WWE RAW RESULTS: Another Week to Clamor For History in the Books (October, 10th 2016)




Welcome Everyone to this weeks RAW Report and as many will recall, last week Sasha Banks and Charlotte battled in the second ever womens singles main event in history, one that lead to Sasha getting her much wanted victory over the Genetically Superior competitor and taking her championship. A Week later, and a day after it was announced that Charlotte would get a rematch for the title, Sasha looks to courageously raise the stakes in the announced match, but in what way….well you will soon see.

The “Bo$$” opens RAW, feeling good at being the womens champ once again. She reflects about being a fan once in the audience, before getting to the big proposal in regards to the upcoming Womens Championship Match set for Hell in a Cell. She suggests they battle in the first ever Womens Hell in a Cell Match and Charlotte, in her queenly robes, comes down to give her answer, only to be interrupted by Lana and a far from amused Rusev. Rusev shuts down both competitors with his lady at his side, saying no one cares about the Womens Revolution. Lana seems to be smiling at this but isnt she meant to be an in ring competitor again at some point? The Contender to the US Title further makes his feelings heard as he suggests that no one cared about either Sasha or Charlotte main eventing RAW a week ago, because he is the main event. He looks to add about how hes about to dominate Roman Reigns when a displeased Charlotte snatches the microphone from his hand.

Charlotte first takes note on how Sasha may be holding her title, but she has to address Rusev first, declaring that no one disrespects “The Queen”. Rusev and Lana go quiet for a short moment as Charlotte switches attention back to Banks, accepting to face her in a Cell at Hell in a Cell. Rusev tries to interrupt again, making it clear he wasn’t finished speaking earlier in his ring, further proclaiming that whatever he says goes. He has the mic snatched off him this time by Sasha and Lana is forced to calm Rusev before berating Charlotte and Sasha herself. She states that Charlotte and Sasha want to fight to be seen as women, but they are whiny, and this is enough to set off both Charlotte and Sasha. Sasha and Charlotte shove down the Ravishing Russian before each proceed to dropkick her angered husband out of the ring. Rusev seems to make himself a threat to the women, slowly stepping back in the ring but out comes Reigns and his future challenger is quickly into retreat.

Later we find out that Mick Foley has booked for Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns to team for the first time ever against Rusev and Charlotte. In addition, Bayley, hoping to be a future contender to Banks Title, is in action against Cami Fields, better known on the Indys as Holidead. Bayley has much audience support as she locks up with Cami, forcing her to a corner within moments. Cami goes for a running clothesline but Bayley avoids it, quickly capturing her fellow competitor in a waist-lock. Cami breaks off to perform her own reversal, before Bayley is back with another reversal, into a side headlock this time. Cami matches this reversal before bouncing off the ropes multiple times to run into an eventual arm drag by Bayley. Bayley executes a low clothesline before working on the left arm of Cami. Cami whips her into a corner, but midway through charging, she is met by a forearm from Bayley. Bayley arm drags Cami off the turnbuckles before missing her corner elbow. Cami opens her chance to take over as she forearms Bayley against the corner multiple times. She runs Bayley back to the earlier corner, bringing in more damage as she unleashes corner shoulder tackles. However she misses a follow up assault, making up for it by stomping on Bayley as she attempts to counter. Bayley then reverses Cami’s whips by the ropes into the finishing Belly to Belly Suplex for the pinfall victory. Bayley wins the match.

Bayley heads up the ramp to continue the post match celebration, ambushed not too long later from behind by Dana Brooke, who she had taken out last week prior to Sasha’s main event match. Dana stands tall over Bayley, proud as she surveys the damage done, walking away with an even bigger smile as Bayleys floating tube men are left in a heap on and around her.

Back to the currently focused on feud and Sasha Banks is Backstage warming up when shes approached by her partner for the night, the US Champion Roman Reigns. Its Kind greetings for the two at first before Roman warns Sasha that Hell in a Cell is anything but fun, but regardless the focus is on tonight. Sasha believes she knows what shes getting into and can handle Charlotte, and she knows Roman can deal with Rusev. She steals Romans trademark catchphrase before walking off.

In other Backstage encounters, Charlotte ends up being confronted by Lana. Lana is clearly still mad over being shoved by the current and former women’s champion earlier, like her face couldn’t give that away. She expresses further anger at Charlotte by stating that even if there’s a belief she is the “Queen” she had no right to put her hands on her. Charlotte counters back as she reminds Lana that shes more physically superior than the Ravishing Russian, and in every way, thus she suggests Lana stays out of her way. Lana reiterates that Charlotte may be her husbands partner tonight, but Rusev is her life partner, and even if she isn’t the jealous type, she can only suggest herself that she stays out of her partners way or else severe consequences will follow.

We also get another promo to hype Emma’s main roster return as the repackaged possible vivacious supermodel Emmalina. Its still unknown as to when Emmalina will surface, but the “Premiere of the Makeover to Emmalina” is coming soon.

