WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Bliss and Mella Show No Backbone (October, 25th 2016)




Welcome to this weeks Smackdown report, and as found out only days before the aired show, Becky Lynch, who was sidelined for reasons still unknown, is set to make a comeback, and only a comeback for the reigning champ of the blue brand can come with a face to face encounter with her still contender, Alexa Bliss. While Alexa looks to survive an onslaught from Lynch in the near future, Nikki looks to be the soul survivor as a singles match pitches her against Natalya, with only one becoming the Leader of the Smackdown Women’s Team at this years Survivor Series Pay Per View.

Welcoming the Smackdown Women’s Champ back to the WWE ring is Renee Young. Once the Irish Lass-kicker steps foot in the ring, Renee furthers her welcoming duties, and as she voices the WWE Universe’s elation to see Lynch back, with an equally happy response from the Champ to follow of course, out comes Alexa Bliss to crash the welcoming party rather early. Alexa welcomes Becky back herself, sarcastically of course. She adds that for someone who had back surgery, she cant help but compliment how great she looks, but Becky appears confused, correcting Alexa that that wasn’t the reason she was gone. This leads to Alexa teasing that she has an actual reason for Becky being gone from Television, looking to expand on that once she gets into the ring, but not before dismissing Renee in advance.

Alexa is about to speak but appears livid at the crowds support for the future opposer. Regardless, she accuses Becky of growing “a yellow line” down her spine out of fear that Alexa was going to end her “Fairy tale” and that the clock was going to strike midnight on her Cinderella story, ending only with Alexa capturing her championship. Becky has a sarcastic response to throw out in retaliation, commenting on how Alexa loves her disney references, while pulling out her own by labeling Alexa as Dumbo. Moving to a more serious topic, she tells her future opponent that she takes the position of being champion very seriously, and the reasoning she’d been pulled from facing Alexa is because she was taken to an emergency room and advised upon entering that she should not compete. She tries to apologize to the WWE Universe on this but Alexa isn’t having it. In Fact, she views Becky as a con artist and begins to expand on the earlier accusation as to why Becky wouldn’t compete against her. She wonders if in two weeks at Glasgow if she will pull out an excuse, food poisoning perhaps, or maybe she gets dumped by her boyfriend for being an orange troll. Maybe in two weeks, according to Alexa, she realizes her “Pathetic Life” means nothing. Alexa, wanting to apparently save Becky from any embarrassment, suggests she passes down the title to her.

Becky finds this suggestion rather hilarious, questioning whether Alexa’s tight pigtails are cutting off the circulation to her brain because there’s a snowballs chance in hell that she will pass down something shes worked her whole career for. She declares she will be at Glasgow to compete with her championship on the line, and as she starts to dish out threats, Alexa (hilariously) suggests the Fiery Women’s Champion calms down. She tells Becky that she doesn’t need to see the straight fire right now, thus she can hold that thought, just like she can hold her championship because in two weeks it will come to Bliss. In the meantime she tries to get physical with Becks, but the champion holds her ground, blocking the upcoming attack and retaliating. Alexa escapes from Becky after taking a load of forearms in the ring, and the charismatic competitor soon turns the momentum by driving the champ into the ring post back first. To Aggravate the Back more after the first attack she sends her into the nearby barricade, then DDT’ing her once returning her to the ring and spraying a yellow line down her spine to finalize, and to follow up that earlier verbal statement.

Later in the show Natalya makes herself aware of an upcoming match with Nikki Bella as she confronts Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan once again. Its soon suggested that the stipulation of the match will crown the Captain of the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series Team, but Bryan ups that even more by also suggesting that the loser doesn’t work Survivor Series as part of that team. Despite that risk, Natalya still steps into the ring with Nikki. Speaking of Nikki, the Fearless Leader of the Bella army makes her entrance for the said singles match, followed by Natalya, who has much at stake notably as not only losing would remove her from giving veteran guidance to the Smackdown Women’s Team, but she wouldn’t be working in the home state. A Bunch of reversals between the two ladies kick off the match, leading to Nikki’s first pin attempt of the match, of which results in a one count.

