WWE NXT RESULTS: Underdog Looks to Strike Back Against the Big Mean Girls of NXT (October, 12th 2016)




Welcome One and All to this weeks NXT Report and this week sees Liv Morgan return to the screen after having time to absorb her very short defeat at the hands of the dominant women’s champion Asuka. Of course this loss for the Jersey Native has attracted the opinions of naysayers, and Liv takes on one in her return match, Billie Kay.

Speaking of Billie Kay Herself and Liv’s fellow Naysayer Peyton Royce are backstage with Dasha, who is quick to remind Billie that tonight she goes one on one with Liv Morgan. The Very mention of Liv’s name makes Billie and Peyton burst into laughter as they take the opportunity to mock Liv and how long she lasted in her last match with Asuka. Billie, regardless, plans to make the match with Liv longer than her last, and she will enjoy beating up the opposer, while Peyton enjoys watching.

Billie comes out for the match later with Peyton at her side, while Liv is out singularly and with no hopeful help, not like she has requested it regardless. When the bell rings, Liv opens up the match by avoiding any opening offense from Billie and she captures the fellow competitor in a waist-lock. Billie misses a clothesline and is run into a nearby corner moments later by Liv. After having release demanded, Liv rolls over Billie and gets the first near fall pin-fall result of the match. Liv makes it back up quickly and has Billie caught in a side headlock, though Billie counters into a over the shoulder take-down. Billie mocks Liv then heads to the ropes to execute the next offense but is found surprised again at Liv’s drop toe hold which sends her to the mat. Liv begins to make her momentum shown as she nails a singular clothesline, additionally drop-kicking Billie in the back. Liv just about manages to backslide Billie after avoiding her comeback clothesline, leading to another near fall.

Billie strikes back with a knee to the midsection of Liv, followed by a backbreaker. Billie tries to pin Liv right after, to the demand of Peyton whose cheering for the fellow Aussie from ringside, but Billie doesn’t get her desired result but instead a near fall. Billie delivers forearms to a grounded Liv out of frustration, before moving her to a corner, one of which she chokes her against with her foot. She takes Liv back to the center of the ring and clubs her in the back, before going into the torture rack. After spending some time aggravating the back of Liv, Billie launches Liv head first into the corner turnbuckle. Billie tries to pin Liv once more, to no avail as its another near fall result.

Billie gives Liv some smack talk following the pin attempt, only to be driven to the mat by Liv’s own flat-liner variation. Liv delivers forearms then has a whip reversed but this doesn’t wind her down as Liv takes down Billie with a clothesline and dropkick sequence. Liv gets back to her feet then takes herself over to the ropes but in the nick of time, Peyton serves Billie an assist by grabbing Liv by her leg. Peyton assures no foul play and Liv turns her attention back to the match, only not to complete her offense as she runs into the big boot from Billie. Billie pins Liv and wins the match.

In Addition, we were given the continuation of this years Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic as the formulated pairing of Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger faced the debuting Sanity. Not only would Roode leave his partner to take a decimating, it was revealed that alongside Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe, that TNA Alumni Eric Young and Former Pro Wrestling EVE Champion Nikki Storm (Nikki Cross) were a part of the crazy faction.

(Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger vs Sanity feat Nikki Cross)

(Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Backstage Segment; Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce)

Thoughts On:
Nikki in Sanity: I Wasn’t expecting to see Nikki in a faction, let alone a faction whose already made a spectacular impact like Sanity. I Was thinking Nikki would be a part of the women’s championship picture once Ember Moon won it, depending on the direction Liv Morgan headed in (until the spoilers came out). Overall im intrigued to see what Nikki does for the faction and how much backstory is provided for each member but right now EY, Nikki and Wolfe are the high profile members of the faction, and Nikki’s character is very much different to what is seen from her in other promotions. I Just hope it works out for her.

Billie/Liv: I Did expect Billie to win just based on the fact that this was the first time Billie had some accompaniment at her side for the match and it would help show how far Billie and Peyton as an alignment are willing to go to establish victory and additional dominance over the women’s division. Though some can say the loss might kill Liv’s credibility as a rising character or underdog, i believe it only helps as the mean girl antics and bullying towards Liv helps the crowd get more into her and sympathize with her as part of a comeback story, just like all those who didn’t believe in Bayley after the numerous losses she took before ascending up to the top of the division. I Am expecting this to help Liv ascend to near or completely at the top of the women’s division as a face but it depends on where they go with Asuka’s announced challenger as to whether Liv’s storyline hits a brick wall like Carmella as an eventual champion did when she was called up.

– Catherine


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