WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Vengeful Foxy Looks for the Post Clash of Champions Retribution (October, 21st 2016)




Its been a while since the Women of WWE have stepped in the ring for an aired episode of Superstars, and this current episode features two women from RAW who had yet to step in the ring with each other following their previous clash at Clash of Champions. Alicia Fox, weeks clear of a crushing defeat at the hands of a strong and powerful Nia Jax, looks for retribution, squaring off with the NXT Alumni one more time.

Alicia Fox, a former divas champion, makes her entrance first for the long awaited rematch before being followed up by the entrance of the intimidating Nia Jax, who gives Alicia her signature glare of fear on the way down, though Alicia appears composed, composed enough to step up to Nia once she steps foot in the squared circle, quickly separated by the official who calls for the bell. With that being said, the match between the women’s superstars is now underway, and as expected the strength of Nia comes into play fairly early as she manages to force Alicia down with ease to the mat. Alicia responds by quickly making it to her feet, cleverly dodging an oncoming clothesline by Nia and trying to lock a waist-lock to follow. She reverts to a side headlock, lifted some feet up by Nia along the way but Alicia stands tall. Alicia is whipped to the ropes then into the hands of Nia but before she can execute the next move, Alicia reverses into a sleeper hold atop the shoulders of Nia. Nia uses a nearby corner to break Alicia off her shoulders, ramming her into the corner post back first.

Alicia recovers quick, leaping onto the back of Nia again to lock the second sleeper hold. Rather than use a corner, Nia sends her over her right shoulder this time around to counter, but has her corner hip attack diverted when Alicia kicks her away. Nia misses the second attempt when Alicia makes it out of the corner and the fearless veteran starts unloading with hard forearms to Nia. Alicia goes into a side headlock but is taken up high by Nia and dropped to the mat shortly after. Nia clobbers Alicia, sending her down to the mat with force, further taking control as she ruthlessly headbutts Alicia into the nearby corner. Alicia is back up again following a kick, attempting to throw offense in the direction of Nia, but Nia grasps her and tosses her with ease to an opposite corner. Nia splashes Alicia in the same corner, and Nia doesn’t let Alicia take much time to regroup, as she scoops the winded competitor into her arms for a bear hug. Alicia tries to elbow out and eventually flips over both shoulders of Nia to attempt a roll up but she cannot move Nia. Nia tries to squash Alicia with her rear but Alicia is as quick to move out of the way. Alicia gets to her feet, hitting with a singular kick to the side of Nia’s head before executing her axe scissor kick, which to her dismay, only gets her a near fall in the first pin attempt of the match.

Alicia is back to her feet again, unloading with forearms to Nia before being shoved away. Alicia runs back and goes for multiple dropkicks, which don’t level Nia, but a hurricanrana soon sends Nia stumbling into a corner. Alicia misses a corner elbow as Nia regroups in time to move from the corner, but takes a kick to the side of the face as she attempts to retaliate. Alicia goes for the cross-body from the second rope but is caught in the hands of Nia quickly, and is leveled by one singular Samoan drop from Nia. Nia pins Alicia there and wins the match.

(Alicia Fox vs Nia Jax)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Really Liked this match regardless of how short it was as Alicia not only looked like a ring veteran once again, but because like Clash of Champions, it told the story of Alicia trying everything she can physicality wise to try and ground Nia, knock her down a pedestal and overcome her bigger, meaner opponent. While the finish could be considered sudden, it really helped as a singular Samoan drop out of nowhere completely leveling Alicia puts over Nia’s defined strength. I Just wish Nia could use some of the moves she gained during her development in NXT, such as the Jackhammer because when she goes higher up in the women’s division, she needs to pull out something other than the Samoan drop or leg drop to bring defeat to her opponents, and anyone who saw Nia’s evolution in NXT knows what shes capable of executing. While its a shame to see Nia suddenly working Superstars, and as much as one can fear that she has nothing planned for her despite being called up in the first place to be a defined force, there’s plenty of opponents capable of putting over Nia in the near future.

– Catherine


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