Your Monday Post #133: Bayley vs Sasha Banks for the NXT Womens Championship at NXT Takeover Brooklyn (August, 22nd 2015)


Welcome All to a New Week of Wrestling and While I Get Many of You May Be Awaiting My Hell in a Cell Report (Coming Tomorrow) The First Women’s Hell in a Cell Match is in the record books, and that opens questions for the future of the women in WWE. Who will be in the next Women’s HIAC Match if even possible? Who will be showcased to that level in the division? While I Can Clamor much about how the less featured women need to be given a prominent role in the division to give themselves the chance to get over, there’s no doubt a Mega Mania Type feud is going to come someday between NXT Rivals Sasha Banks and Bayley in an effort to duplicate this match featured…

After falling short in various attempts to capture the women’s title, and stepping out of the fray in favor of fellow dominant women, Bayley got to oppose her Horsewoman Equals in Charlotte and Becky Lynch, overcoming them in separate singles clashes in order to prove her worth as a contender to then NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks Title. This would set up for Bayley and Sasha to clash at the first ever NXT Pay Per View to be ever held in Brooklyn, on the same week that Sasha was set to be featured on the Summerslam card, and in one of the most historic and well remembered women’s matches in the history of NXT, topped with a mega elated crowd, Sasha ended up abdicating her title per a clever counter from Bayley to Sasha that was finalized with a Belly to Belly from Bayley to the defending champ. Sasha then agreed to show her respect to Bayley for that night, posing with the fellow Horsewomen and the new champion as she passed down the title to the one woman who had yet to achieve championship glory until that night. But of course respect was, again, only shown that night and Banks still declared herself the better woman, leading to a main event rematch of which Bayley retained in at the following Takeover, and there’s no doubt that these two are set to cross paths in the near future based on who the WWE Women’s Title may certainly be revolved around.

– Catherine


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