WWE NXT RESULTS: Regal Scours the Globe for A New Competitor, While Competition Soars for the Poison Ivy Squad (October, 26th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report and Happy Halloween to all those celebrating this weekend heading into the early week opening. Speaking of Halloween, one can say there was trick and treating going on for the women on this weeks episode, as Trickery on the part of Liv Morgan helped (temporarily) outdo her current adversaries and Asuka was treated to a new face to challenge, in the form of someone possibly hitting Hall of Fame status in the future…

First gracing the stage Women’s Wise on NXT is a booked singles match between Billie Kay (clearly with the accompaniment of her villainous associate Peyton Royce) and Aliyah (who has suddenly turned face despite being heel in her encounter with Liv not too long back). Aliyah enters first with a different variation of her theme song, followed by the entrance of Billie who has her troublesome counterpart at her side as pre mentioned. The Dubbed “iconic” duo get a short few second pose before Billie takes her focus to the oncoming action in the ring.

Once the bell rings Billie charges at Aliyah and pounds on her near instantly, bringing her mean streak to center stage as she kicks her around the mat. She sets up Aliyah in the middle of the ring but appears taken aback by the Pro Aussie Chants and takes a standing jawbreaker counter from Aliyah in the process. Aliyah has a wheelbarrow maneuver reversed by Billie, then set up on the ropes and dropped on her front by Billie as Peyton watches with very much enjoyment of her comrades work. Billie takes advantage of the lethal looking drop to try cover Aliyah there and gets a one count on the fellow competitor. Billie is already disgruntled at this result and resorts to clubbing the back of Aliyah, and she gives her smack talk before receiving some physical payback from Aliyah in the form of a few forearms, and she snapmares Billie before executing a single flip cutter. Aliyah kips up and deals another blow to Billie in the corner this time with a running axe kick. Aliyah has a whip reversed but turns her position around, eyes back on Billie within seconds, and she attempts to knock Billie with a low inziguiri. Aliyah has another whip reversed and has her momentum taken with it as Billie deals a single forearm smash to Aliyah. While Billie stares down the fallen Aliyah, Liv Morgan bolts to ringside and grabs Peyton, and as Billie tries to free Peyton from the Jersey Competitors grasp, Aliyah takes advantage, separating Billie from the palms of Peyton as she rolls her up, getting the shock sudden three count on Billie. Aliyah wins the match.

While Billie is left to let the loss sink in, Liv doesn’t give that much time and takes down Billie once shes bolted to the ring, of course in the middle of the victory celebration for Aliyah. Liv has her momentum turned around once more as she faces a two on one assault from Billie and Peyton, right until Aliyah joins Liv to try clear both. However Peyton drives her knee into Aliyahs midsection and soon forces Billie to deal the additional punishment to the interfering women’s wrestler, and she sets up Aliyah in the middle of the ring for Peyton’s lethal knee strike. Peyton then takes Liv face first into the knee of Billie, placing a flower on the second fallen competitor before posing with her bestie to end, of course proud of the damage inflicted.

Moving from one excelling storyline to another, NXT Women’s Champion Asuka looks to crush another opponent in the form of an arriving Thea Trinidad, also known for her time in TNA as Rosita. Despite being rather high profile, Thea is left with the old day divas music as she awaits the Women’s Champion from within the ring, only looking on as the imposing force that is Asuka makes her entrance. Thea gets the first kick once the bell rings, quickly overcome by the fast flurry of kicks that come from Asuka. Thea reverses a whip by Asuka, pressing herself to the mat in a showcase of athleticism only for Asuka to flip over and show her own. Asuka avoids a clothesline by Thea, mocking her not too long later and Thea tries to retaliate with ferocity before being driven to the mat by Asuka’s running hip attack. Asuka gives Thea some smack talk, leading to Thea retaliating with forearms, but the constant forearms by Thea seem only to motivate Asuka’s will to fight back more immensely, and she soon sends Thea back to the mat with a big forearm. After a knee she tries to splash Thea in the corner but Thea boots her away. Thea goes for a running knee from behind, but Asuka blocks it, using the positioning to reverse into the Ankle Lock. Thea is dragged from the ropes by Asuka, lured into a German Suplex followed with another reversal into the Asuka Lock that gets the Women’s Champ the win. Asuka wins the match.

