LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Possible Future History Belongs to the Main Man of the Worldwide Underground (October, 26th 2016)




Welcome to this past weeks Lucha Underground report, and its safe to say the most recent episode made up for what was the week befores, where the women were featured on a minor non wrestling scale. This week Ivelisse is back in the forefront for a match with one half of her newest rivals, Marty the Moth, and Sexy Star looks to elevate her courage to an all new level by hoping to retain her Gift of the Gods title with the intention of taking on Matanza not too long later.

In Fact, Sexy Star announces this intention when she brings herself to Dario’s office in the opening segment of the show. With the Gift of the Gods championship in hands, she makes it clear to the manager of the promotion she fears neither him or his brother Matanza, and wishes to clash with Matanza next week by cashing in the Gift of the Gods title. He agrees to this idea, but reminds her she has her possible last title defense tonight against Johnny Mundo, and if she loses, there will be no way of cashing in to challenge Matanza as the title will not be in her hands. Star views Mundo as just a good warm up opponent, before hearing that the current Trios Champions are being banned from ringside for the title defense tonight, and any attempt to overturn the rule and intervene means they will never be in the temple again. Dario is mute about the idea of keeping Worldwide Underground away from the match, but Star continues to play up her courageous self, stating she needs no ones help tonight, nor will she be in need of help vs Matanza next week, assured she will be the promotions first female Lucha Underground Champion.

We then have cameras head to the ring, as Melissa Takes it away and announces the entrances of both Ivelisse and Marty the Moth, who are opponents tonight. This match comes weeks after Ivelisse became the new target of Moth and his equally as sinister sister, Mariposa, which caught the attention of Ivelisse’s newest companion, Jeremiah, the formerly Solomon Crowe. Ivelisse avoids getting caught in the arms of Marty once the bell rings, and aims kicks to the back of Moths left leg. She follows with some fiery forearms, but the more muscular opponent isn’t thrown off by this, and takes her by the throat, only for Ivelisses counter to send him across the ring. Ivelisse motivates Marty’s next attack before ducking it, going for a cross-body off the second turnbuckle, only to be caught in the grip of Marty to her dismay. Marty slams Ivelisse to the canvas, going for his first pin attempt of the match after and getting a near fall on the former Trios Champion.

Marty drags Ivelisse to the ropes, where he chokes her. While Marty has the attention of the ref, Mariposa gets catty with Ivelisse by the apron, and the crowd and even Melissa yearn for Ivelisse to strike back. Ivelisse uses back elbows to try escape the next hold before rolling over Marty into a pin attempt, getting a near fall as Marty had on her before. Ivelisse doesn’t wait for Marty to fully get to his feet and nails a running dropkick to the creepy nemesis, again going for a pin attempt which leads to another near fall. Ivelisse looks to head to the ropes again, only to take an elbow from Marty on the way back. A Temporary bear hug leads to Marty running Ivelisse back first into the corner ring post, and Ivelisse slaps Marty and rolls under an attempted attack from Marty to try break free from him. Ivelisse smashes the knee of Marty against the mat, and looks to fully take momentum as she aims high knees at him to follow. Reversals lead to Ivelisse locking a choke-hold on Marty and she keeps it locked in despite being rushed back first into another corner. Ivelisse puts in enough pressure to bring Marty down on one knee, but not only does Marty regroup, he slams the back of Ivelisse into the corner again before taking her fully down to the mat. Marty lays out Ivelisse and gets the pinfall victory. Marty wins the match.

Marty flings Ivelisse out of the ring before celebrating his victory alongside a pleased Mariposa. As they do this, Jeremiah, the former Solomon Crowe, hits the ring and he boots both of the heels. Just as it looks like Jeremiahs fast paced onslaught may take control, Mariposa and Marty turn the tables until Ivelisse hits the ring. Before Jeremiah can close things with the finish, Marty escapes the ring as does Mariposa, leaving their clash to another night.

Jeremiah catches up with Ivelisse a bit later, seeing her storming over to her car. Ivelisse makes it clear to her fellow NXT Alumni that she never asked for his help, but hes not one to listen to orders. But Jeremiah can tell Ivelisse that Dario made him an offer to compete in the temple and he didn’t turn it away, and he thinks about all the people they could hurt in there together, because a couple who slays together stays together. Ivelisse isn’t amused and attempts to leave him solo, but Jeremiah assures Ivelisse that their partnership wont be a duplicate of her and the other guy (Son of Havoc I Assume). Hes also assured the temple can make them stronger, so he wants Ivelisses answer. She agrees eventually, but she knows Dario’s sinister self and if he eventually books them to fight each other, she will kick his ass.

Its not until the main event that we see another Luchadora, that being Sexy Star, who is defending her Gift of the Gods title as pre mentioned. Melissa announces both the challenger, Johnny Mundo (who used money to demand for the match a week ago) and the courageous defending champion, Sexy Star. When we return from a break, Mundo is eyeing the championship right before the referee holds the gold up for grabs high. The bell is officially rung and Stars title defense is underway. Star tries to outwit Mundo with speed at first, and a quick kick soon takes him by surprise. Mundo regroups then tries duplicating her fast paced self, managing to take her down by one leg. He goes for his first pin attempt as he throws himself over Star, leading to a near fall early on. He covers twice more, both resulting in one counts as Star seems to see through these pin variations and escape quickly. Star breaks free from Mundo and a stare-down ensues before they return to the physicality.

