WWE NO MERCY RESULTS: Upsets In Times of Fearlessness as Competitors Show No Mercy (October, 9th 2016)




This Past Sunday brought us all the second ever Smackdown Exclusive Pay Per View of the year, as No Mercy, infamous for matches such as Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus made a return, with two women’s matches on the card to boot. However one got booted literally off as an unknown medical diagnosis to the Women’s Champion Becky Lynch meant the crowned contender Alexa Bliss was left opponent-less, at least until the pre show presented a different opportunity. That plus the mass animosity between Nikki Bella and Carmella finally comes to a head in the Squared Circle.

On the Pre Show, Bliss is in the back with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, very definitive that Lynch is avoiding her after finding that she cannot compete. Bliss is given a rematch with Lynch on the Upcoming November 8th episode of Smackdown, but this doesn’t give her the day off as she is still sent to compete against an unknown foe.

Moving to the main show, while Bliss awaits to find out her opponent elsewhere, Nikki enters the ring first for the first of two set matches of the night. The Fearless Bella and Total Bella’s Stars entrance is followed by the entrance of the rival, Carmella and once the recently vicious Princess of Staten Island steps foot, we get a highlight vid of her recent attacks to Nikki, which Carmella clearly looks proud of. Regardless she may pay for it very quickly as Nikki charges after Carmella once the bell is rung. Carmella is already utilizing the ropes to avoid the opposer, thus Nikki is forced to restrain. Carmella eventually releases herself from her solace to sneak a snide slap to the Bella, who doesn’t take kindly and charges after Carmella again, this time getting a grip of her. She tosses the leopard print clad competitor across the ring, then gets a little payback for earlier with a slap of her own.

Carmella ends up on the outside but Nikki doesn’t let her recover in the aftermath of the slap, forcing her up to the apron and into the ring. Nikki again tosses Carmella around the ring like a rag doll, then sending her head first into her knee. Carmella is again escaping the ring after taking the offense, met with a baseball slide dropkick from Nikki not too long later. Nikki heads to ringside but as she tries to grab Carmella shes sent chin first into the barricade, and if that wasn’t enough damage for her, Carmella launches her back first into the ring apron. Carmella hits the ring, taunting during the ref count before eventually deciding to roll Nikki back into the ring. Carmella furthers her momentum as she stretches Nikki against the ring post, then heading back to the ring for the first pin attempt, getting a near fall on Nikki.

Carmella lodges her elbows into both shoulder sides of Nikki before applying a rear choke-hold. Nikki begins to power through but is sent backwards to the mat by Carmella before she can do much more. Carmella shows off her moonwalk before pummeling Nikki in a corner with her bronco buster. Carmella goes for the second pin attempt of the match there, getting another near fall result. Carmella reverts back to the rear choke-hold, frustrated at the opponents resilience. Nikki seems to be fading but finds the strength to slowly remove Carmella’s elbow from her front, only for Carmella to counter with a hip attack to knock her half down again. Carmella runs Nikki into the corner turnbuckle, then pulling her hair while hanging on the outside apron. Carmella moonwalks but the mockery timing proves costly as Nikki recovers before Carmella’s attempted corner splash, driving the opponent to the mat with a running shoulder tackle. Nikki is back to her feet at a count of four, ducking the oncoming clothesline by Carmella to deliver a dropkick in retaliation. Carmella takes a second, as well as a corner clothesline and inziguiri off the second turnbuckle. Nikki goes for her first pin attempt on Mella there, getting a near fall like the opponent before.

Nikki hauls Carmella onto her shoulders for the possible finisher set up but Carmella clutches the ropes. Carmella is forced away from the ropes by Nikki, who nails the face-buster right after, only getting another near fall to her dismay. Nikki throws Carmella to the ropes, going for her next offense but being kicked away. Carmella takes herself into Nikki’s hands and reverses momentum with a hurricanrana. The Follow up super-kick gets her a near fall on Nikki. Carmella gets to her feet, frustration visibly seeping in and she grabs Nikki, but before she can do anything else, Nikki rolls her into a pin attempt, but again, with a near fall result. Carmella charges over to Nikki, driven down to the mat by a sudden flat-liner from the former divas champion. However Carmella takes advantage of positioning after her fall to suddenly lock in the Code of Silence. Nikki tries reversing into an Alabama Slam only to lead to a Sunset Flip Pin from Carmella, with no result as Nikki rolls through. Nikki leaves Carmella shortly stunned with her forearm smash, but as she heads back to her challenger, Carmella sneakily trips her and locks the Code of Silence one more time. Nikki struggles for sometime with the signature submission having her caught but eventually reaches the ropes.

Carmella’s frustration has boiled over as she continuously slaps and smack talks towards Nikki. She goes for the Bella Buster as signified by her set up, but Nikki counters into her recent finisher, labelled the Rack Attack 2.0. Nikki capitalizes on her big maneuver to pin Carmella and finally get her needed singles victory over the longtime nemesis. Nikki wins the match.