But rather than see cameras head to the next scene, Asuka remains in the ring with championship in hand and out steps the NXT General Manager William Regal. Hes kind enough to congratulate Asuka on the victory over Thea, as well as for her consistence dominance over the women’s division, but hes been scouring the world to find the next competitor to stand against her, and has found that very woman. He points to the titantron to see a very familiar looking lady talk about how long its been since shes worked in the WWE ring….Mickie James. Mickie gets a huge ovation as she makes herself aware that Asuka has beaten everybody (Ember Moon?) but she hasn’t beaten her. Mickie declares that until Asuka has defeated her she has beaten no one, and she can also declare (and prove) that shes beaten some of the greatest women’s champions of all time, the same women who laid the foundation for Asuka and the rest of the women’s revolution. She can most certainly say that shes coming for the NXT Women’s Title, dubbing this very clash as a possible international incident. Her final words to the Women’s Champion is that she will meet her in Toronto.

(Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce vs Aliyah feat Liv Morgan)

(Thea Trinidad vs Asuka feat William Regal and Mickie James)

Thoughts On:
Billie/Aliyah: A Rather enjoyable match though there seemed to be different offense from Aliyah to an extent. While im glad to see what transpired with Liv’s storyline and Aliyahs sudden involvement because it builds many girls at a time, there needs to be some context as to why Aliyah is a babyface in the first place. It was only weeks ago that she took on Liv as a heel and now shes suddenly saving her. We may get an explanation in the weeks to come considering there’s mass development going on through this angle alone, so i would expect something to go down along the lines of Aliyah telling Liv that initially it wasn’t about saving her, but because she doesn’t want to be the spitting image of Billie Kay and Peyton and to represent the women’s division in the way they do to make a full on face turn. With Takeover in Aliyahs home State of Toronto, shes a sure definite woman to be placed on the card but we’ll get to that in a few weeks.

Asuka/Thea and Mickie Returns: First of all, though underplayed as just a competitor by WWE through lack of entrance, congratulations to Thea on getting her first WWE NXT Match and anyone whose seen her recent work or even in TNA knows shes become a fast evolved athlete. I Was definitely seeing more Heel Asuka in this match though in the past few weeks Ive been confused to whether Asuka is fully heel or not, and Thea’s ferocity seems reminiscent of Melina in some form. I Would’ve liked to see more offense from Thea but looking at Sara Dobson back in the day and how she was portrayed in her NXT matches to now where she is an actual signee, even with a Maxim feature, maybe things will be bright for Thea in the near future. Now to the mass talking topic of Mickie being the selected challenger for Asuka’s title. I Do have Mixed feelings on this because even though i like Mickie, and as much as i understand that the other women are being developed via the multi woman feud that first consisted of Billie, Peyton and Liv, the main worry for me is the outcome. A Lot of fans love Mickie and her accolades and history alone means she will be a welcome sight in Toronto, known to put on a heavy display against Asuka with her veteran knowledge, but what if she does go over Asuka rather than WWE build Asuka more as a heel to get Ember over? Building the NXT Women’s Divisions Up and Comers should also mean building them or one to overthrow Asuka’s streak rather than someone who just stepped in and may not even be full time. If Mickie was to win the championship, where does Asuka go? Does Mickie transcend into a heel through duplicating Asuka’s streak to the point of boasting to lead to Ember humbling her? Personally i feel Asuka should go over to finally introduce the feud with Ember Moon, maybe Daria but Daria should stay heel, but if the angle with Ember and Asuka is in the works then one can hope their indie history is brought up. But that reaction for Mickie from a crowd that isn’t even close to RAW or Smackdown was incredible, and just looking at that makes me wonder what would happen if Beth or Melina returned as part of NXT as compared to the main roster when some debut in front of lackluster crowds.

– Catherine


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