Sasha Banks and Charlotte to Battle in Womens First Ever Hell in a Cell Match (October, 10th 2016)


On Sunday during an action packed No Mercy Pay Per View, a Plug for the current matches set for the RAW Superstars at Hell in a Cell saw the announcement that former Womens Champion Charlotte would get a rematch against the current title holder Sasha Banks, though not specifying any type of stipulation. However the night following on RAW a proposal was given by a gutsy Womens Champion Sasha Banks to face Charlotte in no ordinary match, but in a Hell in a Cell Match officially granted by Mick Foley.

The Match that had reportedly been in the works over the past week or so will be the first womens Hell in a Cell Match in WWE History, and one of three Hell in a Cell Matches that night, as the United States and Universal Titles will also be put on the line inside the fear driving structure. The Match opens the chance for Charlotte to get long awaited revenge for losing her title to the now also 2x Womens Champion last week, and for Sasha to close her feud with Charlotte completely, with the structure also surely to keep the Genetically Superior Competitors Protege Dana Brooke away from causing any potential chaos for any side. Regardless the Cell will test the women, take them past boundaries and put them to the test, with only one woman escaping intact and with title in hand.

Tune into WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday 30th October (Pre Halloween Night) at 1am UK Time LIVE on the WWE Network and Sky Sports Box Office to see which woman leaves “Hell” itself plus Roman Reigns defends the US Championship inside the same structure against the Bulgarian Brute Rusev as Kevin Owens also steps into the brutal Cage to defend his top gold, the Universal Championship, against former WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

– Catherine

One Response to “Sasha Banks and Charlotte to Battle in Womens First Ever Hell in a Cell Match (October, 10th 2016)”
  1. rayneq013 says:

    Pretty excited for this match!! very nice post! 🙂

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