And with all that said and out of the way, we get the mixed tag featuring Rusev, Charlotte, Roman and Sasha (though not our main event as it goes to Jericho and Rollins). This particular match opens with the entrance of the contender to the women’s title, Charlotte, then out comes Rusev with Lana by his side. Entering third is the soon to defend Women’s Champion Sasha Banks (who has had her match confirmed by Mick Foley) and entering lastly is the man also with a championship up for grabs, Roman Reigns. The Match seems to be opening with contender to the US Title Rusev facing the champion Roman Reigns, but Charlotte force tags herself in, to the chagrin of Rusev. Shes very quick to change her mind however as she tags the brute back in within moments. Roman and Rusev spar for a while then things get physical between the women when Charlotte tries to stall an impending superman punch to Rusev from ringside, forcing Sasha to knock her down with a forearm. Rusev ends up sent to the outside to join his partner by Roman as we go to the commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break, its Rusev and Roman still battling each other. Sasha and Charlotte eventually tag in. Sasha fires in quickly with a flurry of offense, including a high knee to the jaw of Charlotte upon stalling a big boot. Sasha heads to the ropes and performs elevated double knees and mimics the same in the corner. She blocks Charlottes possible counter and shoves her legs in the direction of ringside, setting her up on the ropes for another double knee strike which ends with Sashas first pin attempt, resulting in a near fall on the future challenger. Before Sasha can further the offense, Charlotte trips her to the ropes and rolls her up to try steal a victory, but to no avail as it ends like Sasha’s past pin attempt, a near fall. Sasha locks the Bank Statement, making Charlotte tap shortly after Roman pummels a possibly intervening Rusev with a spear. Sasha and Roman win the match.

(Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Lana, Rusev and Roman Reigns Opening Segment)

(Bayley vs Holidead feat Dana Brooke)

(Dana Brooke RAW Backstage Exclusive)

(Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

(Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns Backstage Segment)

(Lana and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(EmmaLina Promo #2)

(Rusev and Charlotte w/ Lana vs Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On:
Opening Segment: Though they may have been the main event last week, and the focal point of talk from RAW that week, i found myself surprised to see the women opening, though it can start to be considered a norm. I Really enjoyed the segment and also wasn’t surprised to see the Hell in a Cell stipulation thrown in as that was what the segments purpose would be for. I Liked how Rusev was a part of it as well and how well he still plays his heel character, even to a point of hilarity and how Lana was mixing it up with fellow members of the women’s division, and even though her role is in supporting her husband, i found it questionable to find her laughing when Rusev said no one cared about the women’s revolution, because Lana is a part of a roster that represents it and she has put herself over time after time as a strong, courageous woman which the women’s division also represents. Speaking of strong women, the fearlessness on the side of Sasha and Charlotte as to stand up to a brutish, intimidating force like Rusev shows how much the division has stepped up when you look back years ago to when the women were portrayed to be in fear of Men and in need of saving from another male superstar (Kane and Eve and Umaga and Maria etc) but though i can continuously speak on how i feel they will never present opportunities of grand stature to other women outside of the horsewomen, especially because they disallowed the Bella’s the opportunity to bring their animosity into a cell for reasons i currently don’t remember, though it seems perfectly okay to throw in someone who could have a high chance of getting injured again, im glad to see a Women’s Hell in a Cell Match finally happen. Since Nia Jax seems to be away from Television recently, i cant help but wonder if shes Sasha’s next opposition since this has to be the grand culmination of her current angle at Hell in a Cell, that or they have no plans for her like they clearly didn’t when they decided to call her up after losing (again) to Bayley.

Bayley/Holidead: The Squash/enhancement matches continue, and to be fair, im already bored of it but i can understand the reasoning behind as some women’s division competitors still await a return to Television and Alicia doesn’t need to revert back to heel then back and forth over and over. Bayley gets the win as expected as unless you are James Ellsworth, then a non contracted performer surely isn’t expected to go over, but i found myself invested in the post match altercation involving Dana. It was clear revenge was expected after last week, and i liked overall how it was executed. It portrayed the story of the hero falling, and happiness falling with it in terms of Bayleys Tube Men collapsing on her and truly made Dana look like a cruel, spiteful villain. However, looking into the future Dana is one of the women featured in the ring outside of the Horsewomen, and the one losing time after time, and if Bayleys enhancement means crushing Dana’s credibility further, especially because they may not allow Bayley to be pinned after losing at Clash of Champions, then i can see WWE doing it. That or they duplicate Bayleys early NXT days with her constantly losing only to capitalize by eventually finding her way to the big one, thus Dana may beat her in their eventual clash. I Just hope that Dana’s credibility and ability as a performer that many people overlook isn’t taken away by losing again, and that WWE don’t suddenly erase her alignment with Charlotte like they did with Emma through the repackage, though i do expect the attack to be about Dana showing herself as something to Charlotte and to make up for not being in last weeks match while attacking the persecutor. With Bryan’s proposal emerging last night for Survivor Series, Charlotte and Dana are either walking into the proposed multi woman smackdown vs raw tag with or without tension.

Mixed Tag: Though its great to see the women tag with various top names on RAW, even if they are considered mid-card due to feuding over the US Championship, i was disappointed to see Lana not get involved at any point and to see the women barely get involved, though i do like the idea of Sasha making Charlotte tap out as it fuels more desire for revenge for Charlotte and it makes me excited to see what she does in the coming weeks to upstage her opponent, if Hell is unleashed before stepping into the actual Hell that is. Either way the Cell Match is a first for many in that ring, minus Roman, and i can only have hope nothing ruptures for Sasha when she enters the cell considering the amount of injuries that have surfaced for her lately.

– Catherine


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