Your Monday Post #132: AJ Lee and Kaitlyn Participate in the First Ever Womens Contract Signing (July, 12th 2013)


This Week on RAW saw another Women’s Contract signing take place (report coming soon) but not just another women’s contract signing as stated, but a contract signing for the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match. While we are constantly reminded about the history the two participants Sasha and Charlotte have made and will be making, the first ever women’s contract signing took place in 2013, in the midst of one of the biggest women’s angles of that year, AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn had risen in status to championship holder by defeating a retiring Eve Torres in January that year, and after also overcoming a tough Tamina, Kaitlyn’s reign seemed to wither into the shadows up until an angle between herself and real life best friend AJ Lee was introduced. The Angle lead to an eventual clash at Payback in one of the most heated women’s matches in the companies history, if not the match of the night on that show, and one that shouldn’t go unnoticed, but AJ, having played some serious mind games beforehand, managed to sink the mind games in deeper to defeat Kaitlyn and take her Divas Championship. Kaitlyn wouldn’t let the Ascension of her former bestie last, as she pursued her again following the match the next night on RAW, leading to the eventual booking of a rematch for the Divas Championship at Money in the Bank, a match that couldn’t be made official without a Contract Signing. AJ Looked to embarrass Kaitlyn in front of fellow women’s competitors while boasting about her relevance since becoming champion, and after also taking digs at Kaitlyn falling for her “Secret Admirer” angle that truly heated their feud, the two eventually threw fists at each other, because as much of the WWE Universe would know, no contract signing can end on civil terms.

– Catherine


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