TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Heat Is On for Allie (October, 20th 2016)




Welcome all to this past weeks TNA IMPACT Report, and as expected there’s plenty more fallout from this years Bound for Glory. While no Knockouts Match takes place, Maria, stripped of her right to rule over the Knockouts Division, has one particular lady on her own list to blame for her defeat and removal from power. And if Maria wasn’t seething enough, she adds a second target to her list. Lets find out what exactly happened shall we?

We first see Allie in the back in front of a mirror. It seems shes taken enough of Maria’s anger in the past few weeks, if not months and is ready to stand against it, practicing a speech in the case of this happening, before in walks her real life husband, Braxton Sutter. He drops in on Allie practicing and asks if shes okay, to which Allie expresses how she feels about how Maria has been towards her as of late. Braxton even backs her up, believing she has nothing to be blamed for, to which Allie seems happy about before the villainous counterpart, Laurel Van Ness steps in to flirtatiously greet Braxton, while clearly looking down at Allie. She insults Allie in front of a displeased looking Braxton before informing Allie that Maria wishes to speak with her, thus summons her out of the room. After dismissing Allie, she turns her attention back to fraternizing with Braxton before walking off.

After a very long recap of Maria’s last match with Gail, the Once Leader of the Knockouts has assembled Allie and Laurel and makes her way to the six sided ring with both women by her side. Maria goes over the usual introductions before even realizing herself that she is no longer the Leader of the Knockouts, believing her removal from power is due to an ongoing conspiracy. She adds that this conspiracy is because of her own self belief that she is the Greatest Knockouts Champion that TNA don’t recognize her as and though she could blame the likes of Billy or her rival Gail Kim, she simply turns her head to Allie, acknowledging her as the one person to blame. Allie is in disbelief of this, claiming she has been loyal to Maria but Maria mocks her. Maria goes on about how Allie is to blame for her defeat at Bound for Glory, and wonders if it would be best to get rid of her, but Laurel suggests otherwise, questioning who would carry their bags if she was to be removed from her position.

Laurel goes on to join the Blame Allie Team as she states that people like Allie and the Fans serve people like her and Maria, and she forces Allie to acknowledge the belief that she is to blame for Maria not being the Knockouts Champion. Instead Maria asks Allie to do different, by apologizing and Allie soon loses it, telling Maria with much ferocity that shes to blame, before even being in disbelief herself that she stood up to her. Maria is fuming and declares that a saddened Allie needs to be taught a lesson, thus Laurel ambushes her from behind. The Brutal assault from Laurel is finalized with a curb-stomp and Maria takes it upon herself, despite not being in power, to book Allie in a match with Laurel for next week.

If that wasn’t enough, Maria then makes a target in Brandi Rhodes following the shows main event, running Brandi into the steel steps and leaving her damaged before leaving the impact zone with an equally pleased husband in Mike Bennett. Safe to Say both Allie and Brandi will have revenge plans incoming.

(Braxton Sutter, Laurel Van Ness and Allie Backstage Segment; Allie, Laurel Van Ness and Maria Segment)

(Eddie Edwards vs Cody Rhodes w/ Brandi Rhodes feat Maria)

Thoughts On This Segment:
While im still mad to see Allie not as Knockouts Champion, TNA did a good job featuring some of their Knockouts this week. The Following segments featured developments both in character and in storyline as Allie finally stood up to Maria after so long, introducing the awaiting feud with Laurel which is sure to be her ascension to top babyface status (hopefully) and while TNA is helping to excel Laurel through her alignment with Maria, Maria is easily the biggest heel going in the Knockouts Division right now, and Brandi made the ending post match attack look so impactful to say she hasn’t been training for that long. Im Glad to see Maria being used still considering there’s so much Herself and Mike can still do and can do, though i do question where the idea of Maria booking Allie’s match came from considering she has been removed from power. I’m also intrigued to see where the alignment of Allie and Real Life Husband Braxton will go, though i don’t see her reverting to the Cherry Bomb Character because of it.

– Catherine

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