Nikki and Natalya lock up for the second time, with Natalya attempting to take control with a waist-lock applied to the Bella. Natalya duplicates Nikki’s earlier strategy with a roll up, also leading to a one count result. Natalya grasps Nikki in the waist-lock again but Nikki breaks off and takes to the ropes, and she uses the crucifix to attempt her second pin, again ending in a one count. Nikki forearms Natalya down to the mat and the heel bolts from the ring before she can further the assault. Nikki doesn’t let Nat regroup for long as she executes a baseball slide dropkick to knock Natalya down to the ringside floor. Natalya then comes back by sweeping Nikki off the apron and discus clotheslining her to the floor. After a little smack talk, Nat rolls Nikki back to the ring for the next pin attempt, leading once more to a one count result. Natalya goes for a cover again but the result remains the same. Natalya delivers a clothesline to Nikki, getting a near fall.

Natalya applies an abdominal stretch to Nikki to continue the momentum with Nikki attempting to reverse as her reversal leads to a roll up, and to Nikki getting her first near fall of the match. Natalya quickly turns the momentum with a knee into the midsection, followed by sweeping Nikki to the mat. Natalya steps on the gut of Nikki before taunting towards the audience. Nikki is caught in another stretch hold by Natalya to follow, but she uses her strength, and a singular kick to follow up. Nikki Lou Thesz Press’s Natalya in the ring center, only to be floored by Natalya’s retaliating clothesline. Natalya covers Nikki again, getting a near fall. Nikki tries again to escape the grip of Natalya, only to be taken to the mat before she can fully do so. Natalya spends time taunting before viciously stomping at Nikki’s midsection, readying the sharpshooter that Nikki cannot reverse, but break from by reaching the ropes, which she soon does. Natalya doesn’t let Nikki recover from the pain inflicted by the submission as she delivers a snap suplex to the former divas champion moments later. Nikki manages to separate herself from Nattie as she rolls away from an oncoming leaping leg drop.

Nikki gets to her feet and drives Natalya head first into her knee to begin her roll of momentum, nailing a clothesline in the corner to Natalya to follow, with the additional inziguiri off the middle rope. However the assault sequence is only enough for her to get a near fall on the Queen of Harts. She looks for her finisher afterward only for Natalya to slip off her shoulder. After shoving Nikki to the ropes, Natalya delivers a michinoku driver, with the powerful move only enough to get a near fall. Natalya is infuriated over the near fall and applies a surfboard submission to Nikki, but Nikki uses much strength to break free of Natalya’s grip, rolling over and hoisting the ankle of Natalya before applying her own Man’s STF Submission surprisingly for the singles victory. Nikki wins the match, only to be attacked by the ambushing Carmella seconds into her celebration. Carmella leaves Nikki lying with the Face-buster, leaving the ring very proud of her work.

(Renee Young, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss Segment)

(Nikki Bella vs Natalya feat Carmella)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Alexa Segment: First of all welcome back Becky! I Still wonder what lead to her being pulled from No Mercy but im so glad they didn’t pull the plug on the angle and furthered it, even using the removal of Becky from the Pay Per View as a tactic Alexa could use in all her heel glory against her. Alexa shone in mic work once again and really does appear to be the second-coming of Trish, and while i first thought she was legitimately getting a weapon to use in the brawl, i can see why the spray was used, to enhance on the earlier “Yellow Line down the Spine” statement. Both women got to stand out to a level and the capitalization on increasing animosity really helps take the feud to a higher level.

Nikki/Natalya: While I Know Nikki and Natalya have a lot of chemistry when competing against each other in the ring, i cant help but question the idea of the losers stipulation, that being that if Nattie or Nikki lost they’d lose a chance at working a oncoming Survivor Series women’s tag. Ultimately i expected Nikki to lose via some sneaky Carmella shenanigans so Natalya can lead with much veteran experience as the Leader of Team Smackdown, possibly against Team Banks or whoever leads Team RAW, while Nikki and Carmella get their own side match. While it must now hurt Nattie to not be competing in the home country of Canada at Survivor Series, i do expect Nikki and Carmella to be the final two on Team Smackdown and for Carmella to be the reason Team RAW win. If Charlotte was to lead team RAW i can see why they might not have a fellow heel lead Team Smackdown, but maybe the Lesnar promo on RAW may have opened up Vince’s eyes that heels can still be cheered, thus maybe pulled Nattie knowing she’d get a home country pop? Might not be relatable all but something to consider but while i loved the reaction for Nikki using the STF, similar to whenever Brie used the Yes Lock, i cant help but feel sorry for Natalya.

– Catherine


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