TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Can Kim Restore the Power of Positivity Into the Knockouts Division? (October, 13th 2016)




Last week on IMPACT a vicious assault at the hands of Maria and Cohorts Sienna and Laurel Van Ness lead to the Professed Leader of the Knockouts announcing that she would be entitled to her rematch clause, and would challenge this week for her recently lost Knockouts Title in a Bound for Glory Rematch against Gail Kim, only this time with an additional No Disqualification Stipulation.

But as she prepares to step out and face Gail one more time, Maria learns that her said cohorts of Laurel and Sienna, as well as her own husband Mike Bennett wont be allowed at ringside for the Knockouts Title defense. Bennett is already fuming, having lost earlier in the night to TNAs Newest Signee Cody Rhodes, and Maria Mirrors the frustrations of Mike by insulting Allie and blaming her assistant for the various names being banned. Oh and Allie is also banned so she cant possibly knock Maria with a trash can or anything like that. But per the ruling of the match, Maria will lose control of the division if she loses the match (though didn’t Dixie already assure that some weeks ago??)

Moving onwards we have our No DQ Title Match, which a lone Maria enters for first. Maria arms herself with possibly lethal weapons along the way before the gold clad defending champ Gail Kim enters for her Bound for Glory rematch. Madison Rayne is also on commentary for a second time, alongside her hubs Josh. Once Gail steps in the ring, Maria has a trash can lid already in hand for potential use, looking to wipe the smile off her once challengers face, only to miss her one shot on the opening bell and she finds herself fleeing once Gail takes into hand a kendo stick. Maria looks to run away from the match but Gail catches up with her quickly and drives her to the ground with a clothesline. She gives her a kick for extra damage before sending her down the ramp and into a ring post inside a laundry cart. Gail rolls Maria to the ring, but doesn’t follow without retrieving another weapon, this time a baking tray. Before Gail can do that however, Maria typically rakes the eye of Gail then takes the earlier trash can lid and hits Gail with it to try get her own momentum.

Maria then sends the back of Gail’s shoulders into the baking tray before bashing the back of Gail’s head against the canvas. She tries pinning Gail after but gets a near fall on the champion. Maria heads to the ropes and nails an impressive flip cutter to follow up, trying to pin Gail after again but having the prior result duplicated. She retrieves the battered baking tray and uses it over and over on Gail, before having offense stalled by forearms. Maria comes back with her own to knock Gail back into the corner, choking her against the corner for a short time. She tries for follow up offense but is booted away by Gail. Maria then takes a stumbling Gail and nails a spinebuster to her near an opposite corner but again its a near fall result in the follow up pin attempt. In addition to losing the chance to pin her, Maria cant help but show anger as fans start chanting for Gail.

Maria presses her foot on the throat of Gail, choking her against the mat to the chagrin of the cheering audience. She further teases her supporters before bashing the earlier trash can lid against Gail’s body. However one shot is deflected by Gail’s boot, sending it near into Maria’s face. Gail then duplicates Maria’s earlier strikes with the trash can lid before forearming and clotheslining the professed First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Gail nails a clothesline in the corner to Maria, but misses her follow up diving cross-body off the top rope. Maria takes advantage of a fallen Gail and strikes numerous times using a kendo stick, but one strike gets stalled and Gail connects with Eat Defeat. Gail plans to pin Maria there but changes her mind and connects with another while connecting Maria’s head against the trash can lid. Gail pins Maria and retains the Knockouts Title after using the finisher for a second time.

(Allie and Maria Backstage Segment)

(Cody Rhodes w/ Brandi Rhodes vs Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett)

(Gail Kim vs Maria; Knockouts Championship No Disqualification Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
In Various Parts, i felt this match stood out more than the Bound for Glory Match. Back at Bound for Glory we were presented a match that was meant to but didn’t present nine months of hatred and animosity, while in this match, the presented No DQ Stipulation opened the chance for weaponry to be used in order to represent the shown hatred between Maria and Gail. I Thought the match, though it could have been longer, was well thought out in terms of the finish as it symbolized Gail “taking out the trash” by taking out her nemesis once and for all by applying Eat Defeat to the Trash Can Lid, placed against the face of Maria. While this now closes the doors on a feud that has gone on a little too long and cost various women the chance to stand out as characters, we can only wonder whats next for both. Maria will continue to stand out as the good valet she has been to Mike, and already has her side feud set up so she doesn’t lose any steam she had, meanwhile, Gail on the other hand, well check the spoilers to find out where her reign could go. But Overall i wish due to their own issues between each other that Allie had been the one to take the title from Maria but hopefully TNA still realize that Allie’s incredibly popular and begin to capitalize on her possible rise in TNA.

– Catherine


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