WWE NXT RESULTS: Poison Ivy, Femme Fatale and A Vicious Nikki Cross Send a Message (October, 19th 2016)




Welcome to this weeks NXT Report. As Relatively short as the women’s moments were on this weeks episode, we got physicality in two forms. We Had a Very Unstable encounter between a Vicious Nikki Cross and Danielle Kamela and Peyton Royce and Billie Kay unleashed their own ferocity to try humiliate their recent target Liv Morgan once again.

Jerseys Liv Morgan is interviewed backstage over her current issues with Billie and Peyton. Shes shown the result of her past match with Billie, one she lost no thanks to the assist by Peyton. Liv doesn’t appear happy, to no surprise, but shes not going to run her mouth unlike her two enemies, but make moves. The Said enemies make moves very quickly with a behind ambush. Having brought their beat-down backstage, they look to further that by dragging Liv to the stage and Peyton slams Liv with a knee right in front of the Full Sail audience. Billie then begins the duos speech as she declares that Liv was just about to complain about being beat up, only to get beaten up again. Happy with this carnage, she passes the mic, allowing the comrade Peyton to finalize their statement. Peyton announces that herself and Billie have the intention of putting NXTs Women’s Division on notice, and that includes Asuka. In Unison, Peyton and her vicious Femme Fatale Partner declare that the Women’s Division belongs to them.

Moving from that to the next moment relating to the women’s division the recently revealed female member of SANITY, Nikki Cross has her first match since the reveal of her new persona, and she will face Danielle Kamela. Joining Nikki at ringside are the fellow members of her Legion, Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton. Once the bell rings, Nikki unleashes her newly shown ferocity on Danielle, elbowing her toward a corner. A Shoulder tackle in that corner to Danielle is followed with elbows to the face of Danielle, but her assault is soon stalled by a countering knee from Danielle. Danielle makes it out of the corner and away from the corner, Danielle executes a suplex to Nikki. Nikki turns things around very quickly with a knee and neckbreaker. Nikki nails her finisher to get the quick victory over Danielle but doesn’t let up as she attacks Danielle after the match, even after being forced away by Eric Young. The Relentless assault by the female member of Sanity leads to a first time ever referee reversal in a women’s division match on NXT, awarding the victory to Danielle Kamela.

(Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan and Billie Kay Segment)

(Danielle Kamela vs Nikki Cross w/ Sawyer Fulton, Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe)

Thoughts On:
Women’s Segment: While Peyton and Billie have been early exploited as the resident mean girls of NXT, they got to back up their words through viciousness outside of the ring, and damn did Billie look effective in this segment, as did Peyton in delivering exactly that. The Segment was well executed and has done its job in exploiting the pair as heels while driving sympathy towards the possible underdog in Liv. I Wish Billie got more mic time in this segment but it was indeed simple and effective and though these two are only just being built, i can see Billie being the babyface when they feud in the future, should it come about and they don’t get called up as a duo that is, because like Nia Jax’s call up showed, anything can happen.

Nikki/Kamela: To Me this match alone just because of how Sanity have only just come in and because of how they have been exploited as characters, on top of Danielle being very new to the women’s division (on TV) gave the match result away and a feel that she had no chance but regardless she gets to build herself by working with an experienced veteran in Nikki Cross (formerly Nikki Storm). Cross’s character is still very much different to what i once saw her as but like the women’s segment earlier on, it was simple and effective, only with the twist in the result reversal that has never been seen before. So with Kamela new to the division and in need of more work and an official character, i cant see her feuding with someone as established as Cross but rather taking Peyton’s previous role in playing enhancement. So with that in mind, Cross either is the factor in Sanity’s future victories, or gets to go up against someone very experienced early on.

– Catherine


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