Cattie’s Catch Up: Tara vs Taeler Hendrix on TNA IMPACT (November, 22nd 2012)


Welcome All to this weeks midweek women’s wrestling reflective, and for this weeks topic, i look back at Taeler Hendrix’s Post Gut-check Match in TNA. Taeler, who has evolved into a phenomenal athlete over time, working various matches in Ring of Honor (Which I Dont watch regularly but can definitely recommend the Women of Honor Matches Ive recently been watching that Taeler has been a focal point of) became the first female Gut-check winner and earned herself a TNA Contract. She then returned to Television Screens in November of 2012 as part of the Knockouts Roster headed by then TNA Knockouts Champion Tara, who had defeated Brooke Tessmacher that year at Bound for Glory to win the gold.

Taeler, who had been furthermore developing in TNAs then developmental system of OVW, showed up on the November 22nd episode of IMPACT, excited to make a mark as part of the Knockouts Division, and looked to make a statement fairly quickly as her first challenge given by herself was the TNA Knockouts Champion Tara, who was accompanied by her on screen Partner Jesse Godderz to play into any eventual shenanigans. While Jesse did indeed execute shenanigans, it didn’t work in his favor, but eventually Tara overturned things and her signature Widows Peak laid waste to another Knockout to continue her dominance over the division. Im Not Sure if they have since clashed on the Indies but with Taelers forever evolving character and skill level, its a match i would definitely like to watch again.

– Catherine


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