WWE HELL IN A CELL PREDICTIONS: Dana Brooke vs Bayley and Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the WWE Womens Championship (October, 30th 2016)


Its That Time of the Year Again. I’m Not Just Talking Halloween, but that its PPV Sunday, and tonight is Hell in a Cell on Pay Per View Live on the WWE Network. While the past few years have proven that good women’s feuds miss their epic culmination by not allowing these respected competitors to step inside a Cell, this year proves different as the Current Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defends her gold against former champion and ongoing nemesis Charlotte, and in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match. Also joining the card, Current underdog and former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley battles her fellow NXT Alumni Dana Brooke. With those matches being the focus for women’s wrestling advocates tonight, im going to round down who exactly i expect to be the victors of these two said clashes tonight.


First I Discuss the recent women’s match addition to the card, announced midweek by the WWE, as Bayley battles her fellow NXT Alumni Dana Brooke. Now at this time its questionable who holds the momentum, but counting the behind attack and controversial “clean” victory not too long ago, Dana has managed to one up Bayley during much of the feud, a feud that began when Bayley attacked Dana midway through an encounter backstage prior to Charlotte losing her Women’s Championship to Sasha Banks, a match Dana could have been involved in to a level to try help the self professed “Queen” retain the gold. Looking at it from a standpoint, regardless of how many losses the over babyface could take, she is destined to have a high profile women’s championship feud with Sasha and an eventual reign, whether this is because shes over or because of WWEs treatment towards the Horsewomen, while Dana has been one of a short amount of heels put out there to put over the rising competitors of the RAW Brand. With that being said, i believe Dana should win the match and excel herself as a heel and as a possible contender to Sasha’s championship should her current angle expectedly culminate tonight, as the Championship picture is in need of fresh challengers, and because Bayley vs Sasha can wait till a particular time.


Moving away from the other singles match to the one giving much to talk about, Sasha Banks will defend the Women’s Championship against the former champion and ongoing as well as longtime rival Charlotte, and for the first time ever, the Women will work a Hell in a Cell match inside the satanic structure of which the likes of Mick Foley and the Undertaker would know about. After losing the championship to Sasha on a regular episode of RAW, Charlotte’s hunger to take back the title only grew, thus she accepted the courageous champions proposal to battle within Hell in a Cell. My Particular worry for this match is the physical state of Sasha Banks, who took a nasty spot at Summerslam and has been injured so many times in the past year, thus if anything could go wrong, its a massive risk to WWE and a possible turn off in terms of them ever suggesting women work in the cell again, but one can trust Charlotte and Sasha to be brutal while somehow careful through the whole encounter. I Believe Sasha retains tonight and moves on to Dana Brooke, with an eventual triple threat against Brooke and Charlotte possible also, as facing Nia means an expected loss for Nia and credibility crushed early, and because the angle with Bayley expected to come does not need to be played over for months, especially when fans who clamor for change see the same women over and over and come to protest again. Keep it until Mania or Rumble.

WWE Hell in a Cell airs Live tonight at 12am UK Time on the WWE Network, featuring the said profiled women’s matches plus two other championship matches within the cell, as Rusev steps into Hell against Roman Reigns with Reigns US Championship on the line, and Owens and Rollins battle inside Hell in a Cell also for the RAW Brands Universal Championship.

– Catherine


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