TNA IMPACT RESULTS: No Further Celebrating for the Knockouts Champion At the Hands of the “Leader” (October, 6th 2016)




The Aftermath of Bound for Glory has arrived as this weeks TNA IMPACT showcases all that follows the recently culminated PPV, and in coordination with this weeks tapings too (all that coming soon). This weeks post PPV episode sees the Newly Inducted Hall of Famer Gail Kim already defending her Knockouts Title per the ruling of TNAs Top Man Billy Corgan, plus more.

Backstage is Sienna, the Opponent of Gail Kim for the night, as well as Maria, Allie and Laurel Van Ness. Maria is still livid that Allie exposed Maria for faking injury this past Sunday, adamant the discussion between herself and her doctor about the supposed injury was confidential, aka nothing for Allie to pry on. As Allie had messed with the rule of Doctor and Patient confidentiality, Maria believes it’d be right to sue Allie but she protests against it. She even thinks of firing Allie, but Laurel persuades against it as she needs someone to carry her bags. Sienna also steps in, recognizing Maria’s anger towards Allie, and the Bigger, Faster, Stronger One is determined to fix the mistake made by Allie and bring the Knockouts Title back to them tonight.

Sienna, dragging a saddened Allie down to the ring with her, enters for the title match first, followed with the entrance of the announced Hall of Famer and also obviously now Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Joining Commentary in a Surprise(?) move is Madison Rayne, with her actual hubby Josh Mathews and the Pope. Gail doesn’t even make it all the way to the ring as right before the bell a Cunning Sienna lobs Allie into Gail, knocking the defending champ downward to the floor. The bell is officially rung and Sienna climbs outside, met with a barrage of forearms from Gail who looks to get revenge for that sneaky onslaught. Before she can do a 619 on the ring post, Sienna catches Gail and rams her back first into the ring post, showcasing that well known strength before sending Gail head first into the apron. Sienna delivers a lethal chop before rolling Gail back into the six sided ring, where she brings forearms into play against Gail. She whips Gail into an opposite corner before sounding off on the crowds support towards the Knockouts Champ.

Sienna kicks Gail around the ring before returning to whipping her into the corner turnbuckles. Sienna goes for the first pin attempt on Gail, getting a near fall rather than the desired result. The Crowd begin chanting for Allie, though Sienna reminds them she cant perform what she is at this time, choking out Gail, or at least attempting, in a headlock. Gail uses forearms to battle out before being driven to the mat by Sienna’s counter clothesline. Sienna tosses about Gail with ease before setting up for her finishing move, but Gail slips free, blocking an elbow by Sienna, striking with kicks while continuing to block the oncoming offense by Sienna. Gail reverses momentum fully with a neckbreaker, or so thought as shes sent face first to the mat mid through Sienna’s hurricanrana counter. Sienna tries to pin the champ again, getting a near fall. Sienna goes for her signature silencer but Gail avoids it, rolling up Sienna for the three count. Gail pins Sienna and retains the title.

However the celebrations for the champ are short lived as Laurel and Maria arrive to join Sienna in a 3 on 1 beat down. Maria forces Allie to join but she very much resists, thus the women continue their work, before Maria announces shes been given a rematch with a No Disqualification stipulation added. Officials try to throw themselves in the mix to save the champ, but the heels overall are left standing tall and proud of the damage done.

The Now former Tag Champions the Decay get to face the Hardy’s with their own rematch clause evoked. Unfortunately for the nightmarish duo, the Broken Pairing of Brother Nero (Jeff) and Matt retain, with Reby also throwing off Rosemary’s attempt to help out.

Maria then returns later in the night as she and Hubby Mike Bennett crash Cody’s speech alongside Brandi in front of the Impact Zone only a short time after the Bound for Glory debut. Bennett has much to say to Cody in regards to just coming into the company and getting title shots right away, and the accusations thrown lead to a brawl between the new rivals who will go one on one next week. To Add to Marias possible upcoming woes, she finds out from Corgans New Assistant Aiden O Shea, that if she loses the rematch next week with Gail, she will no longer be the Leader of the Knockouts. (But She Already Got That Stripped??)

(Sienna w/ Allie vs Gail Kim; Knockouts Championship Match feat Madison Rayne, Maria and Laurel Van Ness)

(The Decay vs Brother Nero and Broken Matt Hardy; Wolf Creek Cage Match feat Rosemary and Reby Sky)

(Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Mike and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sienna/Gail: I Wish it could have been longer and i was kinda not too shocked that commentary barely put over Sienna, and it doesn’t help that despite being a strong powerhouse one would fear as first portrayed that shes being pinned so much. However both Knockouts did well here, and i liked the post match altercation and as expected Maria would get a rematch clause before anything new happens regarding the Knockouts Title, and they managed to merge that and the ongoing issue with Allie into one. Without even looking at spoilers however, its clear Maria wont take back the championship, whether thats based on ring skill or Allie.

Bennetts/Rhodes: I’m Not Going to Lie, this is a dream feud of mine that im glad to see coming, as Cody vs Mike is a dream match of mine. However as good as the interactions are (ruling out Brandi taking a short while with the Maria spot at Bound for Glory) i cant help but worry for the female side of the feud in regards to lack of ring skill. But its early days and i hope to be surprised when the two eventually do clash. Time will tell.

– Catherine


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