WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Rivalries on the Blue Brand Resume (October, 11th 2016)




This Past Tuesday delivered us a new episode of Tuesday Night Smackdown, and with it comes the aftermath of this past Sundays No Mercy Brand exclusive Pay Per View. While we natter over Miz not having an earned main event match, its pleasing to see him in all his vocal glory as he and wife Maryse show their respects to the Intercontinental Title this week that was snatched away from them, and a provoking Carmella finds herself toe to toe with her enemy Nikki Bella again at the most unexpected of times.

But we also cant forget the contender still to the Smackdown Women’s Title Alexa Bliss, who just so happens to have an interview with Lita on the Smackdown Live Pre Show. She is elated to have someone acknowledge the fact that shes been killing it as of late as a competitor and to acknowledge that she actually beat Lynch a few times before, in turn taking a likeliness to Lita despite her attempts to bring up the Four Horsewomen, who she regardless respects for working hard to get to their current positions. However shes mad at Daniel Bryan, as well as Shane McMahon, but she shows no fear in possibly having to compete against both Naomi and Becky for the championship, even though she makes it clear the contract signed before only opened the opportunity of a one on one match (which she will get in Glasgow). Adamant shes taking the title from Becky, she gives Naomi a message that she can wait in line, so she can beat her and hand her her loss. Before departing, she further speaks on her likeliness towards Lita by calling their interview fun, and next time they engage, shes sure to be champ.

Before we can go to the match featuring Carmella and the Woman Alexa was beaten by, Naomi, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan pulled out an interesting challenge for Survivor Series later in the year. Knowing both brands share the event, they propose that Five of RAWs Best Women team against the best five on the Smackdown Roster. No Names are Referenced, but feel free to throw in the possible booked names there.

With that out of the way, we get to the Naomi vs Carmella singles bout, and it appears some drama unfolded in an unaired backstage segment that gets exclusively shown during the entrance of Carmella, showing that the recently beat Princess of Staten Island took out the Total Bella’s Star Nikki Bella backstage to further their animosity post No Mercy. Entering after that development for the match is Naomi. As Naomi tries to complete her entrance in the ring, Carmella clubs the competitor from behind, and Carmella has to be restrained as Naomi tries to regain composure as we already get to a commercial break.

When we return, whatever strength was found in Naomi backfired as the opposition Carmella appears in full control with a rear choke-hold applied to her. Naomi tries to scoop her up to rebound but Carmella sends her by her hair to the mat. Carmella tries to capitalize early with a pin attempt but gets a near fall on Naomi rather than the desired result. Carmella is in disbelief even in this early pin attempt and drives her elbows into both shoulder sides of Naomi to showcase her frustrations. She reverts back to her rear choke-hold as her once NXT Nemesis Alexa Bliss keeps an eye out from backstage, watching Carmella’s Match. Naomi eventually makes Carmella release as she takes her into a nearby corner, but just as quick, Carmella knocks her to the mat with both legs. Carmella showboats rather than unload on Naomi, but it proves costly as once Carmella turns the focus back to the match, she is met with a split legged jawbreaker from Naomi that sends her down. Carmella gets back to her feet, met with a kick from Naomi, and quite a few more follow. Naomi plants Carmella face first against the second turnbuckle, and her momentum hasn’t finalized there as Naomi lands a flying crossbody on Carmella for a near fall.

Naomi has her whip reversed by Carmella, sent by Carmella into the opposite corner. Naomi tries to rebound using both legs to try and knock Carmella away but in Sasha type fashion Carmella swings both legs in the direction of the ropes only to drive her to the mat by pulling her hair rather than do a double knee strike. Carmella begins to drag Naomi from the corner when a load of referees and much importantly Nikki show up. Carmella has eyes on Nikki, who seems to be demanding a fight per the earlier incident, and this allows Naomi to take advantage, rolling Carmella over and giving her her second defeat within a week, as Naomi pins Carmella to win the match.

Carmella is furious but rather than go after the rival, the rival comes to her as Nikki hits the ring, attempting to chase Carmella who slides to the outside. Nikki chases her around the outside and back to the ring, eventually getting her hands on Carmella as she tries to retreat again, but its only temporary as Carmella manages to take herself over the barricade and leg it from the altercation.

Its to the back again to see Alexa’s reactions over Naomi’s victory. Andrea approaches her and makes it clear that Naomi is on much of a roll since No Mercy, though Alexa disagrees. Alexa reminds Andrea that last week she was preparing for her championship match, not a “rave that left her with motion sickness” and had she known she’d be facing Naomi had it not been for Becky’s unfortunate mystery prognosis, they wouldn’t even be discussing the matter with Naomi, because she would have put her out. She is adamant that she can beat Naomi and thats when Smackdowns GM Steps in, Bryan. He dismisses Andrea then questions Alexa’s claim that she can defeat Naomi, though Alexa still agrees with this very claim. He gives Alexa the opportunity to show this and face Naomi next week on Smackdown, and her face says everything about that upcoming bout, shes Blissed Off.

And also of course Miz and Maryse showed their heel work to full effect this week as they blamed Dolph Ziggler for reducing the legitimacy of the Intercontinental title. Miz is all for one more match as he makes it clear hes not done with Ziggler, but neither are Ziggler’s once companions of the Spirit Squad.

(Lita and Alexa Bliss Pre Show Backstage Segment)

(The Miz, Maryse and Dolph Ziggler Segment)

(Naomi vs Carmella feat Nikki Bella; Alexa Bliss and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Rather Simplistic Match where the rest of the timing was dedicated to furthering the angles of Naomi and Alexa’s upcoming battle and Carmella’s with Nikki. I’m Glad to see Naomi getting further opportunities, even if the No Mercy finish was questionable in terms of execution, and im glad also for Nikki and Carmella because as good as their match was this past Sunday the feud has been heightened through Carmella’s nasty backstage tactics towards Nikki and furthers the idea of a stipulated match that matches their animosity. Bryan having being told of Nikki’s previous proposal of the No DQ on Talking Smack furthers this, so i cant wait to see what stipulation exactly is given (most likely the No DQ) and if Creative don’t try and water down Smackdowns Women like assumed on weeks where the RAW Women bring top caliber performances, then hopefully they don’t downsize what Carmella and Nikki are capable of.

– Catherine


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