WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: There Can Only Be One Contender, and One Fearless Princess (October, 18th 2016)




Welcome All to the Latest News on all happening with the women of the Blue Brand aka WWE Smackdown. As set up last week by a certain GM, Daniel Bryan, Alexa Bliss, after claiming she could go over Naomi, set up for the two once No Mercy Opponents to battle again, scheduled for this weeks show. While no stipulation was in place, it was set for Bliss to prove herself more as the current number one contender to the Women’s Championship, against someone equally vying for that major spot. In addition, the feud between Carmella and former Divas Champion Nikki Bella hit an all new level this week.

For the one and only women’s match of the night, Bliss surprisingly gets no entrance but the ever known popularity of Naomi’s entrance leads to it getting the spotlight as the Originator of the Glow makes her way to the ring for the set women’s bout. Once both are in the ring, they lock up, but find themselves releasing fairly quickly. Naomi looks far from impressed and the opening lock up is followed by the second, turning into a battle of strength as Naomi manages to force the smaller opponent to the ropes. Naomi eventually releases and after having a telling off from the referee, Naomi becomes subject to a sneak attack from Bliss but like the earlier lock up, Naomi is again un-amused and a shoving match between the two women only fuels Naomi’s desire to get her hands on the current championship contender, who seeks ways to avoid conflict by even hiding behind the referee. Alexa attempts a boot, blocked by Naomi who slaps Alexa hard before trying to grapple with her over by the ropes, forced back by the ref as Alexa demands distance. Alexa eventually returns to the ring, and she misses her forearm, and Naomi takes advantage by nailing a Lou Thesz Press. Naomi hammers Bliss with forearms of her own against the mat, before a cheap-shot right into the midsection allows Alexa to divert her momentum.

An Angry Alexa smothers the face of Naomi against the canvas, then readies offense near the rings center, only for Naomi to strike with a quick kick which turns into a flurry of kicks. A Dropkick by Naomi follows, sending Alexa near to the ropes. Naomi, with much backing, readies her corner splash but is sent over the ropes by Alexa. Naomi makes a landing on the apron and nails a high kick from the outside to distance Bliss from herself, then executing an impressive springboard cross-body over the top rope which gets her a near fall on Bliss. Naomi reverts to a front face-lock to follow this pin attempt, which leads to a snapmare and low clothesline combo. Naomi isn’t done there as she nails a single leg drop to Bliss, leading to another near fall in the process.

Before Alexa can find her footing, shes caught in a rear choke-hold by Naomi. The Once Valet to Blake and Murphy eventually counters by dragging Naomi by her hair backwards to the mat, completely separating herself from the fellow competitor. Alexa looks to continue her viciousness but as she looks to grab Naomi in the nearby corner, Naomi is back with another counter, in the form of a drop toe hold, one that sends Alexa face first into the corner turnbuckle. But just as it looks like Naomi may use the momentum again, Alexa is clever and she takes herself to ringside to regroup.

When we return from a short commercial break, Alexa has Naomi in the center of the ring, having reversed the momentum during the break by raking the eyes of Naomi at ringside before slapping her hard to the floor. Alexa reverses an arm drag attempt by Naomi to keep her hold locked in, then seemingly dragging her away from the nearby ropes to further inflict pain with the continuing hold. Naomi looks to make an escape as she fires with forearms to Bliss, eventually breaking free with an additional backbreaker. Alexa gets back to her feet, looking to send down Naomi with a clothesline, only for her athletic opponent to dodge, and Naomi fires away with a spinning clotheslines and plenty dropkicks. To Finalize that assault she sends Alexa to a nearby corner with a sit out jawbreaker, taking advantage of Alexas position shortly after to execute the signature split leg moonsault, though to her dismay, it only gets her a near fall.

Naomi climbs to the top rope, looking for one possible final maneuver to take her win, but Alexa ambushes her on the way up, knocking her down slightly. Alexa hits with a knee to the face, dealing an additional kick to the back of a hanging Naomi’s neck before managing to take her off the post completely to then ascend up the turnbuckles herself to execute Twisted Bliss. Alexa pins Naomi there and gets her singles victory. Alexa wins the match. Speaking of the victorious contender, she gets a post match interview, getting to comment on her upcoming bout with a returning women’s champion Becky Lynch, to which she declares that in three weeks time, “The Fairy tale” is Over, pulling some Cinderella references as she states the Glass Slipper doesn’t fit and there is no such happy ending, and the Wicked Witch is Dead. She forces Renee back over to follow up her declaration, furthermore adamant that on the night, a new Women’s Champion for the Smackdown Brand will be crowned, and this new champion, referring to herself, will be the fairest of them all.