Mundo blocks the opening kick from Star and chops her head in rather humiliating fashion. He then nails a kick from behind to Star, following with a second to the back. Star is thrown head first into a corner turnbuckle, and he does so again despite Stars prior attempt to block it. Mundo sends her to the mat then goes for his next pin attempt, with another near fall result. Star tries multiple chops to fire back at Mundo but is speared to the mat. Mundo stomps at the midsection of Star before kneeing her, but Star is resilient and again breaks free of a pin attempt at two. Mundo does the same again, but again Star has much resilience and fights out of that attempt and the one that follows. Mundo doesn’t let Star regroup and drives her to the mat mid through a body scissor submission. Star elbows Mundo in the gut to break free, followed with a boot to the front. Star aims multiple kicks, one eventually being blocked as Mundo hoists her up, and he places the champion atop the top turnbuckle. Star tries to sunset flip out of a superplex attempt but Mundo flings her over with his arm and she crashes to the mat. Star connects with her knees to overturn the somersault by Mundo, and she heads over to Mundo and executes an elbow drop, then getting to her feet and overwhelming Mundo with elbows.

Star unleashes offense to Mundo in a corner, and furthers her momentum as she pounds at the head of Mundo atop the turnbuckle. She Monkey flips Mundo off the turnbuckles but he perfects a grounded landing, but knees to the midsection don’t throw off Star, who comes back with offense again. Star nails a code-breaker and backstabber to Mundo, but the combo is only enough to get her a near fall on the fellow competitor. Star gets caught mid through a cross-body, and as Mundo whirls Star around, Stars boot catches the referee, knocking him. Star slides off Mundo’s shoulders and goes for the hopeful winning pin, but the ref takes too long to recover and by time he counts, Mundo has recovered enough to kick out at two. Star debates this with the ref and as Mundo tries to strike with a spear, Star moves away with ease and the ref takes the fall instead. Despite this, Star carries on and locks a sleeper hold on Mundo, though with the ref out, Evans and PJ easily sneak in and come to the aid of Mundo. The trio overwhelm Star then Evans summons a new ref (who apparently hasn’t seen the shenanigans) to count Mundo’s pin. However the heels are shocked to watch Star kick out again at two as she keeps fighting on.

Disgruntled over that result, PJ and Evans carry on the super-kick party, this time to the new official. Mundo then wedges a steel chair between Stars face and neck, and signals for the shooting star press, but the heels soon find themselves in a fight with Stars ally from the past season, The Mack. A Double Stunner from Mack followed by a chair shot from Star leaves Mundo flat on the mat, but to the dismay of the champ, Mundo kicks out of her follow up pin at two. Star cant believe it, and a more ferocious side begins to show as she repeatedly stomps at Mundo, and she seems to command Mack to bring Evans to the ring, but Evans takes control in the ringside brawl between him and Mack. PJ leaps into it also, and the heels vs Mack brawl heads to the back. Meanwhile Star, having to watch her ally disappear out of view, is thrown on her back by Mundo. Mundo readies and goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Star rolls away. Frustration seeps in for Mundo, who seeks to use a nearby steel chair but the ref is in action and urges him not to use it. He flings the ref as they grapple over the chair, then retrieves brass knuckles from under his trousers while the ref tries to pick himself up. Mundo knocks Star out cold, and pins Star to become the New Gift of the Gods Champion.

Thoughts On:
Ivelisse/Marty: A Solid encounter that again gives Marty and Mariposa an angle in the temple and Ivelisse a side angle outside of her main one with Catrina. Ivelisse looked strong overall, even in defeat but the losses are expected so her alignment with Jeremiah can rebuild her as an even stronger competitor. A Mixed Tag is inevitable at this rate as part of Ivelisse’s retribution and to give viewers unaware of the talents of Jeremiah a look in at how good he is.

Star/Mundo: A Really Great Match between Star and Mundo, their first one on one match together and as expected Dario’s one sided-ness and ability to support his fellow heels not only worked advantageously for the heels themselves, but makes one sympathize more with Star, and helps showcase her ongoing resilience in Sasha Banks fashion, kicking out and getting back up despite the odds. I Couldn’t remember the spoilers but had a feeling Mundo was winning somehow, and either Star will rebel against Dario in order to get her title back in high stakes fashion, or Mundo will realize what hes getting himself into vs Matanza and fall. Heck, maybe even Evans will somehow cost him the match. Either way if Mundo and Matanza happens next week, i expect Mundo to be defeated, and for Star to be involved somehow in that match or in the show. But that was definitely one of my favorite matches this season and props on the shot of Star when Mundo kicked out of the stunner and chair shot combo. Seeing Star react the way she did and unleash right after showcased the champions will to win and the competitiveness of the match within seconds.

– Catherine


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