Its Later on in the show when we are graced with the presence of the original and still current contender for the Women’s Championship, Alexa Bliss. WWEs Current Harley Quinn is of course without opposition due to Becky being away for medical reasons, and she accuses Shane and Bryan of protecting her. It appears Becky was ruled out for something not relating to injury, which Bliss disses. She further adds that Becky is supposedly afraid to lose the title to her, and in turn, she thinks theres no woman who can compete at her level. Before she can throw another few disses, Naomi steps out from the back to challenge the NXT Alumni. Once the bell rings, Naomi locks up with the current contender, taking early advantage as she captures Alexa in a headlock. Alexa counters into her own, then taken to the ropes by Naomi. Alexa comes back with an elbow to take Naomi to the mat.

Alexa attempts to sprint back to the ropes for the next maneuver but Naomi catches her by foot. Alexa just turns around and knocks Naomi with a kick using her free foot, and she steps on the back of Naomi’s neck while by the ropes. Alexa takes her to the center of the ring but before she can do much else, Naomi starts firing kicks at her, turning into a flurry of fast ones. A Last Kick from Naomi knocks Alexa to the mat, and she springboards off the ropes onto Alexa in a nearby corner, with the move getting her a near fall. Alexa then reverses a whip by Naomi and hits back with an echoing forearm strike, before being left in some pain in the corner by Naomi’s counter. Naomi gets hauled over the ropes and to the apron by Alexa, but as Naomi attempts to leap back into the ring, Alexa sends her packing with a kick followed by sweeping her to the apron by her hair. Alexa wickedly snaps the arm of Naomi against the ropes before rolling her back in the ring for a pin attempt, getting a near fall.

Alexa is quick on turning her attention back to targeting Naomi’s left arm, but shes soon met with a number of countering forearms. Alexa stalls this quick with a knee, before taking her by her arm and sweeping her back to the mat again. Alexa again looks to pin Naomi, and the result is another near fall. Alexa spends time further aggravating the left arm of Naomi, but Naomi refuses to fade out. Naomi slowly makes it to her feet, nailing a number of forearms right after, then engaging in some whip reversals which lead to Naomi hitting the corner turnbuckles. Alexa delivers kicks to her in the corner, stretching the left arm of Naomi against the ropes to continue to inflict the damage. Alexa charges towards Naomi after some tantrums towards the ref, but it proves costly as Naomi trips her into the corner. Naomi executes a spinning face-buster, followed with a single dropkick. Alexa fights back with a forearm, but is whipped into Naomi’s signature rear view. Naomi tries to cover there but Bliss kicks out at two. Counters then lead to Alexa locking in the surprise cross armbreaker, but Naomi rolls Alexa into a sudden pin attempt and pins the contender. Naomi wins to the match, much to the shock of Bliss and a lot of people.

Lastly in relation to women’s appearances a silver clad Maryse accompanied Miz for a very high profile Title vs Career bout with Dolph Ziggler. Even the Spirit Squad and their Ziggler-Destroying Intentions couldn’t throw the Showoff off his game and Zigglers career spans many more days as he defeats the Miz and captures the Intercontinental Title.

(Alexa Bliss, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment; No Mercy Kickoff Show)

(Carmella vs Nikki Bella)

(Alexa Bliss vs Naomi)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dolph Ziggler; Title vs Career Match for the Intercontinental Championship feat the Spirit Squad)

Thoughts On:
Nikki/Carmella: Easily the best of the two matches and unexpected because even though both women are known to deliver, it would initially be treated like a secondary, side-feud match in comparison the women’s championship match but i cant help but feel the removal of the title match made this match feel more important. I Loved the counter sequences and spots between Carmella and Nikki and would easily welcome another match, and if their animosity can heighten to the level of Charlotte and Sasha or even surpass, if creative aren’t suddenly told to water down to protect the particular RAW women from being overshadowed, then there’s no reason why this feud cant have a stipulated type of match, even a street fight or No DQ. But Nikki needed her win considering the amount of momentum Carmella has had all over her since her development back into her heel character, and it either closes the feud or allows animosity to build higher between Carmella, who can further develop through engaging with Nikki, and Nikki of course.

Alexa/Naomi: This was an alright match up until the final minute. Im not sure what happened or how late this match was booked but there’s no doubt both girls tried to put on their best in the time given and botches in this match can be the result of both, not one like some fans are trying to give off. I’m not even sure if Naomi was meant to win but if Kaitlyn’s botch win can help accelerate her, then why not with Naomi? She needs another chance and acceleration into a championship feud considering the amount of times creative have thrown off her chance at being champion, and one botch doesn’t throw off the in ring work that Naomi can provide. I Dont see Naomi winning the title off Becky, but a triple threat definitely cant be ruled out for the future.

– Catherine


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