Your Monday Post #131: Rusev and Summer Rae Confront Dolph Ziggler and Lana (June, 29th 2015)


Welcome Everyone to this weeks opening womens wrestling reflective, and whether you know already or not, you’re about to. Over the Past 24 Hours and counting, the misuse of Summer Rae has become a talking topic amongst the wrestling community after a fan exposed current RAW GM Mick Foley’s direct messages to the fan, questioning Rae’s in ring ability in comparison to top women on RAWs Womens Division (this being from a man in the company whose supposed to portray women as equal and as role models). With that being said, taking away that one match with Becky Lynch earlier this year, Rae has managed to hold her own in various in ring encounters, whether it would be against the likes of Sasha Banks earlier this year, or Emma, Paige and Natalya in the years prior and during this year too. On top, Summer has been given various managing roles and taken the ball and ran with it on each attempt, including a storyline that took place last year.

The Split of Rusev and Lana after Rusevs numerous in ring defeats earlier in 2015 left the Bulgarian Brute Broken Hearted and Vulnerable, until he came across Summer Rae, who had attempted to help him get over his fallout with the now wife. The Two formed an alliance after Rusev spent weeks watching Lana get closer to Dolph Ziggler, and the feud in turn reminded all of Summers mic skills and additionally presented Lana her first in ring opportunity. On the June 29th episode of RAW, Summer and Rusev appeared before the loved up partners, each having their own say on boths actions. This lead to Summer accusing Lana of jumping ship when Rusev fell down the card, additionally referring to her as a Phony, firing up Lana to the point where she exploded on Summer and presented the first of their many cat-fights that went all the way to Summerslam. Unfortunately the leaking of Lana and Rusev’s real life engagement and Lana’s sudden injury during training had the feud cancelled not too long later and Summer used the opportunity to part from Rusev permanently and return to in ring competition.

– Catherine


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