WWE NO MERCY PREDICTIONS: Nikki Bella vs Carmella and Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Womens Championship (October, 9th 2016)


Its That Time of the Week or Month again, as WWE brings along another PPV, and of course thanks to the Brand Split, the more regular Pay Per Views are due Brand Exclusives. Its no different here as tonight the Blue Brand of Smackdown serves up its second exclusive Pay Per View of the Year, suitably titled No Mercy. The Title fits very well as engaging rivals collide in the praised Women’s Division as Alexa Bliss challenges the Reigning Champion Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella finally gets to settle the score against a recently conniving Princess of Staten Island, Carmella.


First I Talk the most recent addition to the card for the Women as Just this Past Tuesday we found that Nikki Bella and Carmella would get their long awaited one on one match after weeks of physical spats continued to favor the Princess of Staten Island, whose secret animosity towards the Longest Reigning Divas Champion unveiled itself months ago, suitably after she was pinned by the Bella in her Summerslam Debut. Since then, Nikki has yearned for revenge, one upped in whichever way possible by the sneaky Carmella, but there’s no doubt that analyzing this match makes me wholly believe that Nikki Bella is the victor in tonight’s showdown. She has yet to get a clear pin on Carmella and get her needed revenge, but she can even win via DQ if Carmella’s animosity boils over and causes her to “Beat Up Nikki Bella” to even higher levels.


Now we talk the Women’s Title defense. This Match has been a mass topic amongst the fans in the past few hours as WWE seem to be possibly covering up some possible issues with Lynch that may lead to her not actually defending her championship tonight. Its unclear at this time whether its injury related but appears not to be, but if the case, considering Becky’s needed rise to championship status, this couldn’t be anymore awful for her as she was presented at times as the most overlooked or even under-pushed Horsewoman who only just got to climb to a new ascent and actually obtain gold. If things appear true, it doesn’t sound too serious (at least one can hope) thus i would expect Becky to mimic Randy’s Angle from Backlash where he actually wasn’t able to compete against Bray Wyatt, by being involved in some staged attack to take her out of the current affair without her title being in jeopardy. Heck Alexa Bliss could even go on to hire a mystery attacker (Beth Phoenix anyone?) or get a new opponent. Regardless of what goes down tonight, Becky Lynch remains the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Tune into WWE No Mercy Tonight at 1am (UK Time) Live on the WWE Network, featuring the said matches plus the surprise opener of John Cena and Dean Ambrose challenging AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, as well as The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler in a Title vs Career Match.

– Catherine


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