Cattie’s Catch Up: Cameron and Alicia Fox vs Natalya and Naomi (July, 28th 2014)


Welcome All to a New Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up and this weeks midweek reflective looks at a past time when Naomi needed or got momentum in a feud, considering Naomi has suddenly rocketed to possible future contention status with victories over Alexa Bliss (the current contender to Smackdowns Women’s Title) and Carmella in the past few days alone. This edition takes me to the RAW just over a week after the Battleground Pay Per View, the same episode that saw Brie and Stephanie confront each other in the shows main event in order to set up Bries Proposal for her biggest match ever at Summerslam. On this night, Naomi, teaming with fellow Total Diva Natalya took on the Veteran Alicia Fox and Naomi’s former partner (now sadly Alumni despite developing in the ring) Cameron.

The Match came a week after the Battleground Pay Per View as stated, and on that Pay Per View Cameron and Naomi had faced off in a singles match on the pre show after weeks of clashes between the two when Cameron’s constant losses lead to her drawing in her heel persona and eventually distancing herself from her fellow Funkadactyl. Sneaky heel roll up tactics from Cameron lead to her victory at the event and Naomi used the tag match on RAW to get her needed revenge on Cameron, capturing her in her painful Submission to get the victory she much wanted and winning the match not only for her but for her veteran partner Natalya.

– Catherine


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