LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Annoyances for Catrina and Kobra Moon (October, 19th 2016)




Welcome All to a Rather Late Lucha Underground report. The Days have been busy as of late but there isn’t much to speak on regarding this past weeks episode, though we did see Catrina in all her glory and the return of Kobra Moon, and the mysterious serpentine appears to have eyes on someone else, or eyes on causing trouble anyway.

Kobra slinks into the backstage area, appearing before one third of Lucha’s Trios Champions Drago. Drago had beaten his own comrades earlier in the show in a match forced by Dario Cueto to earn the 20th spot in the upcoming Aztec Warfare showdown of which Matanza will also be competing in. Seemingly seducing Drago from behind, she makes it clear that she wishes to see Drago win the top brass in Aztec Warfare and bring the championship to their tribe. Regardless of championship hope, Drago declines to return to her tribe that he left a very long time ago, to her dismay.

Right after, Johnny Mundo bursts into Dario’s office, much frustrated with his past attempts to coax Dario into booking a future Lucha Underground Championship opportunity. He hands down his amount of cash which pleases Dario, that with it being a clearly decent enough amount to give him an opportunity at gold, only for the Gift of the Gods title as Mundo previously requests. Thus next week, Mundo will indeed face Sexy Star for the title.

And last but not least, two men who once engaged in the main event of the first Ultima Lucha, Prince Puma and Mil Muertes faced off and brought their storied issues back to the ring. However, unlike Ultima Lucha, Mil wouldn’t be victorious, to the chagrin of the Mistress of the Underworld Catrina.

(Kobra Moon and Drago Segment 27.05 – 28.14)

(Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes w/ Catrina 30.09 – 41.48)

Thoughts On:
Kobra Moon Returning: Overall Great to see Kobra back but i can only wonder what happened with her partnership with Daga that was pre hinted during the second season. The Backstory between her and Drago seems intriguing and surely has more to it, and maybe that will be key in costing Drago either Aztec Warfare, the Trios Championship or both, but if Drago isn’t as willing again, then maybe Daga will be back to represent her tribe instead in Aztec Warfare?

Mil/Catrina: Any match between Puma and Mil is sure to be hard hitting and splendid and it didn’t let up on this occasion either. While i wasn’t surprised at Puma winning as they are exploring a more menacing character for him from the looks of it, how will Mil and Catrina, the once most dominant force known to the temple, rebound? Whats next for the power hoarding duo?

– Catherine


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