WWE HELL IN A CELL RESULTS (Live): Did the Hugger Obtain Victory and Who Rose as Champion in the Official Main Event? (October, 30th 2016)


Tonight saw History Officially Made as the Women were given the official Main Event of Bostons Hell in a Cell Pay Per View, which saw Bostons own leading lady, Sasha Banks defend her Women’s Title against the Challenger, Charlotte. In addition to this the former NXT Women’s Champ Bayley went up against the former champs protege, Dana Brooke.

In the End, While Charlotte’s former protege fell to the signature Belly to Belly from the hopeful future women’s champion Bayley, who managed to continue forward despite suffering a shoulder injury of which Brooke had exploited over the weeks, Charlotte herself was able to pull the same controversy from Summerslam, managing to capture her 3rd women’s championship in a lethal main event encounter against the defending women’s champion Sasha Banks.

The Match hadn’t even officially begun when Charlotte took the opportunity to lunge at Banks, attacking her as the cell began to descend on both competitors. A Lengthy pre match brawl even lead to Sasha taking a powerbomb through a table and was close to being removed from the match as she was presumed to be hurt as she was checked on by the WWE medics, but just as it looked like Charlotte was going to be announced as Champion, Sasha fought off pain and made her way into the cell, officially trapping herself and Charlotte in it and getting the match started. Both women took lethal spots, but the resilience of Banks ultimately faded as two tosses into the table and a Natural Selection lead to her Succumbing to the Nature Boys Daughter, who now becomes a 3x WWE Women’s Champion.

Various WWE Personnel took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the womens main event and to send their congratulations to the competitors.

Little is Known about Banks condition after the historic Hell in a Cell Main Event, but it can be noted that on the first ever Hell in a Cell “RAW Talk” Post Show that Bayley set her eyes on the women’s championship by calling out the record setting women’s champion. Make sure to tune into RAW tonight to view the aftermath of last nights Pay Per View and stay tuned to the site for a Full Hell in a Cell report soon. Congratulations to Charlotte and Sasha Banks on being the first women to main event a main roster Pay Per View and to Charlotte on becoming a 3x WWE Women’s Champion.

– Catherine


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