Alexa’s smack talk isn’t the only thing to be talked about on this weeks episode as Carmella steps into the squared circle to give “the Truth” on the Woman who beat her at Summerslam and at No Mercy, Nikki Bella. The Presence of Carmella doesn’t come without a reflection as to what caused their angle to continue, when Nikki went after Carmella following her singles match last week to follow up Carmella’s backstage ambush. Heading to present day, Carmella begins to deliver her speech, or diss. She reminds all how back in Brooklyn, at Summerslam, she was basking in the glory of working her first Summerslam Match, only to be disgusted to hear the music of the returning Nikki Bella that night. She doesn’t understand the fan support for Nikki, but regardless she has some tea to spill, but before she can spill such ominous secrets or whatever she could have in store, Nikki is out here to ensure Carmella is zipped up quickly..

Nikki steps into the ring, greeting the Princess of Staten Island while stating how curious she is over what Carmella has to say. Nikki suggests Carmella says whatever she wishes to her face, rather than attack her from behind as she has over time. Before Carmella can get to that piping hot tea, she accuses Nikki of stealing the spotlight by ruining her upcoming speech, seeing it as a mirrored image of Summerslam. Carmella begins to spill some personal digs as she states Nikki can get away with anything all because of her relationship with a Certain John Cena. Carmella furthers the dissing and spills her “tea” as she states Nikki’s only fearless because she gets to go home to John Cena every night, but Nikki isn’t baffled by what she had to say, rather not too bothered at first. However she begins to put Carmella on blast as she compares her to every jealous hater she has had to hear during her long career. Carmella denies shes jealous, before trying to suggest that Nikki has something to hide, but Nikki insists otherwise, as she doesn’t really have anything to hide with the two TV shows shes much a part of, adding the fact her relationship is showcased in the many online photos of her and Cena. Nikki says she doesn’t broadcast her relationship to the blue brand, because once in the ring, its about being an athlete, shaming Carmella for trying to take away her accomplishments as a woman because of a man. She again compares her to the internet haters, but Carmella just insists shes exposing her as a whiny Gold Digger. She has a prepped vignette of each Total Divas moment when Nikki grasped for Johns attention, clearly edited by the villainess herself….or more so the production crew.

Of course Nikki can see the editing skills clear as day, and is again un-amused. Nikki says shes painting a false picture of an independent woman, but shes the woman who actually fights her own battles, who pays the bills and so forth. Nikki adds that Carmella thinks she needs her man to fight her battles, but when the folks in the back didn’t believe in her, she got herself to train harder and harder to prove herself, but she had her world near shattered when she was told she would never step in the ring again. Nikki tells Carmella the Fearless Moniker is about her not giving up, and the fans know she isn’t afraid of anything, Not a “Boss” (Sasha) or a Queen (Charlotte) and most certainly not Carmella. Carmella is again in disbelief of her claims before coming to an assumption that Nikki used her looks to get into the company, using her sister also to get in the ring, and her boyfriend to become a celebrity. Having said all shes had to say, Carmella steps away from the ring, leaving Nikki to seethe (and plot her revenge plan very quietly).

(Naomi vs Alexa Bliss)

(Nikki Bella and Carmella Segment)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Alexa: A Massive step up from their last encounter at No Mercy, and not only were there no visible botches, but it was constantly competitive and reflected the story in the ring, two women going at it to prove who is the best, and if one spot in the match had to prove that, its the springboard moonsault that back in the day would be Naomi’s pre victory signature that Bliss surprisingly kicked out of. Had No Mercy not happened, the match could have gone either way so maybe the No Mercy result spoiled it a bit, but i don’t see Naomi out of the title picture anytime soon, unless Tamina makes a shock return that is. But i can see Naomi being involved in the title match coming up or after it.

Carmella/Nikki: I’m Split on this segment. As Much as it gave the two needed mic time and a chance to explain their furthering animosity, i did feel like Carmella especially held back a little bit and that script wise, it could have been a bit deeper, but it also gives me a sense of belief that Carmella could be the next woman in WWE to cut pipe-bomb (shoot) type promos on the women’s division that AJ formulated some time ago. While shoots can be shoots, shoots can be scripted so it can give a sense that it holds back what the women can say to further a feud, but id like to see how far they can accelerate this feud, BUT with that being said, the two put an amount of effort in and they now have that upped personal animosity that presents a stipulated type match up, because at this point, just the Cena/Nikki relation diss alone is enough to rule out a singles match because it wouldn’t be enough for Nikki to get her revenge as just complete unleashing would lead to Disqualification. You Know what to do Bryan….

– Catherine


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