LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Taking a Page Out of the Rivals Book to Further a Historic Reign (October, 12th 2016)




Greetings and Welcome to this past weeks Lucha Underground report, highlighting all drama within the temple unfolding regarding the women/Luchadora’s. While appearances were sparse, we got a ton load of physicality featuring one Luchadora, Sexy Star, as the History Maker defended her Gift of the Gods Championship against Jack Evans of the Worldwide Underground, much to the chagrin of Evans Comrade Johnny Mundo who tried to vie for the spot himself.

The Athletic Evans is already in the ring for the match set up by El Jefe himself, Dario Cueto. Entering second, and following the rule of entrances in championship matches is the defending champion Sexy Star in rather unique gear. Evans appears close to as disgruntled as Mundo and has some things to say before the physicality can ensue. Evans makes it clear hes a fair man (while his facial reactions showcase the potential sarcasm all the more) and he lets Star know that this isn’t just the last match of the night for her, but the last match she will ever take flight in as he believes so that Melissa will announce him not as the Dragon Slayer, but rather instead as the Star Destroyer. Star is visibly fuming and lets the supposed Dragon Slayer know what she thinks of him as she delivers an insane slap to the face of the Challenger, knocking him to the mat.

Both are fired up as the bell rings and Star dodges an angry Jack Evans offense to kickstart the match, but its not long before they are back to a standoff. Evans tries to call for some sort of timeout or courtesy but Star sees right through it and unloads on him. She punches him against a corner before being held back by the referee and before she can do much else, Evans sends her down with a sneaky running dropkick. He showboats to the Believers before returning his attention to Star but he doesnt even get in offense as Star chops him before he can do so. A Showcase of athleticism ends in Star dodging a corner splash from Evans. Star hauls herself to the top rope and performs an arm drag, followed by a dropkick that sends Evans over to ringside. She waits for Evans to get to his feet before Lou Thesz Pressing him off the apron. She continuously drags Evans around ringside by his hair, delivering kicks to the back before running him head first into the opposite ring post.

Star rolls Evans back to the ring, readying for a corner splash that Evans counters, leading to Star connecting with the corner turnbuckle face first. Evans drags her by her hair backwards to the mat then mocks her in front of the camera. He steps on the back of her neck after completing his non mic promo, before attempting to whip her into an axe handle, failing as Star counters with a hurricanrana in the middle of the ring. Star boots Evans in the face and gets her first near fall of the match. Star tries to continue the momentum with boxing like punches before being cheap-shotted by Evans, who sweeps her back to the mat after. He swings her back around after lodging his knee into her midsection multiple times, then smothering her face against a corner turnbuckle. He whips her to the opposite corner, then handsprings into an elbow strike into that corner. He rakes Star in the eyes to follow but this doesn’t put Star off as she recovers sooner rather than later, managing to reverse the follow up whip. She shoulder tackles him in the corner, even mimicking his eye rake. She scores multiple bronco busters off the ropes to Evans in the same corner. Star drags Evans out of the corner to try for a pin but gets a near fall.

Star blocks a single clothesline from Evans and sets up and nails the Widows Peak, but to her dismay it leads to another near fall. Star goes for a corner attack, only to be booted by Evans. Evans takes advantage of the distance between himself and Star to execute a flip cutter off the top rope, but like Star, he gets a near fall. Evans hauls himself to the top turnbuckle in the opposite corner to set up the next move but Star gets back to a vertical base and punches Evans before he can try to take flight. Star doesn’t take long to place herself on the outside, diving onto Evans off the top turnbuckle. After kicking away at Evans again, she rolls him back to the ring and soon appearing and doing an insane dive onto the apron is PJ Black to possibly assist the comrade. He distracts the referee inside the ring while Star, still on the outside is speared by a sneaky Johnny Mundo. He rolls Star back to the ring while PJ continues his antics, then hiding under the ring to cover any possible wrongdoing. Evans tries to take advantage of the strong spear from Mundo to try and pin Star but both he and Mundo soon find that Star still has the fight in her as she kicks out of the pin attempt.

Mundo climbs to the ring with bad intentions in mind but is soon shoo’ed off by the ref. Before Mundo can clear off, out comes Aerostar to force him away, sending him off the apron. Additionally Drago comes in to send PJ off the apron, and the spots between the trios champions and their ongoing rivals brings the in ring action to a fair standard. Evans tries to backslide Star into a pin attempt but it doesn’t take the ref very long to notice Evans feet on the ropes and he disallows before the count is made. Fenix slides into the ring before pulling an R Truth and comically dismissing himself, and as Fenix clears off, Star bounds out of the ring, retrieves a kendo stick and matches her opponents tactics for the one moment as she returns to the ring and low blows Evans with it. Star lays out Evans and retains the Gift of the Gods title.

(Jack Evans vs Sexy Star feat Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Fenix, Drago and Aerostar; Gift of the Gods Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Great encounter between Star and Evans, and the crowd were insanely into it. Evans was playing a brilliant heel as many have come to notice, acting as the careless heel who is completely ruthless despite of the opposition being the opposite gender, while playing up of course how far hes willing to go to win. Also Star kicking out of the pin attempt from Evans after the insane spear spot showcased her resilience and its a great tactic to make people further get behind her as a babyface. While the finish for Star can be considered heelish, she was taking a page out of the enemies playbook and using their own tactics against them, which was a smart move. The Question is what would have Mundo done if Evans had brought the title he seems adamant on taking himself to the Worldwide Underground, the Gift of the Gods title? Or if even Taya won it in the future as Dario continues to dismiss his demanded opportunities?

– Catherine


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