and Mariposas failed attempt to push a resilient Ivelisse to the ropes leads to her driving her into a corner. Ivelisse arm drags to escape the grip of Mariposa, then executing a second arm drag before clotheslining her. She whips Mariposa then hurtles her out of the corner, and a short standoff between the two leads to Mariposa taking a series of kicks from the former Trios Champion. Ivelisse hits the ropes to ready the next maneuver but an expectedly sneaky Marty grabs her foot and Ivelisse is quick to flip about this. However Mariposa steps over to Ivelisse mid her staring down Marty and sends her to the mat, dragging her downwards by her hair. Mariposa stomps down on Ivelisse, with Marty jumping for joy.

Mariposa slams Ivelisse before executing a peoples elbow in the center of the ring to the fellow Luchadora. Mariposa goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Ivelisse. Marty clearly finds it fantastic seeing Mariposa dissect the leg of Ivelisse moments later, and further enjoys Mariposas continuing onslaught, this time in the form of chops and forearms to Ivelisse. Another pin attempt follows by Mariposa, cancelled after two when Ivelisse raises her shoulder. Ivelisse then forces herself to the ropes to break away from Mariposas painful follow up submission. However she soon meets the ropes again, this time with them being used to inflict damage as Mariposa chokes her against them. Even Marty tries to get in the face of Ivelisse, but the creepy one is sent back to his post by Ivelisse who tries to recover while hung by the ropes. Unfortunately for her shes struck from behind by Mariposa.

Mariposa runs Ivelisse into a corner after beating down on her back. She runs Ivelisse to an opposite corner, additionally choking her against the corners top turnbuckle. While Mariposa shows off, a distracted ref doesn’t notice Marty climb the apron to try inflict his own self enjoying damage to Ivelisse. However Ivelisse recovers in time to avoid Mariposas corner assault, and she knocks Mariposa as she charges toward her with a big boot. The Redhead fires a discus clothesline to send Mariposa down again, then ducks a clothesline and delivers a diving crossbody off the turnbuckles. The Sudden maneuver is only enough to get her a near fall. She clambers onto the back of Mariposa, trying to make her fade with a dragon sleeper applied, but Mariposa hurls her over her shoulders and Ivelisse crashes to the mat. Ivelisse counters Mariposas next move into a waist-lock, but is left groggy enough to be hauled onto the shoulders of Mariposa, but only for so long as Ivelisse breaks loose after retaliating with forearms. Ivelisse kicks Mariposa close to where it hurts, but as she runs the ropes, she doesn’t see Mariposas counter envisioned and is floored by the Luchadoras Samoan Drop. The Move gets Mariposa another near fall.

Mariposa teases her finishing move, but within moments Ivelisse delivers a counter. Ivelisse then hits the ropes and Sunset Flips Mariposa into the next pin attempt. Ivelisse pins Mariposa there and wins the match, but celebrations are short lived for her as Marty storms the ring and unloads on the fierce competitor. He then assists in dropping Mariposas body onto Ivelisse to deliver the last lot of damage and the creepy siblings are left standing tall.

Ivelisse looks to heal her wounds backstage, when stopping by to check on his lady is the newest signee, Sami Callihan, now referred to as Jeremiah. He finds that he is late and has indeed missed Ivelisse’s match though he expected his woman to be in the main event. He soon takes notice of Ivelisse possibly being hurt, learning she was jumped but she doesnt identify the perpetrators, but regardless Jeremiah makes it clear that no one hurts his girl, no matter how many times she can assure him that shes big enough to take care of herself.

And Lastly Lucha Undergrounds Favorite Conniving Sorceress got to witness Mil Muertes bring pain and chaos to a Multi Star Main Event between Prince Puma and the Current Lucha Underground Champion, Matanza. Safe to Say Mil killed any chances of victory via his signature flatliner and has done exactly what Catrina suggested, or more so forced, last week.

(Ivelisse vs Mariposa w/ Marty the Moth; Ivelisse and Jeremiah Backstage Segment)

(Prince Puma vs Matanza feat Catrina and Mil Muertes)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another Solid Bout for Ivelisse to add to her list of good showdowns in Lucha Underground, and with an angle surely coming between her and Mariposa, its sure not to be long lasting as it was made clear in the season debut that Ivelisse’s main focus is Catrina. So with spoilers hard to find will Ivelisse be too focused on the Seductive Mistress of the Underworld to possibly lose (and lose everything?) to Mariposa or will Catrina herself even find a disturbing alignment in the creepy siblings? Time will tell but its safe to say the promotion is finding ways to utilize their Luchadoras as much as possible, Sexy Star as Gift of the Gods Champion, Mariposa as the newest enemy to Ivelisse to remind all how fearful she is and how good an in ring competitor she is, Taya as the valet to Worldwide Underground (and future leader?) and Catrina as Mil’s Valet as well as Black Lotus whose sure to unleash the Triad and bring more Luchadoras into focus. Its All Looking Good and Solid for Lucha Underground at this time.

– Catherine


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