WWE RAW RESULTS: Non Flattering Moment for Bayley As She and a Crowned Champ Await Hell (October, 24th 2016)




Welcome all to this weeks RAW Report on this pre Halloween week, but its not just pre Halloween week but this week marked the last RAW before the upcoming Hell in a Cell Pay Per View. While we indeed have a dubbed first time ever women’s clash inside Hell in a Cell upcoming, WWEs creative team needed one last ditch effort to bring the feud to another level. Whether they did it or not remains to be seen, but judging from the earlier segment between other rivals Bayley and Dana you may just know whats coming…

Bayley is announced to be facing Dana Brooke once more after Brookes rather controversial win last week over the once NXT Women’s Champion. Both Dana and Bayley enter but once the Lovable Competitor has stepped foot, Dana has other plans. Sure this could be for her once tag partner Emma to slip in and give Bayley a beating or two, but instead she proposes an arm wrestling match between the two opposers, but not without bragging about her victory last week first of course. Of course Dana exploits the injured arm of Bayley in order to gain some heat and some victories in this clash, and looks to further exploit the injury through the use of the set up table but Bayley rebounds and leaves Dana quashed of her sudden momentum with her impactful finishing Belly to Belly Suplex.

Moving on from the segment the crowd sadly ate up, the crowd are very much into respecting a certain RAW GM in Mick Foley as he hosts the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell contract signing. Emerging first as appropriate is Charlotte, then the Women’s Champion, the Woman who will take on this risky match in front of a hometown crowd, Sasha Banks. Both ladies are quick in proceeding to sign their contract, Charlotte more aggressively as she demands the contract from Foley, additionally oozing with confidence as “The Queen” is adamant on returning the title to her shoulder. Foley can hear Charlotte’s demands but is very much worried for the state of both women as neither have worked inside Hell in a Cell. Sasha, regardless, has stated what shes studied but Foley blows a gasket (despite giving them the match beforehand). He reminds Sasha, as well as Charlotte, of how fearful the dangerous structure is, having fought inside it himself. Charlotte isn’t just Sasha’s Opponent like Sasha isn’t just Charlotte’s Opponent, as both will be challenged by the cell itself. Charlotte attempts to silence Foley while drawing some boos by further believing the title will again return to her. She makes it loud and clear that she will go to hell and back to take back the title and make her opposer respect “The Queen”.

Sasha fights back verbally as expected, stating her fellow women’s competitor is no Queen, but there is a Boss, referring to herself. She believes herself that she will go down as the greatest women’s champion, and the wonder of crawling up the ramp in the matches conclusion does not matter to her, while the championship does. Charlotte retaliates by reminding Sasha that she will be crawling, reminiscent of the times shes been injured over the past year, and that very fact itself to her makes her believe that Sasha is weak. Regardless, the more Legit than Ever superstar makes it clear in retaliation to Charlotte that she is not afraid to work in the Cell with her. Charlotte states there’s no fear in her either, but Mick is again down to give Charlotte a vision of fear in regards to the cell of which both will step in. He reminds both how the Cell left him in a state of brokenness, making it difficult for him to walk, giving him the feel of being a shell of what he once was because of being inside it. Mick further comments that the reason he walks the way he does is because of the hurt, and no exercise can relieve him of the fact he has no hip socket. Close to breaking, he reminds Charlotte of their history, as well as his history with Sasha and how she has been much inspired by Eddie. He wants them to sign the contract, but not before looking him in the eye and telling him they know the risks they will take in the cell. Charlotte appears not shaken despite Micks tirade and signs the contract with confidence, and Sasha mirrors this. She flashes the title after declaring that she will see Charlotte “in Hell”.

(Bayley vs Dana Brooke; Arm Wrestling Match)

(Sasha Banks and Charlotte; Hell in a Cell Contract Signing feat Mick Foley)

(Emmalina Promo)

Thoughts On:
Bayley/Dana Segment: Positives first. It was something different as just doing a match between the two again would only provide tiring continuity and Dana got mic time and a chance to further showcase herself as a heel. The Negatives were that even though the feud already lacks importance in contrast to the main women’s feud, this angle didn’t up things for either woman, as the crowd absolutely crapped on it. Sure they should be getting engaged and trying to support a Women’s Revolution, but i think much of the WWE Universe have seen through the real ideology of the Said Revolution at this point. Also, that ending suplex from Bayley did indeed get her retribution for last week, but the momentum is split because while the segment was much in Dana’s favor, the ending was the providing spot for Bayley, and made it hard to tell just from execution as to who exactly may have the momentum heading into Hell in a Cell, though it could be agreed that its currently Bayley. If Bayley is about to be upped as the next possible face of the women’s division, she could be destined for victory this Sunday, but at the same time multi losses in my opinion wouldn’t kill Bayleys credibility as a match between her and Sasha is sure to be repeated and mass promoted, so putting over Dana wouldn’t hurt Bayley at this point because if anything was to happen to Charlotte’s limelight, WWE need another women’s heel to take the stage.

Charlotte/Sasha Contract signing: Like the previous segment, im split on this one too. While it can be agreed that out of the women, Charlotte delivered the most character wise in the segment, its conflicting as to whether this simmered or furthered animosity. Its a safe call for Foley of course to reminisce on his storied past in the dangerous structure, and i have respect for him for what hes accomplished, BUT its confusing to lay down all these facts on the Hell in a Cell match only weeks after providing the women this match out of the courtesy of “displaying” a women’s revolution. Booking wise, shouldn’t Mick have been warning the two for weeks to try and urge them out of it only to culminate this week on the two demanding it in some form, threatening to do something to one another maybe if not accepted? Overall i feel that while Foley’s placement was thoughtful due to his History in the Cell, its questionable booking also as he went from handing the women the match to suddenly installing fear into them that he should have used as a non urgency point weeks ago. Unless someone just tuned in this week, then the fans are knowledgeable of the feuds progress and at this point i can only hope the match delivers without anyone getting severely hurt because as much as i cant wait to see the women get the opportunity inside the Cell (that the Bella’s could’ve got for their feud) im especially concerned for Sasha’s welfare after the amount of injuries shes previously sustained.

– Catherine


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