TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Allie Suffers But Her True Nemesis Faces Karma (October, 27th 2016)




Welcome to this weeks IMPACT Report, and this weeks follows the aftermath of former Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s continuing ruthlessness, as last week she verbally laid into her apprentice Allie for her losing the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory, and after standing by and allowing her newest associate Laurel Van Ness to decimate the singled out Knockout everyone sympathizes with, this week we finally see Allie try and stand up to Laurel in the very match Maria set up. Speaking of Maria, she also has to do Allie’s work herself, but with more confidence of course, as she and Mike look to overthrow Brandi and Cody Rhodes in order to establish themselves as IMPACT Wrestling’s One Power Couple.

Speaking of Power Couples, Maria is seen in the backstage area, without Mike at least for now, as she brags about the cowardly attack on Brandi Rhodes after last weeks main event for the world title closed. While Putting Over how much greater her own husband is compared to Cody, she has it figured that Brandi will hide from her during the entire bout, but Brandi, having heard her boastful declaration, storms into the locker room and gives chase.

While that search goes on behind cameras, Allie is summoned to Aiden O Shea and Billy. Allie isn’t even in attire to even signify that shes ready to compete against Laurel, but Billy, despite not overruling Maria’s booking decision last week, tells Allie that Maria no longer books matches. Allie tells Billy of how Laurel and “Miss Maria” have been towards her as of late, but she knows she has to stand up for herself, regardless of the warning given to her Boss that the ring can be a hurtful place. Allie is insistent on taking a stand and agrees to facing Laurel as she shakes hands with Billy.

And in other backstage meetings, Laurel again approaches/fraternizes Allie’s off screen husband Braxton Sutter. While acting all flirtatious, she compliments Braxton on how well he did in his earlier match, of which he won, but she couldn’t help but take note of how her opponent, Allie, looks at Braxton. Laurel sees it a good idea that they celebrate their victories later tonight and with that being said, she heads to the ring to try and overthrow Allie as she believes she can.

Now its to the ring for the first Knockouts related match of the night, as Laurel makes her entrance alone for the said match, followed by Allie who is still in casual get up rather than official ring attire. Allie lets Laurel shove at her once the bell rings but then begins to show her angrier side as she shoves back at Laurel, only to be sandwiched in the corner by Laurel in retaliation. A Snapmare by Laurel leads to Allie being sent to the opposite side of the ring, and she further attempts to inflict damage to Allie by standing on her hand, then choking her against the ropes and slamming her face first against the canvas. She continuously snapmares Allie across the ring, and a slap in the corner eventually leads to Allie evoking her fiery side, slapping Laurel in the center of the ring only to be clotheslined before she can again show that side. She tosses Allie through the ropes to the outside and plants her face against the apron before a spot that sends Laurel shoulder first into the steel steps allows Allie the chance to regroup and climb back in the ring. However before she can do so, Allie prizes Laurel and rolls her back in the ring, then fully unleashing her fiery side as she takes down Laurel inside the ring. She forearms and chops away at Laurel before dodging her corner splash and using her back to trip her backwards. Allie tries to take advantage of Laurels positioning to try for the first pin attempt, only to get a near fall to her dismay. Allie debates the finish with the ref, and it proves costly as Laurel gets back on her feet and nails a kick into the midsection of Allie, followed by the lethal finishing curbstomp. Laurel pins Allie and wins the match.

Taking the main event spot for the week is the Knockouts, but in a mixed tag as Maria and Mike Bennett challenge Brandi and Cody Rhodes. The Heels enter first, along with the recap of Maria cruelly attacking Brandi last week, before the said babyface and her hubby can enter. Early in, Brandi wants a piece of Maria, leading to Cody chasing her mid entrance to prevent a possible pre match fight. It appears the ladies are starting things or so thought as Maria bolts away before any possible altercation. The men go on for a while, and Maria and Brandi eventually get involved when Maria takes advantage of Mike hitting the ropes to pretend to fall to the floor, only to use this to sneak around the ring out of the refs notice to try and take Brandi to the floor, and with succession as she manages to drag Brandi off the apron by her leg. Maria then comes into the match and Mike hoists Cody into position for Maria to try and deliver a devastating knee to him, only for it to be turned around and instead Mike takes the shot to the middle. While Maria has to take this in, Cody makes the tag to Brandi and the Wife of the former WWE Superstar takes to the ring. She takes Maria down to the mat, executing some forearms before the two spill to the outside, chasing each other around the ring and back in. Cody blocks Maria once she climbs back in, and while Maria tries to beg for mercy, she turns and takes forearms from Brandi followed by some clotheslines. Maria avoids the third clothesline and kicks Brandi in the midsection, but as she goes for the next attack, Brandi’s drop toe hold leads to Maria crashing into her husband. Brandi and Cody end up locking in own submissions on Mike and Maria to take the victory. Brandi and Cody win the match.

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Brandi Rhodes Backstage Segment)

(Allie, Aiden O Shea and Billy Corgan Backstage Segment)

(Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness Backstage Segment)

(Allie vs Laurel Van Ness)

(Brandi and Cody Rhodes vs Maria and Mike Bennett; Mixed Tag Team Match)

Thoughts On:
Allie/Laurel: Overall an expected one sided match for a while as they’re playing up Allie as just an apprentice role than an official competitor, and to gather heel heat for Laurel as she beats up the Knockout the IMPACT audience mainly sympathize with. However, when Allie made her eventual come back, i couldn’t help but think it was shades of Taryn Terrell after taking so much kayfabe grief from Gail Kim. But to further gather sympathy from the audience to furthermore get her over, it was expected for Allie to lose.

Mixed Tag: Nothing much to say on the mixed tag other than how well Cody and Mike mesh as opponents in the ring. Its nice to see Brandi as an in ring competitor, as i didn’t expect it since she transcended into a ring announcer while in WWE, and i didn’t expect Brandi in the ring at all up until the signing announcement. Regardless, Brandi is only some weeks or months into training and not as polished, while Maria is in a similar boat, mostly taking up time in the managerial role she excels in, thus in ring wise they are two of the weakest Knockouts there currently, though if Raquel can teach us anything, or NXT for that matter, improvement comes eventually and if Brandi stays around as shes expected while i believe Cody is on a different contract, then who knows what level she could be on come sometime next year.

– Catherine


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